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921,4352,9014147 DayTweet
918,5085,82841614 DayTweet
910,14514,19147330 DayTweet
896,03928,2974722 MonthTweet
882,63341,7034633 MonthTweet
870,86953,4674464 MonthTweet
856,62567,7114515 MonthTweet
845,00479,3324416 MonthTweet
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70,998,447  Now
70,798,589199,85828,5517 DayTweet
70,503,815494,63235,33114 DayTweet
69,987,3711,011,07633,70330 DayTweet
69,017,5031,980,94433,0162 MonthTweet
68,146,5222,851,92531,6883 MonthTweet
67,332,7503,665,69730,5474 MonthTweet
66,483,2184,515,22930,1025 MonthTweet
65,585,2345,413,21330,0736 MonthTweet
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30 Day
anzu361anzu361 YouTube Channelanzu361 Video Stats5194926,2001,8641,6982,6661.4K255.5 M
Emiliano Ferrari VillaloboEmiliano Ferrari Villalobo YouTube ChannelEmiliano Ferrari Villalobo Video Stats5195926,1101,7741,5011,391175471.7 M
CBRCBR YouTube ChannelCBR Video Stats5196926,1001,7641,5381,365501197.1 M
MissJenFABULOUSMissJenFABULOUS YouTube ChannelMissJenFABULOUS Video Stats5197925,7351,399-36-5244296.2 M
Turkweb.tvTurkweb.tv YouTube ChannelTurkweb.tv Video Stats5198925,5591,223-55-6700
3Sskaters3Sskaters YouTube Channel3Sskaters Video Stats5199925,29195565987732389.2 M
Barnacules NerdgasmBarnacules Nerdgasm YouTube ChannelBarnacules Nerdgasm Video Stats5200925,07674053118631106.9 M
レオンチャンネルレオンチャンネル YouTube Channelレオンチャンネル Video Stats5201925,0286923962874.2K1.87 B
Sofie DossiSofie Dossi YouTube ChannelSofie Dossi Video Stats5202924,7353999,2156,6896079.7 M
Shemaroo MoviesShemaroo Movies YouTube ChannelShemaroo Movies Video Stats5203924,6102741,9612,024566299.2 M
Anglo-LinkAnglo-Link YouTube ChannelAnglo-Link Video Stats5204924,3364594738571 M
All Of VinesAll Of Vines YouTube ChannelAll Of Vines Video Stats5205924,005-33129634216968.7 M
uJoãozinho VineuJoãozinho Vine YouTube ChanneluJoãozinho Vine Video Stats5206923,906-4301,4781,48615743.4 M
Slivki Show ENSlivki Show EN YouTube ChannelSlivki Show EN Video Stats5207923,612-724116180105132.8 M
YouAreCreatorsYouAreCreators YouTube ChannelYouAreCreators Video Stats5208923,570-76683881034983.6 M
SunKissAlbaSunKissAlba YouTube ChannelSunKissAlba Video Stats5209923,563-77323420117148.7 M
3DoorsDownVEVO3DoorsDownVEVO YouTube Channel3DoorsDownVEVO Video Stats5210923,463-87354448832811.6 M
FOXFOX YouTube ChannelFOX Video Stats5211923,431-9058862001.7K364.5 M
CBC SofraCBC Sofra YouTube ChannelCBC Sofra Video Stats5212923,318-1,0181,7611,75221.9K278.1 M
Need for SpeedNeed for Speed YouTube ChannelNeed for Speed Video Stats5213923,225-1,111427651672232.6 M
SomeOrdinaryGamersSomeOrdinaryGamers YouTube ChannelSomeOrdinaryGamers Video Stats5214923,071-1,2655972321.1K113.7 M
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per Video
ToysToys YouTube ChannelToys Video Stats 71,047,44148,9941.5K46,135274,033
Canal Os Vira-LatasCanal Os Vira-Latas YouTube ChannelCanal Os Vira-Latas Video Stats 71,041,17042,723349203,556175,983
ARTEHISTORIAARTEHISTORIA YouTube ChannelARTEHISTORIA Video Stats 71,040,78742,34097572,862121,234
