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340,577  Now
341,181-604-867 DayTweet
341,276-699-5014 DayTweet
341,747-1,170-3930 DayTweet
342,369-1,792-302 MonthTweet
342,870-2,293-253 MonthTweet
342,707-2,130-184 MonthTweet
343,138-2,561-175 MonthTweet
343,563-2,986-176 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
77,465,026  Now
77,416,95148,0756,8687 DayTweet
77,352,954112,0728,00514 DayTweet
77,230,123234,9037,83030 DayTweet
76,935,536529,4908,8252 MonthTweet
76,574,407890,6199,8963 MonthTweet
76,722,000743,0266,1924 MonthTweet
76,387,6241,077,4027,1835 MonthTweet
75,920,7921,544,2348,5796 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
Drew DisasterDrew Disaster YouTube ChannelDrew Disaster Video Stats 340,7221450-711527.5 M
Top5cincoTop5cinco YouTube ChannelTop5cinco Video Stats 340,6931160-155049.1 M
MIXTON MUSICMIXTON MUSIC YouTube ChannelMIXTON MUSIC Video Stats 340,69011352588612483.2 M
MyMusicGroupMyMusicGroup YouTube ChannelMyMusicGroup Video Stats 340,6871103472561.9K520.9 M
pwnisherpwnisher YouTube Channelpwnisher Video Stats 340,66285-9105148.1 M
AlexAionoVEVOAlexAionoVEVO YouTube ChannelAlexAionoVEVO Video Stats 340,65881291531925.4 M
gigidagostinogigidagostino YouTube Channelgigidagostino Video Stats 340,64972245400347356.5 M
LonOficialLonOficial YouTube ChannelLonOficial Video Stats 340,6345759120107104.3 M
AcidAcid YouTube ChannelAcid Video Stats 340,63356348665069.7 M
Mayim BialikMayim Bialik YouTube ChannelMayim Bialik Video Stats 340,58031791,0197310.8 M
Johnny ValdaJohnny Valda YouTube ChannelJohnny Valda Video Stats 340,5771-3937477.5 M
KorzembaKorzemba YouTube ChannelKorzemba Video Stats 340,569-817735014135.5 M
ishita chandaishita chanda YouTube Channelishita chanda Video Stats 340,561-1625737523554.7 M
GUN1T123GUN1T123 YouTube ChannelGUN1T123 Video Stats 340,502-75-17-292K98.1 M
Steve WilkosSteve Wilkos YouTube ChannelSteve Wilkos Video Stats 340,454-1232446722.3K217.4 M
eonefamily .eonefamily . YouTube Channeleonefamily . Video Stats 340,448-12982108525343.5 M
ProjetoLuzeVidaProjetoLuzeVida YouTube ChannelProjetoLuzeVida Video Stats 340,445-13273895932949.2 M
World of toysWorld of toys YouTube ChannelWorld of toys Video Stats 340,436-1416231,529691243.7 M
NemRapsNemRaps YouTube ChannelNemRaps Video Stats 340,423-1542711632956.5 M
BangerBeautyBangerBeauty YouTube ChannelBangerBeauty Video Stats 340,337-240303726716.9 M
Telugu MoviesTelugu Movies YouTube ChannelTelugu Movies Video Stats 340,234-343796823622149.2 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
El PlechEl Plech YouTube ChannelEl Plech Video Stats 77,515,40850,382127610,358731,449
Brit LabBrit Lab YouTube ChannelBrit Lab Video Stats 77,514,47249,446756102,532746,152
JoomBoosJoomBoos YouTube ChannelJoomBoos Video Stats 77,512,58247,556712108,866308,379
lego spongeboblego spongebob YouTube Channellego spongebob Video Stats 77,509,29044,264124625,075111,048
Shameless MayaShameless Maya YouTube ChannelShameless Maya Video Stats 77,507,48342,457352220,1921,080,720
AfrojackAfrojack YouTube ChannelAfrojack Video Stats 77,505,42540,399191405,788862,160
My Pale SkinMy Pale Skin YouTube ChannelMy Pale Skin Video Stats 77,492,27527,249189410,0121,069,330
GoPotatoTVGoPotatoTV YouTube ChannelGoPotatoTV Video Stats 77,490,78525,75991851,547142,141
Хороший выбор!Хороший выбор! YouTube ChannelХороший выбор! Video Stats 77,474,6049,578471164,490506,400
PapiroCrazyPapiroCrazy YouTube ChannelPapiroCrazy Video Stats 77,471,1296,103138561,385470,740
Johnny ValdaJohnny Valda YouTube ChannelJohnny Valda Video Stats 77,465,026374207,126340,577
Johnnie GuilbertJohnnie Guilbert YouTube ChannelJohnnie Guilbert Video Stats 77,462,733-2,293478162,056903,042
Rapper MaverickRapper Maverick YouTube ChannelRapper Maverick Video Stats 77,452,328-12,698106730,682101,155
ArmoowasrightArmoowasright YouTube ChannelArmoowasright Video Stats 77,441,929-23,097147526,816402,656
AppledroideAppledroide YouTube ChannelAppledroide Video Stats 77,433,036-31,990629123,105386,003
AznDarkproductionAznDarkproduction YouTube ChannelAznDarkproduction Video Stats 77,428,597-36,4291.8K42,149324,560
SnakeHuntersTVSnakeHuntersTV YouTube ChannelSnakeHuntersTV Video Stats 77,417,752-47,274214361,765341,541
Derium's PokemonDerium's Pokemon YouTube ChannelDerium's Pokemon Video Stats 77,407,161-57,86589586,488355,206
mamalucchettioficialmamalucchettioficial YouTube Channelmamalucchettioficial Video Stats 77,405,257-59,76988879,605107,982
125gordon125gordon YouTube Channel125gordon Video Stats 77,401,644-63,382190407,377142,312
Play doh toys for kidsPlay doh toys for kids YouTube ChannelPlay doh toys for kids Video Stats 77,396,521-68,505404191,5760
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Based on -1,792 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of -30 added per day.
Start Subs: 342,369     Current Subs: 340,577
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Based on 529,490 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 8,825 added per day.
Start Views: 76,935,536     Current Views: 77,465,026
Video View
Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
77,500,00034,9744 D  3/23  2018Tweet
77,750,000284,9742 D1 M 4/21  2018Tweet
78,000,000534,974 2 M 5/19  2018Tweet
78,250,000784,97428 D2 M 6/16  2018Tweet
78,500,0001,034,97426 D3 M 7/15  2018Tweet
78,750,0001,284,97424 D4 M 8/12  2018Tweet
79,000,0001,534,97421 D5 M 9/09  2018Tweet
79,250,0001,784,97420 D6 M 10/08  2018Tweet
79,500,0002,034,97418 D7 M 11/05  2018Tweet
79,750,0002,284,97415 D8 M 12/03  2018Tweet
80,000,0002,534,97414 D9 M 1/01  2019Tweet
80,250,0002,784,97411 D10 M 1/29  2019Tweet
80,500,0003,034,9749 D11 M 2/26  2019Tweet
80,750,0003,284,9748 D 1 Y3/27  2019Tweet
81,000,0003,534,9745 D1 M1 Y4/24  2019Tweet