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142,890  Now
142,744146217 DayTweet
142,6602301614 DayTweet
142,5773131030 DayTweet
142,43545582 MonthTweet
142,38550563 MonthTweet
142,41747344 MonthTweet
142,34554545 MonthTweet
142,29359736 MonthTweet
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28,646,060  Now
28,590,59055,4707,9247 DayTweet
28,499,987146,07310,43414 DayTweet
28,414,737231,3237,71130 DayTweet
28,319,578326,4825,4412 MonthTweet
28,256,435389,6254,3293 MonthTweet
28,288,496357,5642,9804 MonthTweet
28,224,228421,8322,8125 MonthTweet
28,149,718496,3422,7576 MonthTweet
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ELTASPORTSHDELTASPORTSHD YouTube ChannelELTASPORTSHD Video Stats 142,96979231379.4K52.4 M
KSWKSW YouTube ChannelKSW Video Stats 142,951615414962392.8 M
Marilyn JaneMarilyn Jane YouTube ChannelMarilyn Jane Video Stats 142,950602342701.2K27.7 M
ElearninElearnin YouTube ChannelElearnin Video Stats 142,9425211317133763.2 M
FeroxFerox YouTube ChannelFerox Video Stats 142,94151-3-161546.4 M
friendlyjordiesfriendlyjordies YouTube Channelfriendlyjordies Video Stats 142,92434285825925.5 M
musicfactorymusicmusicfactorymusic YouTube Channelmusicfactorymusic Video Stats 142,918282758534326.1 M
Ashley SanderAshley Sander YouTube ChannelAshley Sander Video Stats 142,909190-62459.3 M
Como Dice El Dicho ᴴᴰComo Dice El Dicho ᴴᴰ YouTube ChannelComo Dice El Dicho ᴴᴰ Video Stats 142,90111-11-4100
THINCPRO BasketballTHINCPRO Basketball YouTube ChannelTHINCPRO Basketball Video Stats 142,896614129128810 M
ligabueligabue YouTube Channelligabue Video Stats 142,890141013728.6 M
Caroline HironsCaroline Hirons YouTube ChannelCaroline Hirons Video Stats 142,881-9509617610.7 M
Tamil The HinduTamil The Hindu YouTube ChannelTamil The Hindu Video Stats 142,856-341092602.1K55.7 M
Ridhwan AzmanRidhwan Azman YouTube ChannelRidhwan Azman Video Stats 142,852-388623610818.1 M
mikirottamikirotta YouTube Channelmikirotta Video Stats 142,851-39-153217417.9 M
HourTVHourTV YouTube ChannelHourTV Video Stats 142,851-39489022334.9 M
QUAD EntertainmentQUAD Entertainment YouTube ChannelQUAD Entertainment Video Stats 142,851-396425721094.2 M
Ki11er SixKi11er Six YouTube ChannelKi11er Six Video Stats 142,844-46421321.1K37.3 M
XxSilentBeastGamerxXXxSilentBeastGamerxX YouTube ChannelXxSilentBeastGamerxX Video Stats 142,840-50-8161.4K48.9 M
EducationDocumentaryEducationDocumentary YouTube ChannelEducationDocumentary Video Stats 142,828-62-361292428.5 M
AVROTROSAVROTROS YouTube ChannelAVROTROS Video Stats 142,827-633181595.4K180.8 M
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per Video
nuestra sangre rancheranuestra sangre ranchera YouTube Channelnuestra sangre ranchera Video Stats 28,656,78810,728151189,78028,633
musicworldrecordmusicworldrecord YouTube Channelmusicworldrecord Video Stats 28,655,1609,10095230,10078,860
The Atlantic ArcadeThe Atlantic Arcade YouTube ChannelThe Atlantic Arcade Video Stats 28,654,9388,878166172,620202,573
N2SC4RN2SC4R YouTube ChannelN2SC4R Video Stats 28,653,5947,5342.8K10,26648,070
MapleStoryMapleStory YouTube ChannelMapleStory Video Stats 28,653,5887,528207138,42366,902
lotus6661964lotus6661964 YouTube Channellotus6661964 Video Stats 28,652,3766,31672397,95020,050
BobGmbH2BobGmbH2 YouTube ChannelBobGmbH2 Video Stats 28,650,3634,30397295,365103,465
tokenhiphoptokenhiphop YouTube Channeltokenhiphop Video Stats 28,649,7923,732261,101,915264,193
Th3JezTh3Jez YouTube ChannelTh3Jez Video Stats 28,648,8232,763248115,519273,994
SBI Life Insurance Co. LtdSBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd YouTube ChannelSBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd Video Stats 28,648,0722,012148193,56811,040
ligabueligabue YouTube Channelligabue Video Stats 28,646,060137209,095142,890
Angel KidsAngel Kids YouTube ChannelAngel Kids Video Stats 28,645,612-44888932,22276,390
Manda31409Manda31409 YouTube ChannelManda31409 Video Stats 28,644,032-2,02887432,773239,318
davepedalsteeldavepedalsteel YouTube Channeldavepedalsteel Video Stats 28,643,487-2,573178160,91821,395
VideoCleanTvVideoCleanTv YouTube ChannelVideoCleanTv Video Stats 28,642,704-3,35643666,10916,968
Canal videos Fantasias MiguelCanal videos Fantasias Miguel YouTube ChannelCanal videos Fantasias Miguel Video Stats 28,639,391-6,66954053,03673,491
darthmilo77darthmilo77 YouTube Channeldarthmilo77 Video Stats 28,637,933-8,12783345,03517,133
Serdar146Serdar146 YouTube ChannelSerdar146 Video Stats 28,635,939-10,12191031,468107,666
GFNoronaGFNorona YouTube ChannelGFNorona Video Stats 28,635,703-10,35799128,896128,602
SpicyTuneSpicyTune YouTube ChannelSpicyTune Video Stats 28,634,722-11,33864844,18955,595
John MayerJohn Mayer YouTube ChannelJohn Mayer Video Stats 28,634,011-12,04974386,946210,311
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145,0002,1105 D9 M 12/27  2018Tweet
147,5004,61030 D7 M1 Y11/21  2019Tweet
150,0007,11025 D6 M2 Y10/16  2020Tweet
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28,750,000103,94020 D  4/12  2018Tweet
29,000,000353,9405 D2 M 5/28  2018Tweet
29,250,000603,94019 D3 M 7/12  2018Tweet
29,500,000853,9404 D5 M 8/27  2018Tweet
29,750,0001,103,94020 D6 M 10/12  2018Tweet
30,000,0001,353,9405 D8 M 11/27  2018Tweet
30,250,0001,603,94021 D9 M 1/12  2019Tweet
30,500,0001,853,9406 D11 M 2/27  2019Tweet
30,750,0002,103,94022 D 1 Y4/14  2019Tweet
31,000,0002,353,9407 D2 M1 Y5/30  2019Tweet
31,250,0002,603,94022 D3 M1 Y7/15  2019Tweet
31,500,0002,853,9407 D5 M1 Y8/30  2019Tweet
31,750,0003,103,94023 D6 M1 Y10/15  2019Tweet
32,000,0003,353,9408 D8 M1 Y11/30  2019Tweet
32,250,0003,603,94024 D9 M1 Y1/15  2020Tweet