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3,756  Now
3,7461017 DayTweet
3,73818114 DayTweet
3,73422130 DayTweet
3,7253112 MonthTweet
3,7223403 MonthTweet
03,756314 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
6,122,493  Now
6,111,00811,4851,6417 DayTweet
6,096,47226,0211,85914 DayTweet
5,459,887662,60622,08730 DayTweet
5,424,185698,30811,6382 MonthTweet
5,385,765736,7288,1863 MonthTweet
06,122,49351,0214 MonthTweet
5,464,207658,2864,3895 MonthTweet
5,425,419697,0743,8736 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
Ramón AsgayaRamón Asgaya YouTube ChannelRamón Asgaya Video Stats 3,75600042393 K
FernandoHenriqueliveFernandoHenriquelive YouTube ChannelFernandoHenriquelive Video Stats 3,75600110287 K
HIGH_LOLHIGH_LOL YouTube ChannelHIGH_LOL Video Stats 3,7560007956.2 M
haringbuangharingbuang YouTube Channelharingbuang Video Stats 3,7560036511.7 M
DeadFrontierMMODeadFrontierMMO YouTube ChannelDeadFrontierMMO Video Stats 3,75600251.8 M
Cachoel22Cachoel22 YouTube ChannelCachoel22 Video Stats 3,7560054999.9 M
cokecoke YouTube Channelcoke Video Stats 3,7560001316 K
pilikan88pilikan88 YouTube Channelpilikan88 Video Stats 3,7560008515.5 M
Esports NationEsports Nation YouTube ChannelEsports Nation Video Stats 3,75600-12153 K
hydra0ulikhydra0ulik YouTube Channelhydra0ulik Video Stats 3,75600-14742 K
im2PacsFatherim2PacsFather YouTube Channelim2PacsFather Video Stats 3,756311116.1 M
Campino234Campino234 YouTube ChannelCampino234 Video Stats 3,75600049969 K
TorahChannelTorahChannel YouTube ChannelTorahChannel Video Stats 3,75600361802 K
BoBo YouTube ChannelBo Video Stats 3,75600011384 K
HDA ViiRuSHDA ViiRuS YouTube ChannelHDA ViiRuS Video Stats 3,756000315849 K
elazar79elazar79 YouTube Channelelazar79 Video Stats 3,755-100143 K
TornProductionsTornProductions YouTube ChannelTornProductions Video Stats 3,755-100181.3 M
Dan Mangan MusicDan Mangan Music YouTube ChannelDan Mangan Music Video Stats 3,755-102361.5 M
SchmidterenSchmidteren YouTube ChannelSchmidteren Video Stats 3,755-100165268 K
absolute324absolute324 YouTube Channelabsolute324 Video Stats 3,755-1002383 K
SamGNNSamGNN YouTube ChannelSamGNN Video Stats 3,755-1011K16.5 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
swaminathan63swaminathan63 YouTube Channelswaminathan63 Video Stats 6,123,7311,23860710,0892,683
FaZe BanksFaZe Banks YouTube ChannelFaZe Banks Video Stats 6,123,3098167977,510354,122
asaweryoldasaweryold YouTube Channelasaweryold Video Stats 6,123,28379026235,511886
123gabri321123gabri321 YouTube Channel123gabri321 Video Stats 6,123,17668320306,1591,231
PolderdudePolderdude YouTube ChannelPolderdude Video Stats 6,123,10861551120,0616,011
amyndjosh4evaamyndjosh4eva YouTube Channelamyndjosh4eva Video Stats 6,122,88339023266,212416
Mercer MayerMercer Mayer YouTube ChannelMercer Mayer Video Stats 6,122,86837520306,1439,501
danewz1danewz1 YouTube Channeldanewz1 Video Stats 6,122,82032728721,334958
TaksterTakster YouTube ChannelTakster Video Stats 6,122,59510233185,533636
DjCuervo20DjCuervo20 YouTube ChannelDjCuervo20 Video Stats 6,122,5172422327,4551,522
im2PacsFatherim2PacsFather YouTube Channelim2PacsFather Video Stats 6,122,49311155,1583,756
The SaatchiThe Saatchi YouTube ChannelThe Saatchi Video Stats 6,122,433-6026623,0178,771
incongraincongra YouTube Channelincongra Video Stats 6,122,381-1129068,026756
dreamwarriorsltddreamwarriorsltd YouTube Channeldreamwarriorsltd Video Stats 6,122,326-16740153,0589,693
Haikal MansorHaikal Mansor YouTube ChannelHaikal Mansor Video Stats 6,122,097-39652117,7334,111
David LatinoDavid Latino YouTube ChannelDavid Latino Video Stats 6,122,010-48317360,1181,316
Vladimir Mitrevski AKA GjuleVladimir Mitrevski AKA Gjule YouTube ChannelVladimir Mitrevski AKA Gjule Video Stats 6,121,924-56931197,481849
Laura TKVLaura TKV YouTube ChannelLaura TKV Video Stats 6,121,742-75114437,267636
UNGU BandUNGU Band YouTube ChannelUNGU Band Video Stats 6,121,720-7736594,18014,512
\'Latter Day Saints\'Latter Day Saints YouTube Channel\'Latter Day Saints Video Stats 6,121,639-8541.6K3,7195,561
SiMPlYxlYRiCSSiMPlYxlYRiCS YouTube ChannelSiMPlYxlYRiCS Video Stats 6,121,279-1,21419322,1731,351
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Based on 31 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 1 added per day.
Start Subs: 3,725     Current Subs: 3,756
Subs Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
4,00024416 D3 M1 Y8/10  2016Tweet
4,25049414 D7 M2 Y12/07  2017Tweet
Expand/MinimizeVideo View Projections
Based on 698,308 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 11,638 added per day.
Start Views: 5,424,185     Current Views: 6,122,493
Video View
Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
6,250,000127,50711 D  5/06  2015Tweet
6,500,000377,5072 D1 M 5/28  2015Tweet
6,750,000627,50723 D1 M 6/18  2015Tweet
7,000,000877,50715 D2 M 7/10  2015Tweet
7,250,0001,127,5075 D3 M 7/31  2015Tweet
7,500,0001,377,50727 D3 M 8/22  2015Tweet
7,750,0001,627,50718 D4 M 9/12  2015Tweet
8,000,0001,877,5079 D5 M 10/04  2015Tweet
8,250,0002,127,507 6 M 10/25  2015Tweet
8,500,0002,377,50722 D6 M 11/16  2015Tweet
8,750,0002,627,50713 D7 M 12/07  2015Tweet
9,000,0002,877,5074 D8 M 12/29  2015Tweet
9,250,0003,127,50725 D8 M 1/19  2016Tweet
9,500,0003,377,50717 D9 M 2/10  2016Tweet
9,750,0003,627,5077 D10 M 3/02  2016Tweet