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1,583,18489,1031,4852 MonthTweet
1,560,892111,3951,2383 MonthTweet
1,570,429101,8588494 MonthTweet
1,557,211115,0767675 MonthTweet
1,552,149120,1386676 MonthTweet
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763,679,454  Now
760,466,3883,213,066459,0097 DayTweet
756,636,9717,042,483503,03514 DayTweet
743,037,07520,642,379688,07930 DayTweet
715,978,45947,700,995795,0172 MonthTweet
700,117,67063,561,784706,2423 MonthTweet
706,331,17857,348,276477,9024 MonthTweet
697,106,05266,573,402443,8235 MonthTweet
691,520,26372,159,191400,8846 MonthTweet
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30 Day
StukTVStukTV YouTube ChannelStukTV Video Stats27581,678,0925,8056871,049543563.9 M
Jake Paul 2Jake Paul 2 YouTube ChannelJake Paul 2 Video Stats27591,676,8774,5902957823831.2 M
Domo and Crissy VlogsDomo and Crissy Vlogs YouTube ChannelDomo and Crissy Vlogs Video Stats27601,676,4314,144120865161130.2 M
The King Of ZueraThe King Of Zuera YouTube ChannelThe King Of Zuera Video Stats27611,675,6753,3885451,46511571 M
Philip MarvinPhilip Marvin YouTube ChannelPhilip Marvin Video Stats27621,674,9652,678706917109137.8 M
Machine Gun KellyMachine Gun Kelly YouTube ChannelMachine Gun Kelly Video Stats27631,674,7392,4524811,026195546.2 M
UrAvgConsumerUrAvgConsumer YouTube ChannelUrAvgConsumer Video Stats27641,674,5372,2508721,780600162.2 M
KBSKpopKBSKpop YouTube ChannelKBSKpop Video Stats27651,674,2481,9611,5393,93911.2K1.1 B
Minecraft EviMinecraft Evi YouTube ChannelMinecraft Evi Video Stats27661,672,7915049151,8061.4K447.7 M
KaarisOfficielVEVOKaarisOfficielVEVO YouTube ChannelKaarisOfficielVEVO Video Stats27671,672,4221351,6592,49837530.9 M
JukinVideoJukinVideo YouTube ChannelJukinVideo Video Stats27681,672,2876061,1812.9K763.7 M
MOVIES Coming SoonMOVIES Coming Soon YouTube ChannelMOVIES Coming Soon Video Stats27691,672,017-2701,3481,22021.7K1.96 B
BULLSHIT TVBULLSHIT TV YouTube ChannelBULLSHIT TV Video Stats27701,671,995-292206287515320.7 M
Peter McKinnonPeter McKinnon YouTube ChannelPeter McKinnon Video Stats27711,671,813-4742,1453,72916578.1 M
TV Shows - WorldwideTV Shows - Worldwide YouTube ChannelTV Shows - Worldwide Video Stats27721,671,618-669-19-4700
Emmanuel N Phillip HudsonEmmanuel N Phillip Hudson YouTube ChannelEmmanuel N Phillip Hudson Video Stats27731,671,306-98111047284242.2 M
JackBelozerovJackBelozerov YouTube ChannelJackBelozerov Video Stats27741,670,681-1,6065871,027393196.8 M
Best VinersBest Viners YouTube ChannelBest Viners Video Stats27751,670,664-1,623322863144157.2 M
UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPANUNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN YouTube ChannelUNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN Video Stats27761,670,553-1,7346591,6545.4K1.56 B
Toddler World TVToddler World TV YouTube ChannelToddler World TV Video Stats27771,669,719-2,56820371791.48 B
MxR ModsMxR Mods YouTube ChannelMxR Mods Video Stats27781,669,287-3,000187366539441.4 M
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per Video
MyLifeAsEvaMyLifeAsEva YouTube ChannelMyLifeAsEva Video Stats1695766,569,3412,889,8872363,248,1758,435,797
Next StarNext Star YouTube ChannelNext Star Video Stats1696766,131,7242,452,2701.8K423,277890,225
Victor EntertainmentVictor Entertainment YouTube ChannelVictor Entertainment Video Stats1697765,783,7852,104,3312.8K269,737621,290
SinbanderaVEVOSinbanderaVEVO YouTube ChannelSinbanderaVEVO Video Stats1698765,601,7511,922,297868,902,3461,089,422
