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71,581  Now
71,617-36-57 DayTweet
71,665-84-614 DayTweet
71,793-212-730 DayTweet
71,861-280-52 MonthTweet
72,021-440-53 MonthTweet
71,965-384-34 MonthTweet
72,106-525-45 MonthTweet
72,170-589-36 MonthTweet
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12,240,957  Now
12,233,2787,6791,0977 DayTweet
12,223,19217,7651,26914 DayTweet
12,198,82442,1331,40430 DayTweet
12,164,33176,6261,2772 MonthTweet
12,131,496109,4611,2163 MonthTweet
12,143,04897,9098164 MonthTweet
12,108,412132,5458845 MonthTweet
12,069,194171,7639546 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Cualquiera Puede Cocinar y Más...Cualquiera Puede Cocinar y Más... YouTube ChannelCualquiera Puede Cocinar y Más... Video Stats 71,627463111317822.5 M
Sara FabriziSara Fabrizi YouTube ChannelSara Fabrizi Video Stats 71,611301014922.5 M
Paranormal Guitar ChannelParanormal Guitar Channel YouTube ChannelParanormal Guitar Channel Video Stats 71,60524531052816.4 M
30 plus30 plus YouTube Channel30 plus Video Stats 71,6012023519638616.5 M
In One LessonIn One Lesson YouTube ChannelIn One Lesson Video Stats 71,596153329146 M
EXTREME INEAMMEXTREME INEAMM YouTube ChannelEXTREME INEAMM Video Stats 71,595143151843112 M
CjoelmoviesCjoelmovies YouTube ChannelCjoelmovies Video Stats 71,5911038154796 M
Katie CouricKatie Couric YouTube ChannelKatie Couric Video Stats 71,590914191.2K53.4 M
kpopstevekpopsteve YouTube Channelkpopsteve Video Stats 71,58760-242310.2 M
RosyTheRascal15RosyTheRascal15 YouTube ChannelRosyTheRascal15 Video Stats 71,5865154126342 M
Jim PanseJim Panse YouTube ChannelJim Panse Video Stats 71,5810-71.8K12.2 M
Telivsion elagani elarabia lelatfalTelivsion elagani elarabia lelatfal YouTube ChannelTelivsion elagani elarabia lelatfal Video Stats 71,579-215978112131.1 M
André e Felipe OficialAndré e Felipe Oficial YouTube ChannelAndré e Felipe Oficial Video Stats 71,576-5401047321.3 M
danceandmelodee 【 My NEW Channel! → Melodanceandmelodee 【 My NEW Channel! → Melo YouTube Channeldanceandmelodee 【 My NEW Channel! → Melo Video Stats 71,571-10119212.1 M
MelomankazMelomankaz YouTube ChannelMelomankaz Video Stats 71,567-1455473.8K161.3 M
STUDY MUSICSTUDY MUSIC YouTube ChannelSTUDY MUSIC Video Stats 71,565-16292721020.3 M
ChosenChosen YouTube ChannelChosen Video Stats 71,565-16-1-122345.7 M
Kris StelljesKris Stelljes YouTube ChannelKris Stelljes Video Stats 71,559-2240614819.3 M
Popcorn TalkPopcorn Talk YouTube ChannelPopcorn Talk Video Stats 71,554-2739733.1K32.1 M
livloveshermakeuplivloveshermakeup YouTube Channellivloveshermakeup Video Stats 71,551-30291271.2K10.4 M
Dodge Them AllDodge Them All YouTube ChannelDodge Them All Video Stats 71,549-32-51064715.7 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Ábel von MüllerÁbel von Müller YouTube ChannelÁbel von Müller Video Stats 12,245,6024,64593131,673115,614
docathaildocathail YouTube Channeldocathail Video Stats 12,245,1864,22939630,9221,558
PixelHeroPixelHero YouTube ChannelPixelHero Video Stats 12,243,7512,79419363,43990,417
MaikhanaMaikhana YouTube ChannelMaikhana Video Stats 12,243,5742,61714385,61913,981
mcbekomcbeko YouTube Channelmcbeko Video Stats 12,243,2752,31827453,4551,913
miyavi1124miyavi1124 YouTube Channelmiyavi1124 Video Stats 12,242,0191,062122100,3442,820
Tivoli TVTivoli TV YouTube ChannelTivoli TV Video Stats 12,241,95299538931,47022,195
kerovan14kerovan14 YouTube Channelkerovan14 Video Stats 12,241,86791041329,6417,047
yu yuyu yu YouTube Channelyu yu Video Stats 12,241,463506102120,01420,605
Michael EvansMichael Evans YouTube ChannelMichael Evans Video Stats 12,241,32136458211,05748,126
Jim PanseJim Panse YouTube ChannelJim Panse Video Stats 12,240,9571.8K6,79771,581
RabbiFRabbiF YouTube ChannelRabbiF Video Stats 12,240,374-58319644,2302,278
MajorMovezTVMajorMovezTV YouTube ChannelMajorMovezTV Video Stats 12,240,281-67627453,34432,308
GameSeekGameSeek YouTube ChannelGameSeek Video Stats 12,239,829-1,12896112,73711,371
SBSbaekdongsooSBSbaekdongsoo YouTube ChannelSBSbaekdongsoo Video Stats 12,239,782-1,1753.3K3,6915,772
SocronSocron YouTube ChannelSocron Video Stats 12,239,544-1,41318366,88347,437
GamerClipz now on GaLmHDGamerClipz now on GaLmHD YouTube ChannelGamerClipz now on GaLmHD Video Stats 12,239,362-1,5951.7K7,20826,938
LydiaEvangelineLydiaEvangeline YouTube ChannelLydiaEvangeline Video Stats 12,238,925-2,03212399,50388,327
AnimalWonders MontanaAnimalWonders Montana YouTube ChannelAnimalWonders Montana Video Stats 12,238,453-2,50422454,636124,591
KireKetKireKet YouTube ChannelKireKet Video Stats 12,238,352-2,6052.1K5,74811,805
Nat Geo Abu DhabiNat Geo Abu Dhabi YouTube ChannelNat Geo Abu Dhabi Video Stats 12,238,325-2,63225048,953261,855
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Start Subs: 71,861     Current Subs: 71,581
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12,250,0009,0438 D  3/27  2018Tweet
12,500,000259,04320 D6 M 10/08  2018Tweet
12,750,000509,0433 D1 M1 Y4/22  2019Tweet
13,000,000759,04317 D7 M1 Y11/04  2019Tweet
13,250,0001,009,043 2 M2 Y5/18  2020Tweet
13,500,0001,259,04312 D8 M2 Y11/29  2020Tweet