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106,9922,3283337 DayTweet
105,8403,48024914 DayTweet
103,6985,62218730 DayTweet
99,9029,4181572 MonthTweet
97,37611,9441333 MonthTweet
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60,493,461  Now
58,569,5651,923,896274,8427 DayTweet
58,217,2652,276,196162,58514 DayTweet
57,280,5573,212,904107,09730 DayTweet
55,644,6674,848,79480,8132 MonthTweet
54,474,7726,018,68966,8743 MonthTweet
66,466,327-5,972,866-49,7744 MonthTweet
64,640,152-4,146,691-27,6455 MonthTweet
61,934,207-1,440,746-8,0046 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Ascension PresentsAscension Presents YouTube ChannelAscension Presents Video Stats 109,3846412619530511.3 M
Frizzy DesiFrizzy Desi YouTube ChannelFrizzy Desi Video Stats 109,38060901921358.4 M
MagicDecksMagicDecks YouTube ChannelMagicDecks Video Stats 109,37151076112.6 M
ChocmielChocmiel YouTube ChannelChocmiel Video Stats 109,359399610987725.2 M
G 白G 白 YouTube ChannelG 白 Video Stats 109,3563613628612111.7 M
Turbulence TrainingTurbulence Training YouTube ChannelTurbulence Training Video Stats 109,35535222852125.4 M
Pragya TPragya T YouTube ChannelPragya T Video Stats 109,34222891654.1K23.5 M
Rockin Robin's Cooking Mexican RecipesRockin Robin's Cooking Mexican Recipes YouTube ChannelRockin Robin's Cooking Mexican Recipes Video Stats 109,33818498043916.9 M
Alina JasmineAlina Jasmine YouTube ChannelAlina Jasmine Video Stats 109,330103102038.5 M
Google FranceGoogle France YouTube ChannelGoogle France Video Stats 109,3222111123362.2 M
Latifa Al TunisiaLatifa Al Tunisia YouTube ChannelLatifa Al Tunisia Video Stats 109,32014418718160.5 M
KOMLOWKOMLOW YouTube ChannelKOMLOW Video Stats 109,310-101-11391.8 M
Dimax0008Dimax0008 YouTube ChannelDimax0008 Video Stats 109,302-183747789.9 M
Lata's KitchenLata's Kitchen YouTube ChannelLata's Kitchen Video Stats 109,300-20378317723.6 M
ChaosGroupTVChaosGroupTV YouTube ChannelChaosGroupTV Video Stats 109,298-22488753217.5 M
Minecraft CommunityMinecraft Community YouTube ChannelMinecraft Community Video Stats 109,296-24533443812.8 M
MrPoniatorMrPoniator YouTube ChannelMrPoniator Video Stats 109,295-250-45435 M
BiscvitonBiscviton YouTube ChannelBiscviton Video Stats 109,290-3010143611.5 M
კომედი შოუკომედი შოუ YouTube Channelკომედი შოუ Video Stats 109,288-3211013357785.4 M
TheJMCTheJMC YouTube ChannelTheJMC Video Stats 109,275-45-1-51.4K25.8 M
cibermatexcibermatex YouTube Channelcibermatex Video Stats 109,271-49003005.8 M
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per Video
Skatista BRSkatista BR YouTube ChannelSkatista BR Video Stats 60,533,45639,995453133,628611,722
Allen PsychAllen Psych YouTube ChannelAllen Psych Video Stats 60,532,93139,470297203,815181,588
Rockin' 1000Rockin' 1000 YouTube ChannelRockin' 1000 Video Stats 60,532,68939,228117517,373242,446
Film Ninja ProductionsFilm Ninja Productions YouTube ChannelFilm Ninja Productions Video Stats 60,526,41432,953110550,24046,291
Classic Country MusicClassic Country Music YouTube ChannelClassic Country Music Video Stats 60,522,00528,5442.5K24,26768,386
