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2,221,491  Now
2,222,082-591-847 DayTweet
2,222,455-964-6914 DayTweet
2,223,144-1,653-5530 DayTweet
2,222,548-1,057-182 MonthTweet
2,224,772-3,281-363 MonthTweet
2,224,359-2,868-244 MonthTweet
2,225,163-3,672-245 MonthTweet
2,225,329-3,838-216 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
76,059,649  Now
75,995,96863,6819,0977 DayTweet
75,910,401149,24810,66114 DayTweet
75,695,359364,29012,14330 DayTweet
75,325,845733,80412,2302 MonthTweet
74,944,5611,115,08812,3903 MonthTweet
75,086,739972,9108,1084 MonthTweet
74,615,6991,443,9509,6265 MonthTweet
74,225,5191,834,13010,1906 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
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30 Day
Top TrendsTop Trends YouTube ChannelTop Trends Video Stats18492,231,85710,36639149456342.9 M
ComplexComplex YouTube ChannelComplex Video Stats18502,231,3579,86633995812.9K1.21 B
ThatsHeartThatsHeart YouTube ChannelThatsHeart Video Stats18512,231,1209,62998264398155.2 M
Bay RifferBay Riffer YouTube ChannelBay Riffer Video Stats18522,228,5477,056432885807487.9 M
Les' Copaque ProductionLes' Copaque Production YouTube ChannelLes' Copaque Production Video Stats18532,228,2746,7831,8263,6381K1.54 B
Geek To Freak Fitness & Lawn CareGeek To Freak Fitness & Lawn Care YouTube ChannelGeek To Freak Fitness & Lawn Care Video Stats18542,228,1796,688-4114,54500
infobells - Teluguinfobells - Telugu YouTube Channelinfobells - Telugu Video Stats18552,225,7804,2892,5595,4711311.59 B
MagmaMusenMagmaMusen YouTube ChannelMagmaMusen Video Stats18562,224,4402,9497001,463492542.6 M
Dulce CandyDulce Candy YouTube ChannelDulce Candy Video Stats18572,223,5272,0369186973314.2 M
Jeamileth DollJeamileth Doll YouTube ChannelJeamileth Doll Video Stats18582,221,9504598742,461826235.3 M
keferavlogkeferavlog YouTube Channelkeferavlog Video Stats18592,221,491-63-558876.1 M
Food WishesFood Wishes YouTube ChannelFood Wishes Video Stats18602,221,422-697571,4411.3K453.3 M
ЛАРИНЛАРИН YouTube ChannelЛАРИН Video Stats18612,221,393-983761,506589410.1 M
Taylor DavisTaylor Davis YouTube ChannelTaylor Davis Video Stats18622,221,260-2316081,150171345.5 M
Spiderman Frozen Marvel Superhero Real LSpiderman Frozen Marvel Superhero Real L YouTube ChannelSpiderman Frozen Marvel Superhero Real L Video Stats18632,220,908-583-186-2614074.8 M
Les TutosLes Tutos YouTube ChannelLes Tutos Video Stats18642,220,352-1,139301350201.8 M
Huda KattanHuda Kattan YouTube ChannelHuda Kattan Video Stats18652,218,820-2,6711,0081,979303125.7 M
Clash Of Clans | General TonyClash Of Clans | General Tony YouTube ChannelClash Of Clans | General Tony Video Stats18662,218,760-2,7314064081.5K431.6 M
PowerfulJREPowerfulJRE YouTube ChannelPowerfulJRE Video Stats18672,217,291-4,2003,0654,6841.9K544.9 M
PietSmietPietSmiet YouTube ChannelPietSmiet Video Stats18682,217,168-4,32315243919.2K2.01 B
DILLERON ★DILLERON ★ YouTube ChannelDILLERON ★ Video Stats18692,216,680-4,8111,6862,9091.8K726.2 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
VN Children’s MusicVN Children’s Music YouTube ChannelVN Children’s Music Video Stats 76,094,14434,495108704,5750
新曲スポットライト新曲スポットライト YouTube Channel新曲スポットライト Video Stats 76,094,06734,4181K75,79134,126
Edwin CastroEdwin Castro YouTube ChannelEdwin Castro Video Stats 76,090,15730,508281270,783897,728
justinrobinettjustinrobinett YouTube Channeljustinrobinett Video Stats 76,087,64427,99583916,719389,674
babylonsfallingbabylonsfalling YouTube Channelbabylonsfalling Video Stats 76,084,76825,119282,717,31311,919
ZMENTA MihaiZMENTA Mihai YouTube ChannelZMENTA Mihai Video Stats 76,079,21919,570356213,706616,916
money kicksmoney kicks YouTube Channelmoney kicks Video Stats 76,074,26014,611112679,2341,288,893
toymachinedudetoymachinedude YouTube Channeltoymachinedude Video Stats 76,069,1339,484419,017,28344,195
ZoochosisComZoochosisCom YouTube ChannelZoochosisCom Video Stats 76,067,7878,138451,690,395168,530
GnogginGnoggin YouTube ChannelGnoggin Video Stats 76,066,7907,141351216,715511,246
keferavlogkeferavlog YouTube Channelkeferavlog Video Stats 76,059,64988864,3142,221,491
Today on the Korean ServerToday on the Korean Server YouTube ChannelToday on the Korean Server Video Stats 76,050,657-8,992434175,232296,053
ARQHYS | DecoracionARQHYS | Decoracion YouTube ChannelARQHYS | Decoracion Video Stats 76,036,593-23,0561.4K53,434183,688
WartimeDignityWartimeDignity YouTube ChannelWartimeDignity Video Stats 76,031,340-28,3092.3K32,900342,454
TheUltrasOfficialTheUltrasOfficial YouTube ChannelTheUltrasOfficial Video Stats 76,030,916-28,733761,000,40797,840
DrezzyDrezzy YouTube ChannelDrezzy Video Stats 76,027,641-32,0081.1K72,407739,422
eve095eve095 YouTube Channeleve095 Video Stats 76,026,553-33,096238319,43927,785
TuTiTu GermanTuTiTu German YouTube ChannelTuTiTu German Video Stats 76,019,828-39,821410185,41470,231
UFOvni2012UFOvni2012 YouTube ChannelUFOvni2012 Video Stats 76,013,549-46,1001.2K65,585104,155
TWTW YouTube ChannelTW Video Stats 76,010,228-49,421129589,22765,789
TGym - Яркий путь к совершенству!TGym - Яркий путь к совершенству! YouTube ChannelTGym - Яркий путь к совершенству! Video Stats 76,003,613-56,036676112,431651,538
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76,250,000190,35116 D  4/04  2018Tweet
76,500,000440,3516 D1 M 4/25  2018Tweet
76,750,000690,35126 D1 M 5/15  2018Tweet
77,000,000940,35116 D2 M 6/04  2018Tweet
77,250,0001,190,3516 D3 M 6/25  2018Tweet
77,500,0001,440,35126 D3 M 7/15  2018Tweet
77,750,0001,690,35117 D4 M 8/05  2018Tweet
78,000,0001,940,3516 D5 M 8/25  2018Tweet
78,250,0002,190,35127 D5 M 9/15  2018Tweet
78,500,0002,440,35117 D6 M 10/05  2018Tweet
78,750,0002,690,3517 D7 M 10/25  2018Tweet
79,000,0002,940,35128 D7 M 11/15  2018Tweet
79,250,0003,190,35117 D8 M 12/05  2018Tweet
79,500,0003,440,3518 D9 M 12/26  2018Tweet
79,750,0003,690,35128 D9 M 1/15  2019Tweet