AttitudeClassics316AttitudeClassics316 YouTube ChannelAttitudeClassics316 Video Stats 71,040,78242,3351.3K56,697119,440
Claire MarshallClaire Marshall YouTube ChannelClaire Marshall Video Stats 71,036,23537,788314226,230930,014
ThomasToyTrainsThomasToyTrains YouTube ChannelThomasToyTrains Video Stats 71,032,13033,683247287,57933,766
Swove2204Swove2204 YouTube ChannelSwove2204 Video Stats 71,030,34131,8941.4K49,91624,402
Living Big In A Tiny HouseLiving Big In A Tiny House YouTube ChannelLiving Big In A Tiny House Video Stats 71,009,07310,626103689,408587,608
Ernsting's familyErnsting's family YouTube ChannelErnsting's family Video Stats 71,008,97710,530161441,05012,068
Nihan0311Nihan0311 YouTube ChannelNihan0311 Video Stats 71,004,3505,903216328,724794,855
Anglo-LinkAnglo-Link YouTube ChannelAnglo-Link Video Stats 70,998,44785835,276924,336
Chloe and HalleChloe and Halle YouTube ChannelChloe and Halle Video Stats 70,994,241-4,20672986,031815,491
RTV Pink OfficialRTV Pink Official YouTube ChannelRTV Pink Official Video Stats 70,981,498-16,9493.7K19,03566,480
AvispaMusicAvispaMusic YouTube ChannelAvispaMusic Video Stats 70,968,705-29,742378187,74872,983
Brandon TurnerBrandon Turner YouTube ChannelBrandon Turner Video Stats 70,958,567-39,88095746,932232,382
MarweXMarweX YouTube ChannelMarweX Video Stats 70,957,111-41,33694675,008320,365
SHISEIDO 資生堂SHISEIDO 資生堂 YouTube ChannelSHISEIDO 資生堂 Video Stats 70,956,764-41,683685103,58738,577
Siêu thị Điện máy XanhSiêu thị Điện máy Xanh YouTube ChannelSiêu thị Điện máy Xanh Video Stats 70,947,552-50,895588120,659123,040
BINGH0STBINGH0ST YouTube ChannelBINGH0ST Video Stats 70,944,339-54,1081.1K62,894109,311
Le Fossoyeur de FilmsLe Fossoyeur de Films YouTube ChannelLe Fossoyeur de Films Video Stats 70,941,384-57,063195363,802659,412
Spacepainter (Brandon McConnell)Spacepainter (Brandon McConnell) YouTube ChannelSpacepainter (Brandon McConnell) Video Stats 70,934,353-64,094247287,184149,894
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925,0006642 D  11/27  2017Tweet
927,5003,1647 D  12/02  2017Tweet
930,0005,66413 D  12/08  2017Tweet
932,5008,16418 D  12/13  2017Tweet
935,00010,66423 D  12/18  2017Tweet
937,50013,16428 D  12/23  2017Tweet
940,00015,6643 D1 M 12/29  2017Tweet
942,50018,1648 D1 M 1/03  2018Tweet
945,00020,66413 D1 M 1/08  2018Tweet
947,50023,16419 D1 M 1/14  2018Tweet
950,00025,66424 D1 M 1/19  2018Tweet
952,50028,16429 D1 M 1/24  2018Tweet
955,00030,6645 D2 M 1/30  2018Tweet
957,50033,16410 D2 M 2/04  2018Tweet
960,00035,66415 D2 M 2/09  2018Tweet
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71,000,0001,553   11/25  2017Tweet
71,250,000251,5538 D  12/03  2017Tweet
71,500,000501,55316 D  12/11  2017Tweet
71,750,000751,55323 D  12/18  2017Tweet
72,000,0001,001,553 1 M 12/26  2017Tweet
72,250,0001,251,5537 D1 M 1/02  2018Tweet
72,500,0001,501,55315 D1 M 1/10  2018Tweet
72,750,0001,751,55323 D1 M 1/18  2018Tweet
73,000,0002,001,553 2 M 1/25  2018Tweet
73,250,0002,251,5538 D2 M 2/02  2018Tweet
73,500,0002,501,55315 D2 M 2/09  2018Tweet
73,750,0002,751,55323 D2 M 2/17  2018Tweet
74,000,0003,001,55330 D2 M 2/24  2018Tweet
74,250,0003,251,5537 D3 M 3/04  2018Tweet
74,500,0003,501,55315 D3 M 3/12  2018Tweet