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30 Day
SpectateMeKidSpectateMeKid YouTube ChannelSpectateMeKid Video Stats 33,80480-11124 M
BG KumbiBG Kumbi YouTube ChannelBG Kumbi Video Stats 33,8037170130984.6 M
Rudka777Rudka777 YouTube ChannelRudka777 Video Stats 33,8037273171542.6 M
NaturallyCandiNaturallyCandi YouTube ChannelNaturallyCandi Video Stats 33,80260-53103.9 M
Schyzo PhrenickSchyzo Phrenick YouTube ChannelSchyzo Phrenick Video Stats 33,80151325488.2 M
Norma DayDayCookNorma DayDayCook YouTube ChannelNorma DayDayCook Video Stats 33,800411162262.6 M
Mei IrisMei Iris YouTube ChannelMei Iris Video Stats 33,800403783.9 M
Rider BarcelonaRider Barcelona YouTube ChannelRider Barcelona Video Stats 33,799332351093.3 M
The Amy Jo Show - DCTCThe Amy Jo Show - DCTC YouTube ChannelThe Amy Jo Show - DCTC Video Stats 33,79933239345.4 M
Jee 92EditionJee 92Edition YouTube ChannelJee 92Edition Video Stats 33,7982658932917.4 M
G TG T YouTube ChannelG T Video Stats 33,796-525-379386 K
MadonnaLiveTVMadonnaLiveTV YouTube ChannelMadonnaLiveTV Video Stats 33,795-1262616031.4 M
EskaTVEskaTV YouTube ChannelEskaTV Video Stats 33,792-428942.5K18.4 M
Autoline NetworkAutoline Network YouTube ChannelAutoline Network Video Stats 33,791-526253.9K18.8 M
Александр БарышевАлександр Барышев YouTube ChannelАлександр Барышев Video Stats 33,791-50-500
Taiga FukuyamaTaiga Fukuyama YouTube ChannelTaiga Fukuyama Video Stats 33,790-60-32203.1 M
misstango2misstango2 YouTube Channelmisstango2 Video Stats 33,789-7012292.1 M
randomnessmuchrandomnessmuch YouTube Channelrandomnessmuch Video Stats 33,789-735391368.7 M
House BearHouse Bear YouTube ChannelHouse Bear Video Stats 33,786-10802011K36.4 M
RogerRoger YouTube ChannelRoger Video Stats 33,786-1017231046.1 M
Panorama StudiosPanorama Studios YouTube ChannelPanorama Studios Video Stats 33,785-1141018624.3 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
RomeCabsStefanoRomeCabsStefano YouTube ChannelRomeCabsStefano Video Stats 6,191196884
INTITROPICAL67INTITROPICAL67 YouTube ChannelINTITROPICAL67 Video Stats 6,1911431441,102
pshetlerpshetler YouTube Channelpshetler Video Stats 6,191161,03227
Per MoritzPer Moritz YouTube ChannelPer Moritz Video Stats 6,19111834429
リーナ葛城リーナ葛城 YouTube Channelリーナ葛城 Video Stats 6,191141,548128
nofil2000nofil2000 YouTube Channelnofil2000 Video Stats 6,191111563535
Grant KruhlyGrant Kruhly YouTube ChannelGrant Kruhly Video Stats 6,19114613552
Rav3 RaRav3 Ra YouTube ChannelRav3 Ra Video Stats 6,1900134763
po2cornpo2corn YouTube Channelpo2corn Video Stats 6,1900242584
shootingaprilshootingapril YouTube Channelshootingapril Video Stats 6,1900144424
G TG T YouTube ChannelG T Video Stats 6,1903816333,796
TheGamingTeacherTheGamingTeacher YouTube ChannelTheGamingTeacher Video Stats 6,19005311775
THISisCNNTHISisCNN YouTube ChannelTHISisCNN Video Stats 6,190087743
Omar MendezOmar Mendez YouTube ChannelOmar Mendez Video Stats 6,190072863
chicle pateyrochicle pateyro YouTube Channelchicle pateyro Video Stats 6,19004414131
daniel athinanddaniel athinand YouTube Channeldaniel athinand Video Stats 6,19004015514
chriswaynebrisseychriswaynebrissey YouTube Channelchriswaynebrissey Video Stats 6,19001638716
upscholar200upscholar200 YouTube Channelupscholar200 Video Stats 6,19001061917
sweet miss chandlersweet miss chandler YouTube Channelsweet miss chandler Video Stats 6,1900106198
David LaydenDavid Layden YouTube ChannelDavid Layden Video Stats 6,19002129510
CrazYmonkYboYCrazYmonkYboY YouTube ChannelCrazYmonkYboY Video Stats 6,1900134764
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Based on -11,360 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
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Start Subs: 45,156     Current Subs: 33,796
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6,250601 D  11/23  2017Tweet
6,5003104 D  11/26  2017Tweet
6,7505606 D  11/28  2017Tweet
7,0008108 D  11/30  2017Tweet
7,2501,06011 D  12/03  2017Tweet
7,5001,31013 D  12/05  2017Tweet
7,7501,56016 D  12/08  2017Tweet
8,0001,81018 D  12/10  2017Tweet
8,2502,06020 D  12/12  2017Tweet
8,5002,31023 D  12/15  2017Tweet
8,7502,56025 D  12/17  2017Tweet
9,0002,81028 D  12/20  2017Tweet
9,2503,06030 D  12/22  2017Tweet
9,5003,3102 D1 M 12/25  2017Tweet
9,7503,5604 D1 M 12/27  2017Tweet