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418,071  Now
418,368-297-427 DayTweet
418,784-713-5114 DayTweet
419,387-1,316-4430 DayTweet
420,742-2,671-452 MonthTweet
420,998-2,927-333 MonthTweet
420,928-2,857-244 MonthTweet
420,094-2,023-135 MonthTweet
420,870-2,799-166 MonthTweet
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25,568,627  Now
25,543,04925,5783,6547 DayTweet
25,496,97871,6495,11814 DayTweet
25,435,667132,9604,43230 DayTweet
25,170,839397,7886,6302 MonthTweet
24,361,0951,207,53213,4173 MonthTweet
25,029,611539,0164,4924 MonthTweet
23,515,3192,053,30813,6895 MonthTweet
23,335,6962,232,93112,4056 MonthTweet
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30 Day
TechnobladeTechnoblade YouTube ChannelTechnoblade Video Stats 418,39532418942294161.6 M
Monica GeuzeMonica Geuze YouTube ChannelMonica Geuze Video Stats 418,3692981964481K163.3 M
High On LifeHigh On Life YouTube ChannelHigh On Life Video Stats 418,35027915927126442.8 M
HyunA 현아 (Official YouTube Channel)HyunA 현아 (Official YouTube Channel) YouTube ChannelHyunA 현아 (Official YouTube Channel) Video Stats 418,3412701785281051.7 M
World Surf LeagueWorld Surf League YouTube ChannelWorld Surf League Video Stats 418,333262491175.4K105.9 M
JustCoco VlogsJustCoco Vlogs YouTube ChannelJustCoco Vlogs Video Stats 418,29522434277346078.3 M
RicemanRiceman YouTube ChannelRiceman Video Stats 418,270199952758087.4 M
iGameAppleiGameApple YouTube ChanneliGameApple Video Stats 418,2531825299694K371.6 M
PinupDollAshleyMariePinupDollAshleyMarie YouTube ChannelPinupDollAshleyMarie Video Stats 418,18010910421321629.9 M
Sports BlastSports Blast YouTube ChannelSports Blast Video Stats 418,112411,0701,20637137.7 M
MadBrosMadBros YouTube ChannelMadBros Video Stats 418,071-23-4412425.6 M
CamelworksCamelworks YouTube ChannelCamelworks Video Stats 417,935-1368927247175.3 M
стиль гхгстиль гхг YouTube Channelстиль гхг Video Stats 417,896-1758617195783.5 M
PrimroseMakeupPrimroseMakeup YouTube ChannelPrimroseMakeup Video Stats 417,858-2132-379725.1 M
東映特撮YouTube Official東映特撮YouTube Official YouTube Channel東映特撮YouTube Official Video Stats 417,842-229902445604177.7 M
American Girl IdeasAmerican Girl Ideas YouTube ChannelAmerican Girl Ideas Video Stats 417,841-230190452537175.2 M
Beauty9Beauty9 YouTube ChannelBeauty9 Video Stats 417,806-2652,2362,64824045.3 M
TheBrilliantBeautyTheBrilliantBeauty YouTube ChannelTheBrilliantBeauty Video Stats 417,773-29812436218143.5 M
NifedowPLAYNifedowPLAY YouTube ChannelNifedowPLAY Video Stats 417,769-302285-6318039.7 M
The Breaking WolfThe Breaking Wolf YouTube ChannelThe Breaking Wolf Video Stats 417,767-30444268175136.5 M
DRAGONIRAQ2011DRAGONIRAQ2011 YouTube ChannelDRAGONIRAQ2011 Video Stats 417,767-30478265688879.1 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
N3maNN3maN YouTube ChannelN3maN Video Stats 25,574,8396,212241,065,6184,422
GanXingbaGanXingba YouTube ChannelGanXingba Video Stats 25,574,5565,92946555,96943,609
PhillyBoyJayCooKiNgShowPhillyBoyJayCooKiNgShow YouTube ChannelPhillyBoyJayCooKiNgShow Video Stats 25,574,1475,52077332,132215,687
Yondaime510Yondaime510 YouTube ChannelYondaime510 Video Stats 25,572,6724,04571360,1788,294
iBrunkisAppsiBrunkisApps YouTube ChanneliBrunkisApps Video Stats 25,572,0133,38629187,876140,032
OnlineChessLessons.NETOnlineChessLessons.NET YouTube ChannelOnlineChessLessons.NET Video Stats 25,571,2262,59996026,63799,485
meristationmeristation YouTube Channelmeristation Video Stats 25,569,7831,15614.7K1,742122,014
BerezowskiBrunoBerezowskiBruno YouTube ChannelBerezowskiBruno Video Stats 25,569,45883133775,8743,953
Movieplayer.it - Cinema, TV e HomevideoMovieplayer.it - Cinema, TV e Homevideo YouTube ChannelMovieplayer.it - Cinema, TV e Homevideo Video Stats 25,569,2546272.3K11,15623,921
Danish Zehen - LifestyleDanish Zehen - Lifestyle YouTube ChannelDanish Zehen - Lifestyle Video Stats 25,569,18555881315,669305,437
MadBrosMadBros YouTube ChannelMadBros Video Stats 25,568,627124206,199418,071
SensitiveTracksSensitiveTracks YouTube ChannelSensitiveTracks Video Stats 25,566,795-1,83296626,467128,749
cultofmactvcultofmactv YouTube Channelcultofmactv Video Stats 25,565,989-2,63882630,95278,581
josearaiza903josearaiza903 YouTube Channeljosearaiza903 Video Stats 25,565,759-2,868156163,88319,474
SSJ9KSSJ9K YouTube ChannelSSJ9K Video Stats 25,560,435-8,19244580,919345,637
NicTaylor00NicTaylor00 YouTube ChannelNicTaylor00 Video Stats 25,559,762-8,86548552,70162,642
Gurvir SinghGurvir Singh YouTube ChannelGurvir Singh Video Stats 25,558,744-9,883181,419,9306,699
Klaudia KlaraKlaudia Klara YouTube ChannelKlaudia Klara Video Stats 25,557,795-10,83268375,850172,203
lyricstosongs1000lyricstosongs1000 YouTube Channellyricstosongs1000 Video Stats 25,556,148-12,47955,111,2307,931
videogal123videogal123 YouTube Channelvideogal123 Video Stats 25,555,733-12,89464,259,2899,696
happy2602happy2602 YouTube Channelhappy2602 Video Stats 25,554,002-14,62538,518,0013,530
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Start Subs: 420,742     Current Subs: 418,071
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Based on 397,788 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
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Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
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25,750,000181,37328 D  4/15  2018Tweet
26,000,000431,3735 D2 M 5/23  2018Tweet
26,250,000681,37311 D3 M 6/29  2018Tweet
26,500,000931,37319 D4 M 8/06  2018Tweet
26,750,0001,181,37326 D5 M 9/13  2018Tweet
27,000,0001,431,3733 D7 M 10/20  2018Tweet
27,250,0001,681,37310 D8 M 11/27  2018Tweet
27,500,0001,931,37318 D9 M 1/04  2019Tweet
27,750,0002,181,37325 D10 M 2/11  2019Tweet
28,000,0002,431,3732 D 1 Y3/20  2019Tweet
28,250,0002,681,3739 D1 M1 Y4/27  2019Tweet
28,500,0002,931,37317 D2 M1 Y6/04  2019Tweet
28,750,0003,181,37323 D3 M1 Y7/11  2019Tweet
29,000,0003,431,373 5 M1 Y8/18  2019Tweet
29,250,0003,681,3738 D6 M1 Y9/25  2019Tweet