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137,071  Now
136,965106157 DayTweet
136,7203512514 DayTweet
135,5901,4814930 DayTweet
134,0513,020502 MonthTweet
132,4584,613513 MonthTweet
133,2033,868324 MonthTweet
131,5585,513375 MonthTweet
129,5267,545426 MonthTweet
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33,739,082  Now
33,685,03654,0467,7217 DayTweet
39,668,940-5,929,858-423,56114 DayTweet
39,364,032-5,624,950-187,49830 DayTweet
38,838,290-5,099,208-84,9872 MonthTweet
38,229,726-4,490,644-49,8963 MonthTweet
38,551,990-4,812,908-40,1084 MonthTweet
37,939,024-4,199,942-28,0005 MonthTweet
37,292,226-3,553,144-19,7406 MonthTweet
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30 Day
CammyCakes GamingCammyCakes Gaming YouTube ChannelCammyCakes Gaming Video Stats 137,14574-32134920.6 M
tivolt2tivolt2 YouTube Channeltivolt2 Video Stats 137,129580394542.6 M
Max JosephMax Joseph YouTube ChannelMax Joseph Video Stats 137,11948428274.3 M
Coisas de JéssicaCoisas de Jéssica YouTube ChannelCoisas de Jéssica Video Stats 137,1083736888809.9 M
Thought CaféThought Café YouTube ChannelThought Café Video Stats 137,0972635641392.8 M
CarniK ConCarniK Con YouTube ChannelCarniK Con Video Stats 137,09524217479.1 M
Jennifer FixJennifer Fix YouTube ChannelJennifer Fix Video Stats 137,079835417417.8 M
Rag'n'Bone ManRag'n'Bone Man YouTube ChannelRag'n'Bone Man Video Stats 137,07541513111960.5 M
CyberCook ReceitasCyberCook Receitas YouTube ChannelCyberCook Receitas Video Stats 137,0743173122224.6 M
Kids ChannelKids Channel YouTube ChannelKids Channel Video Stats 137,07105610534651.3 M
MOR NetworkMOR Network YouTube ChannelMOR Network Video Stats 137,07164987533.7 M
RBDRBD YouTube ChannelRBD Video Stats 137,066-512524920546.9 M
BlackBird !BlackBird ! YouTube ChannelBlackBird ! Video Stats 137,064-730528215814.2 M
versusversus YouTube Channelversus Video Stats 137,058-1314541934.3 M
Shanice Shrestha VlogsShanice Shrestha Vlogs YouTube ChannelShanice Shrestha Vlogs Video Stats 137,057-14194473817.7 M
MattDanceTutorialsMattDanceTutorials YouTube ChannelMattDanceTutorials Video Stats 137,055-16611203.6 M
trillenttrillent YouTube Channeltrillent Video Stats 137,054-179622040379.2 M
RosgrimRosgrim YouTube ChannelRosgrim Video Stats 137,037-34-15-224276.1 M
shadowfireredshadowfirered YouTube Channelshadowfirered Video Stats 137,033-38-2-188532.6 M
vAustinLvAustinL YouTube ChannelvAustinL Video Stats 137,023-481,6012,40999.3 M
QuestionEntretienQuestionEntretien YouTube ChannelQuestionEntretien Video Stats 137,010-61891328515.8 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
theteenproject88theteenproject88 YouTube Channeltheteenproject88 Video Stats 33,763,00423,9221.2K28,93156,379
Framing HanleyFraming Hanley YouTube ChannelFraming Hanley Video Stats 33,761,01721,93549689,00094,898
Athlete Tube for Tokyo Olympic 2020Athlete Tube for Tokyo Olympic 2020 YouTube ChannelAthlete Tube for Tokyo Olympic 2020 Video Stats 33,760,78321,7014K8,53020,988
katyj98katyj98 YouTube Channelkatyj98 Video Stats 33,757,70318,621213158,48742,058
Killercrock88Killercrock88 YouTube ChannelKillercrock88 Video Stats 33,749,93510,8531.1K29,81467,312
LUCKY DICELUCKY DICE YouTube ChannelLUCKY DICE Video Stats 33,749,61810,53655613,62992,159
3OH!33OH!3 YouTube Channel3OH!3 Video Stats 33,744,9715,889101334,109105,473
Field DayField Day YouTube ChannelField Day Video Stats 33,744,9095,82757592,016159,450
VERYTVTUBEVERYTVTUBE YouTube ChannelVERYTVTUBE Video Stats 33,741,7042,622255132,320177,187
BanaC4officielBanaC4officiel YouTube ChannelBanaC4officiel Video Stats 33,741,2602,17897347,84871,832
MOR NetworkMOR Network YouTube ChannelMOR Network Video Stats 33,739,08287538,559137,071
katyperrymusicvkatyperrymusicv YouTube Channelkatyperrymusicv Video Stats 33,738,163-919133,738,16312,850
Корейский парень Korean GuyКорейский парень Korean Guy YouTube ChannelКорейский парень Korean Guy Video Stats 33,733,777-5,305157214,865358,349
FollowAnnaVlogFollowAnnaVlog YouTube ChannelFollowAnnaVlog Video Stats 33,733,459-5,623181186,373198,712
PREPAREDMIND101PREPAREDMIND101 YouTube ChannelPREPAREDMIND101 Video Stats 33,727,480-11,60296035,133192,643
PhoneixRising100PhoneixRising100 YouTube ChannelPhoneixRising100 Video Stats 33,725,800-13,28299340,66510,870
Rainbow LoomRainbow Loom YouTube ChannelRainbow Loom Video Stats 33,723,764-15,318185182,29187,122
KILLEREYSAKILLEREYSA YouTube ChannelKILLEREYSA Video Stats 33,722,168-16,914100337,22214,899
DWAEM MEDIA GROUPDWAEM MEDIA GROUP YouTube ChannelDWAEM MEDIA GROUP Video Stats 33,718,578-20,504298113,15021,893
BlakeGriffinChannelBlakeGriffinChannel YouTube ChannelBlakeGriffinChannel Video Stats 33,718,278-20,80494635,64371,225
PrivateFearlessPrivateFearless YouTube ChannelPrivateFearless Video Stats 33,717,702-21,3801.4K23,415193,653
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Start Subs: 134,051     Current Subs: 137,071
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137,5004299 D  4/02  2018Tweet
140,0002,92928 D1 M 5/22  2018Tweet
142,5005,42916 D3 M 7/10  2018Tweet
145,0007,9295 D5 M 8/29  2018Tweet
147,50010,42925 D6 M 10/18  2018Tweet
150,00012,92913 D8 M 12/06  2018Tweet
152,50015,4292 D10 M 1/25  2019Tweet
155,00017,92922 D11 M 3/16  2019Tweet
157,50020,42910 D1 M1 Y5/04  2019Tweet
160,00022,92930 D2 M1 Y6/23  2019Tweet
162,50025,42919 D4 M1 Y8/12  2019Tweet
165,00027,9297 D6 M1 Y9/30  2019Tweet
167,50030,42927 D7 M1 Y11/19  2019Tweet
170,00032,92916 D9 M1 Y1/08  2020Tweet
172,50035,4294 D11 M1 Y2/26  2020Tweet
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