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188,630  Now
186,9261,7042437 DayTweet
184,9263,70426514 DayTweet
180,7547,87626330 DayTweet
173,45615,1742532 MonthTweet
166,41822,2122473 MonthTweet
169,36119,2691614 MonthTweet
162,61326,0171735 MonthTweet
155,20033,4301866 MonthTweet
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144,026,937  Now
143,362,656664,28194,8977 DayTweet
142,583,1601,443,777103,12714 DayTweet
140,832,4183,194,519106,48430 DayTweet
144,798,416-771,479-12,8582 MonthTweet
141,506,5692,520,36828,0043 MonthTweet
143,037,961988,9768,2414 MonthTweet
139,897,5614,129,37627,5295 MonthTweet
136,740,0347,286,90340,4836 MonthTweet
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30 Day
whisperslilywhisperslily YouTube Channelwhisperslily Video Stats 188,705758918236744.2 M
ProgramaDe1CaraSoProgramaDe1CaraSo YouTube ChannelProgramaDe1CaraSo Video Stats 188,704741892966.1 M
Nostalgia dos gamesNostalgia dos games YouTube ChannelNostalgia dos games Video Stats 188,6926211325336215.3 M
Khan Academy em PortuguêsKhan Academy em Português YouTube ChannelKhan Academy em Português Video Stats 188,6794961445K39 M
OhmynewsTVOhmynewsTV YouTube ChannelOhmynewsTV Video Stats 188,6784849756.5K176.4 M
FSHFASHFSHFASH YouTube ChannelFSHFASH Video Stats 188,6764642369633123.9 M
RachhLovesLifeRachhLovesLife YouTube ChannelRachhLovesLife Video Stats 188,651213086976.6 M
DeSincDeSinc YouTube ChannelDeSinc Video Stats 188,637738278714816.4 M
Yoga TXYoga TX YouTube ChannelYoga TX Video Stats 188,632216825837518 M
indiavideodotorgindiavideodotorg YouTube Channelindiavideodotorg Video Stats 188,6301552637.5K144 M
Bruna AflorandoBruna Aflorando YouTube ChannelBruna Aflorando Video Stats 188,627-3812381525.1 M
Super Gaming FamilySuper Gaming Family YouTube ChannelSuper Gaming Family Video Stats 188,623-71965744.6K89.1 M
Tim BendzkoTim Bendzko YouTube ChannelTim Bendzko Video Stats 188,623-73951179128 M
Alex on AutosAlex on Autos YouTube ChannelAlex on Autos Video Stats 188,590-406416570154.9 M
Kanzlei WBSKanzlei WBS YouTube ChannelKanzlei WBS Video Stats 188,588-42321731.9K35 M
eHowSportseHowSports YouTube ChanneleHowSports Video Stats 188,576-54811322.7K92 M
TaratataTaratata YouTube ChannelTaratata Video Stats 188,575-555210287672 M
Humble The PoetHumble The Poet YouTube ChannelHumble The Poet Video Stats 188,570-6032536713.3 M
Yoga by CandaceYoga by Candace YouTube ChannelYoga by Candace Video Stats 188,562-6812118137516.3 M
LLCoolJVEVOLLCoolJVEVO YouTube ChannelLLCoolJVEVO Video Stats 188,557-736112043143.9 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
SolomidDOTNetSolomidDOTNet YouTube ChannelSolomidDOTNet Video Stats 144,137,560110,6231.2K118,437624,888
Beats by NavBeats by Nav YouTube ChannelBeats by Nav Video Stats 144,137,224110,287285,147,758359,253
Hip Hop Beats - Rap Instrumentals | MixlHip Hop Beats - Rap Instrumentals | Mixl YouTube ChannelHip Hop Beats - Rap Instrumentals | Mixl Video Stats 144,114,12087,183235613,252419,064
GameteepGameteep YouTube ChannelGameteep Video Stats 144,110,03183,0942K70,573112,300
Heather Feather ASMRHeather Feather ASMR YouTube ChannelHeather Feather ASMR Video Stats 144,105,50778,570319451,741498,400
CNBLUE (씨엔블루)CNBLUE (씨엔블루) YouTube ChannelCNBLUE (씨엔블루) Video Stats 144,097,40670,469164878,643844,786
Generic GamingGeneric Gaming YouTube ChannelGeneric Gaming Video Stats 144,040,23913,3021.4K105,216145,218
HEROHERO YouTube ChannelHERO Video Stats 144,038,39511,458639225,412579,716
חינוכית ראשונים בעולםחינוכית ראשונים בעולם YouTube Channelחינוכית ראשונים בעולם Video Stats 144,035,5038,56617K8,472112,294
Thetoretegg1Thetoretegg1 YouTube ChannelThetoretegg1 Video Stats 144,032,7345,7971.6K88,581894,330
indiavideodotorgindiavideodotorg YouTube Channelindiavideodotorg Video Stats 144,026,9377.5K19,119188,630
Miniyu ASMRMiniyu ASMR YouTube ChannelMiniyu ASMR Video Stats 143,998,474-28,463632227,846408,890
Liverpool FCLiverpool FC YouTube ChannelLiverpool FC Video Stats 143,956,959-69,978662217,458802,272
JinxJinx YouTube ChannelJinx Video Stats 143,933,219-93,718371387,9601,727,829
maynterestmaynterest YouTube Channelmaynterest Video Stats 143,921,437-105,500346415,9581,068,490
PeoplePeople YouTube ChannelPeople Video Stats 143,921,216-105,721365394,305364,633
Drop the BasslineDrop the Bassline YouTube ChannelDrop the Bassline Video Stats 143,920,797-106,1401.6K88,567777,911
johnlennonjohnlennon YouTube Channeljohnlennon Video Stats 143,897,662-129,275423,426,135301,001
РУСЬ ПРАВОСЛАВНАЯРУСЬ ПРАВОСЛАВНАЯ YouTube ChannelРУСЬ ПРАВОСЛАВНАЯ Video Stats 143,897,112-129,8252.3K63,531167,184
jujuSMEJjujuSMEJ YouTube ChanneljujuSMEJ Video Stats 143,895,352-131,585791,821,460160,784
LLCoolJVEVOLLCoolJVEVO YouTube ChannelLLCoolJVEVO Video Stats 143,872,960-153,977433,345,883188,557
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Start Subs: 173,456     Current Subs: 188,630
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190,0001,3706 D  3/28  2018Tweet
192,5003,87016 D  4/07  2018Tweet
195,0006,37026 D  4/17  2018Tweet
197,5008,8705 D1 M 4/27  2018Tweet
200,00011,37014 D1 M 5/06  2018Tweet
202,50013,87024 D1 M 5/16  2018Tweet
205,00016,3704 D2 M 5/26  2018Tweet
207,50018,87014 D2 M 6/05  2018Tweet
210,00021,37024 D2 M 6/15  2018Tweet
212,50023,8703 D3 M 6/25  2018Tweet
215,00026,37013 D3 M 7/05  2018Tweet
217,50028,87023 D3 M 7/15  2018Tweet
220,00031,3703 D4 M 7/25  2018Tweet
222,50033,87012 D4 M 8/03  2018Tweet
225,00036,37022 D4 M 8/13  2018Tweet
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