1320video1320video YouTube Channel1320video Video Stats1699765,165,9931,486,5391.7K446,1611,842,309
SERVANDOZLSERVANDOZL YouTube ChannelSERVANDOZL Video Stats1700764,749,6771,070,2231.7K449,060788,280
Elhiwar EttounsiElhiwar Ettounsi YouTube ChannelElhiwar Ettounsi Video Stats1701764,646,474967,0206.5K118,4401,038,694
Simply NailogicalSimply Nailogical YouTube ChannelSimply Nailogical Video Stats1702764,442,153762,6993472,203,0034,878,899
Disney Movie TrailersDisney Movie Trailers YouTube ChannelDisney Movie Trailers Video Stats1703763,830,303150,849858890,2451,145,143
RhettRhett YouTube ChannelRhett Video Stats1704763,817,519138,0653252,350,2084,404,485
JukinVideoJukinVideo YouTube ChannelJukinVideo Video Stats1705763,679,4542.9K262,0731,672,287
Star MediaStar Media YouTube ChannelStar Media Video Stats1706762,483,342-1,196,1125.5K139,649975,595
DesiignerVEVODesiignerVEVO YouTube ChannelDesiignerVEVO Video Stats1707762,435,041-1,244,4132431,768,1273,033,578
omarionmmgomarionmmg YouTube Channelomarionmmg Video Stats1708761,907,415-1,772,0395015,238,1481,178,083
perpetuumworldperpetuumworld YouTube Channelperpetuumworld Video Stats1709761,837,248-1,842,2062.1K370,7241,508,237
Mamilos MolengasMamilos Molengas YouTube ChannelMamilos Molengas Video Stats1710761,787,163-1,892,2912782,740,2426,308,015
Matt StonieMatt Stonie YouTube ChannelMatt Stonie Video Stats1711761,698,442-1,981,0123052,497,3723,884,359
Giong Hat Viet Nhi / The Voice Kids VietGiong Hat Viet Nhi / The Voice Kids Viet YouTube ChannelGiong Hat Viet Nhi / The Voice Kids Viet Video Stats1712761,647,175-2,032,279852893,952815,751
CracksCracks YouTube ChannelCracks Video Stats1713761,570,215-2,109,239781975,1222,854,143
KidsFirstTVKidsFirstTV YouTube ChannelKidsFirstTV Video Stats1714761,289,114-2,390,3405461,394,302670,531
The Daily Show with Trevor NoahThe Daily Show with Trevor Noah YouTube ChannelThe Daily Show with Trevor Noah Video Stats1715761,118,188-2,561,2665511,381,3402,836,103
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Start Subs: 1,583,184     Current Subs: 1,672,287
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Date Goal Will
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1,675,0002,7132 D  3/21  2018Tweet
1,700,00027,71319 D  4/07  2018Tweet
1,725,00052,7135 D1 M 4/24  2018Tweet
1,750,00077,71322 D1 M 5/11  2018Tweet
1,775,000102,7139 D2 M 5/28  2018Tweet
1,800,000127,71325 D2 M 6/13  2018Tweet
1,825,000152,71311 D3 M 6/30  2018Tweet
1,850,000177,71328 D3 M 7/17  2018Tweet
1,875,000202,71315 D4 M 8/03  2018Tweet
1,900,000227,7131 D5 M 8/20  2018Tweet
1,925,000252,71318 D5 M 9/06  2018Tweet
1,950,000277,7135 D6 M 9/23  2018Tweet
1,975,000302,71321 D6 M 10/09  2018Tweet
2,000,000327,7138 D7 M 10/26  2018Tweet
2,025,000352,71325 D7 M 11/12  2018Tweet
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765,000,0001,320,5462 D  3/21  2018Tweet
767,500,0003,820,5465 D  3/24  2018Tweet
770,000,0006,320,5468 D  3/27  2018Tweet
772,500,0008,820,54612 D  3/31  2018Tweet
775,000,00011,320,54615 D  4/03  2018Tweet
777,500,00013,820,54618 D  4/06  2018Tweet
780,000,00016,320,54621 D  4/09  2018Tweet
782,500,00018,820,54624 D  4/12  2018Tweet
785,000,00021,320,54627 D  4/15  2018Tweet
787,500,00023,820,54630 D  4/18  2018Tweet
790,000,00026,320,5463 D1 M 4/22  2018Tweet
792,500,00028,820,5466 D1 M 4/25  2018Tweet
795,000,00031,320,5469 D1 M 4/28  2018Tweet
797,500,00033,820,54612 D1 M 5/01  2018Tweet
800,000,00036,320,54615 D1 M 5/04  2018Tweet