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111,913  Now
111,985-72-107 DayTweet
112,039-126-914 DayTweet
112,192-279-930 DayTweet
112,336-423-72 MonthTweet
112,492-579-63 MonthTweet
112,451-538-44 MonthTweet
112,588-675-55 MonthTweet
112,703-790-46 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
21,348,047  Now
21,344,3193,7285337 DayTweet
21,340,2887,75955414 DayTweet
21,330,07217,97559930 DayTweet
21,303,85544,1927372 MonthTweet
21,279,10768,9407663 MonthTweet
21,288,26059,7874984 MonthTweet
21,260,46587,5825845 MonthTweet
21,234,916113,1316296 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
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30 Day
LG IndiaLG India YouTube ChannelLG India Video Stats 111,97764-3193720363.8 M
Mê GameMê Game YouTube ChannelMê Game Video Stats 111,9766310717867141.3 M
Christopher HartChristopher Hart YouTube ChannelChristopher Hart Video Stats 111,96956441263568.7 M
Monsieur PerinéMonsieur Periné YouTube ChannelMonsieur Periné Video Stats 111,9675424566016.7 M
Tonya Tko ShowTonya Tko Show YouTube ChannelTonya Tko Show Video Stats 111,954410-7114 K
AlexisJordan1AlexisJordan1 YouTube ChannelAlexisJordan1 Video Stats 111,953400-700
facedrawerfacedrawer YouTube Channelfacedrawer Video Stats 111,945321312841.2K42.3 M
Babas VlogsBabas Vlogs YouTube ChannelBabas Vlogs Video Stats 111,92714537128264.4 M
uke3453uke3453 YouTube Channeluke3453 Video Stats 111,9271418306103.3 M
Jairo VlogsJairo Vlogs YouTube ChannelJairo Vlogs Video Stats 111,922917825248823.7 M
iplay4you31iplay4you31 YouTube Channeliplay4you31 Video Stats 111,913-2-91.9K21.3 M
Savas CebeciSavas Cebeci YouTube ChannelSavas Cebeci Video Stats 111,906-7435034822.7 M
PROJECT TrioPROJECT Trio YouTube ChannelPROJECT Trio Video Stats 111,902-110511987.5 M
慕容MoYung慕容MoYung YouTube Channel慕容MoYung Video Stats 111,882-318814296350.3 M
ToolArchiveToolArchive YouTube ChannelToolArchive Video Stats 111,868-459517236336.1 M
TacTickles - Roblox and More!TacTickles - Roblox and More! YouTube ChannelTacTickles - Roblox and More! Video Stats 111,866-478148519415.1 M
iamchrisciamchrisc YouTube Channeliamchrisc Video Stats 111,861-520-4515.3 M
Sarah BlackwoodSarah Blackwood YouTube ChannelSarah Blackwood Video Stats 111,859-54006614.3 M
Fran SILVAFran SILVA YouTube ChannelFran SILVA Video Stats 111,859-54932401448.6 M
Nicky RushNicky Rush YouTube ChannelNicky Rush Video Stats 111,858-552236299310.8 M
Anmol BhajanAnmol Bhajan YouTube ChannelAnmol Bhajan Video Stats 111,853-602153333.6K21.9 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Onnum Onnum 3Onnum Onnum 3 YouTube ChannelOnnum Onnum 3 Video Stats 21,354,7646,71758368,18639,192
Marcio MottaMarcio Motta YouTube ChannelMarcio Motta Video Stats 21,353,8935,846132161,7728,097
AurumAurum YouTube ChannelAurum Video Stats 21,352,9494,90253402,886131,940
Rocket Jump NinjaRocket Jump Ninja YouTube ChannelRocket Jump Ninja Video Stats 21,351,5113,46440952,204107,641
Dave BeaulieuDave Beaulieu YouTube ChannelDave Beaulieu Video Stats 21,351,0623,01551341,62070,555
dimenachodimenacho YouTube Channeldimenacho Video Stats 21,350,7352,688113188,945320,097
English Jade - Learn English (engVid)English Jade - Learn English (engVid) YouTube ChannelEnglish Jade - Learn English (engVid) Video Stats 21,350,5942,54752410,588522,566
ReyesdelShow2010ReyesdelShow2010 YouTube ChannelReyesdelShow2010 Video Stats 21,350,2652,21840652,58711,009
Rameses BRameses B YouTube ChannelRameses B Video Stats 21,349,5531,50622694,467128,442
SarahMarie014SarahMarie014 YouTube ChannelSarahMarie014 Video Stats 21,348,56451739547,3999,510
iplay4you31iplay4you31 YouTube Channeliplay4you31 Video Stats 21,348,0471.9K11,301111,913
mrPhakelmrPhakel YouTube ChannelmrPhakel Video Stats 21,348,000-4725853,9209,643
QuickTrickQuickTrick YouTube ChannelQuickTrick Video Stats 21,347,766-28137457,08020,852
NostalgiaAVGNfanNostalgiaAVGNfan YouTube ChannelNostalgiaAVGNfan Video Stats 21,347,512-53531268,42235,622
Scania GroupScania Group YouTube ChannelScania Group Video Stats 21,347,166-88158536,49162,317
Spawn WaveSpawn Wave YouTube ChannelSpawn Wave Video Stats 21,346,947-1,10093422,85579,379
NikiNSammyNikiNSammy YouTube ChannelNikiNSammy Video Stats 21,346,260-1,78745746,710197,404
macartney21macartney21 YouTube Channelmacartney21 Video Stats 21,344,517-3,53086248,1929,818
Alton BrownAlton Brown YouTube ChannelAlton Brown Video Stats 21,344,291-3,75639547,290341,751
PronunciationHubPronunciationHub YouTube ChannelPronunciationHub Video Stats 21,343,101-4,94637656,76428,099
Denny161853Denny161853 YouTube ChannelDenny161853 Video Stats 21,341,992-6,05529871,6178,926
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Start Subs: 112,336     Current Subs: 111,913
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Start Views: 21,303,855     Current Views: 21,348,047
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21,500,000151,95324 D6 M 10/10  2018Tweet
21,750,000401,95328 D5 M1 Y9/14  2019Tweet
22,000,000651,9533 D5 M2 Y8/19  2020Tweet