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68,699  Now
68,698107 DayTweet
68,712-13-114 DayTweet
68,751-52-230 DayTweet
68,814-115-22 MonthTweet
68,837-138-23 MonthTweet
68,833-134-14 MonthTweet
68,869-170-15 MonthTweet
68,884-185-16 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
14,609,195  Now
14,596,71812,4771,7827 DayTweet
14,581,99127,2041,94314 DayTweet
14,549,16260,0332,00130 DayTweet
14,497,350111,8451,8642 MonthTweet
14,434,145175,0501,9453 MonthTweet
14,474,176135,0191,1254 MonthTweet
14,409,805199,3901,3295 MonthTweet
14,343,342265,8531,4776 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
TheByronGmTheByronGm YouTube ChannelTheByronGm Video Stats 68,721224780683.6 M
MicMe TVMicMe TV YouTube ChannelMicMe TV Video Stats 68,720217837023.7 M
KingSkulkZKingSkulkZ YouTube ChannelKingSkulkZ Video Stats 68,715160-4266.1 M
Bill OwenBill Owen YouTube ChannelBill Owen Video Stats 68,715160028423.1 M
Media MastersMedia Masters YouTube ChannelMedia Masters Video Stats 68,70671012431.2K20.6 M
The CinemaThe Cinema YouTube ChannelThe Cinema Video Stats 68,706717136413.7 M
PurpleRoselynPurpleRoselyn YouTube ChannelPurpleRoselyn Video Stats 68,7045-10-15114 K
Professor Marcelo MoraesProfessor Marcelo Moraes YouTube ChannelProfessor Marcelo Moraes Video Stats 68,701229663.5K11 M
RaiderRaider YouTube ChannelRaider Video Stats 68,700137303.2 M
Tangan BelangTangan Belang YouTube ChannelTangan Belang Video Stats 68,70011541993336.9 M
loosecontroiPLloosecontroiPL YouTube ChannelloosecontroiPL Video Stats 68,6990-23114.6 M
PattiLaBelleVEVOPattiLaBelleVEVO YouTube ChannelPattiLaBelleVEVO Video Stats 68,698-134651845.2 M
생활코딩생활코딩 YouTube Channel생활코딩 Video Stats 68,695-453843K22 M
VOA BurmeseVOA Burmese YouTube ChannelVOA Burmese Video Stats 68,693-624539.6K60.2 M
August RosenmeierAugust Rosenmeier YouTube ChannelAugust Rosenmeier Video Stats 68,690-9611241195 M
The Bike ShowThe Bike Show YouTube ChannelThe Bike Show Video Stats 68,690-9415728122.6 M
BlawnDeeBlawnDee YouTube ChannelBlawnDee Video Stats 68,686-13726182.2 M
Estee LauderEstee Lauder YouTube ChannelEstee Lauder Video Stats 68,681-18375514212.4 M
Tariq RamadanTariq Ramadan YouTube ChannelTariq Ramadan Video Stats 68,680-191399507 M
Fluxus MusicFluxus Music YouTube ChannelFluxus Music Video Stats 68,680-197642449.1 M
X Factor DRX Factor DR YouTube ChannelX Factor DR Video Stats 68,675-2443761.3K78.2 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
BUILDERs TVBUILDERs TV YouTube ChannelBUILDERs TV Video Stats 14,613,7424,54759624,52088,479
Failu - #1 CS:GO idiot weaselFailu - #1 CS:GO idiot weasel YouTube ChannelFailu - #1 CS:GO idiot weasel Video Stats 14,613,1984,00386169,92186,902
SilvarretSilvarret YouTube ChannelSilvarret Video Stats 14,613,1383,94348730,006103,961
EltallerdeireEltallerdeire YouTube ChannelEltallerdeire Video Stats 14,611,1611,96635541,158119,110
Reality Entertainment.Reality Entertainment. YouTube ChannelReality Entertainment. Video Stats 14,610,5361,34164022,82955,796
SynthesizeOGSynthesizeOG YouTube ChannelSynthesizeOG Video Stats 14,610,3651,17030348,219109,959
Raegwyn SoloingRaegwyn Soloing YouTube ChannelRaegwyn Soloing Video Stats 14,610,2361,041128114,14227,938
Борис СолтарийскиБорис Солтарийски YouTube ChannelБорис Солтарийски Video Stats 14,610,03083541035,63418,361
darioleandroodarioleandroo YouTube Channeldarioleandroo Video Stats 14,609,45726238384,4594,473
classifiedmusicclassifiedmusic YouTube Channelclassifiedmusic Video Stats 14,609,45325858251,88740,631
loosecontroiPLloosecontroiPL YouTube ChannelloosecontroiPL Video Stats 14,609,19531471,26468,699
lawrencehardyvideoslawrencehardyvideos YouTube Channellawrencehardyvideos Video Stats 14,608,829-36620730,4413,499
Don WrenchDon Wrench YouTube ChannelDon Wrench Video Stats 14,608,727-46874197,4151,754
Claudinha StocoClaudinha Stoco YouTube ChannelClaudinha Stoco Video Stats 14,608,710-48596915,076166,503
MusicaeducaMusicaeduca YouTube ChannelMusicaeduca Video Stats 14,608,440-75539374,57517,607
Kseniya VostrikovaKseniya Vostrikova YouTube ChannelKseniya Vostrikova Video Stats 14,608,420-77515693,644173,946
T-ROY COOKST-ROY COOKS YouTube ChannelT-ROY COOKS Video Stats 14,608,301-89449429,57182,238
EmaneroEmanero YouTube ChannelEmanero Video Stats 14,607,884-1,31161239,474104,935
lloydvirgolloydvirgo YouTube Channellloydvirgo Video Stats 14,607,582-1,61344331,9919,579
CuriousInventorCuriousInventor YouTube ChannelCuriousInventor Video Stats 14,607,098-2,09770208,67356,243
QURANePAKQURANePAK YouTube ChannelQURANePAK Video Stats 14,607,022-2,17340236,33651,663
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Start Subs: 68,814     Current Subs: 68,699
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14,750,000140,80515 D2 M 6/09  2018Tweet
15,000,000390,80527 D6 M 10/21  2018Tweet
15,250,000640,8059 D11 M 3/04  2019Tweet
15,500,000890,80521 D3 M1 Y7/16  2019Tweet
15,750,0001,140,8053 D8 M1 Y11/27  2019Tweet
16,000,0001,390,80517 D 2 Y4/10  2020Tweet
16,250,0001,640,80529 D4 M2 Y8/22  2020Tweet
16,500,0001,890,80511 D9 M2 Y1/03  2021Tweet