Rock2105bRock2105b YouTube ChannelRock2105b Video Stats 60,520,93627,47567489,79421,245
arcogusarcogus YouTube Channelarcogus Video Stats 60,519,12925,668592102,22848,157
Багетная Мастерская 〉_〈Багетная Мастерская 〉_〈 YouTube ChannelБагетная Мастерская 〉_〈 Video Stats 60,506,44012,9791.5K40,445347,428
Cosmopolis CineCosmopolis Cine YouTube ChannelCosmopolis Cine Video Stats 60,501,5538,092513117,937541,227
OverClocked ReMixOverClocked ReMix YouTube ChannelOverClocked ReMix Video Stats 60,498,8035,3424K15,301127,774
Latifa Al TunisiaLatifa Al Tunisia YouTube ChannelLatifa Al Tunisia Video Stats 60,493,461181334,218109,320
NormEnderVEVONormEnderVEVO YouTube ChannelNormEnderVEVO Video Stats 60,488,187-5,274610,081,365281,615
NerdAlertNerdAlert YouTube ChannelNerdAlert Video Stats 60,487,221-6,2402.5K24,166188,384
Summer MckeenSummer Mckeen YouTube ChannelSummer Mckeen Video Stats 60,482,148-11,313224270,0101,124,053
NakashiNakashi YouTube ChannelNakashi Video Stats 60,480,619-12,8421.3K46,957267,883
LeagueVoicesLeagueVoices YouTube ChannelLeagueVoices Video Stats 60,478,817-14,6442K29,60398,145
GUCCIGUCCI YouTube ChannelGUCCI Video Stats 60,470,615-22,846293206,384185,309
Kurdish TubeKurdish Tube YouTube ChannelKurdish Tube Video Stats 60,470,407-23,0541.7K35,48766,856
Speed Audio & VideoSpeed Audio & Video YouTube ChannelSpeed Audio & Video Video Stats 60,467,853-25,6081.8K33,3160
KAftCKAftC YouTube ChannelKAftC Video Stats 60,464,366-29,095203297,854213,680
Shin ArtShin Art YouTube ChannelShin Art Video Stats 60,464,255-29,20661498,476235,062
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Based on 9,418 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 157 added per day.
Start Subs: 99,902     Current Subs: 109,320
Subs Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
110,0006805 D  3/24  2018Tweet
112,5003,18021 D  4/09  2018Tweet
115,0005,6806 D1 M 4/25  2018Tweet
117,5008,18022 D1 M 5/11  2018Tweet
120,00010,6808 D2 M 5/27  2018Tweet
122,50013,18023 D2 M 6/11  2018Tweet
125,00015,6808 D3 M 6/27  2018Tweet
127,50018,18024 D3 M 7/13  2018Tweet
130,00020,68010 D4 M 7/29  2018Tweet
132,50023,18026 D4 M 8/14  2018Tweet
135,00025,68011 D5 M 8/30  2018Tweet
137,50028,18027 D5 M 9/15  2018Tweet
140,00030,68013 D6 M 10/01  2018Tweet
142,50033,18029 D6 M 10/17  2018Tweet
145,00035,68015 D7 M 11/02  2018Tweet
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Start Views: 55,644,667     Current Views: 60,493,461
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Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
60,500,0006,539   3/19  2018Tweet
60,750,000256,5394 D  3/23  2018Tweet
61,000,000506,5397 D  3/26  2018Tweet
61,250,000756,53910 D  3/29  2018Tweet
61,500,0001,006,53913 D  4/01  2018Tweet
61,750,0001,256,53916 D  4/04  2018Tweet
62,000,0001,506,53919 D  4/07  2018Tweet
62,250,0001,756,53922 D  4/10  2018Tweet
62,500,0002,006,53925 D  4/13  2018Tweet
62,750,0002,256,53928 D  4/16  2018Tweet
63,000,0002,506,5391 D1 M 4/20  2018Tweet
63,250,0002,756,5394 D1 M 4/23  2018Tweet
63,500,0003,006,5397 D1 M 4/26  2018Tweet
63,750,0003,256,53910 D1 M 4/29  2018Tweet
64,000,0003,506,53913 D1 M 5/02  2018Tweet