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243,533236347 DayTweet
243,3364333114 DayTweet
242,8978722930 DayTweet
241,4632,306382 MonthTweet
240,1013,668413 MonthTweet
240,3963,373284 MonthTweet
239,9683,801255 MonthTweet
239,9653,804216 MonthTweet
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398,875,822  Now
398,409,488466,33466,6197 DayTweet
397,869,9201,005,90271,85014 DayTweet
396,731,6792,144,14371,47130 DayTweet
394,490,9384,384,88473,0812 MonthTweet
392,092,8696,782,95375,3663 MonthTweet
393,141,4135,734,40947,7874 MonthTweet
391,264,2587,611,56450,7445 MonthTweet
389,373,7299,502,09352,7896 MonthTweet
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StevieVlogsStevieVlogs YouTube ChannelStevieVlogs Video Stats 243,988219-22-19227.8 M
Jay ForemanJay Foreman YouTube ChannelJay Foreman Video Stats 243,957188771997120.7 M
Aron AshabAron Ashab YouTube ChannelAron Ashab Video Stats 243,917148125673825.3 M
INERNETINERNET YouTube ChannelINERNET Video Stats 243,91714824239824.1 M
cartoonblockcartoonblock YouTube Channelcartoonblock Video Stats 243,910141193331825 M
L.O.L. Surprise!L.O.L. Surprise! YouTube ChannelL.O.L. Surprise! Video Stats 243,860916291,3813372.4 M
Hola Soy GermanHola Soy German YouTube ChannelHola Soy German Video Stats 243,838694806642534.2 M
ChengmanChengman YouTube ChannelChengman Video Stats 243,83263-91411238.1 M
AdannaDavidAdannaDavid YouTube ChannelAdannaDavid Video Stats 243,8023313611621431.6 M
Asena ErmisAsena Ermis YouTube ChannelAsena Ermis Video Stats 243,80132366321025.1 M
Pixar Cars and Thomas and Friends FanPixar Cars and Thomas and Friends Fan YouTube ChannelPixar Cars and Thomas and Friends Fan Video Stats 243,76922292.5K398.9 M
tianasmakeuptianasmakeup YouTube Channeltianasmakeup Video Stats 243,763-618-79211.6 M
carykhcarykh YouTube Channelcarykh Video Stats 243,761-812917023956.1 M
Oh Shiitake MushroomsOh Shiitake Mushrooms YouTube ChannelOh Shiitake Mushrooms Video Stats 243,726-4315144038398.4 M
ask4gainask4gain YouTube Channelask4gain Video Stats 243,725-447880236554.8 M
サイヤマングレートサイヤマングレート YouTube Channelサイヤマングレート Video Stats 243,712-572022381.2K100.4 M
AUTO BILD TVAUTO BILD TV YouTube ChannelAUTO BILD TV Video Stats 243,701-681412114.8K228.7 M
nlovewithreborns2011nlovewithreborns2011 YouTube Channelnlovewithreborns2011 Video Stats 243,683-861022993.1K97.5 M
ThiphaineMakeupThiphaineMakeup YouTube ChannelThiphaineMakeup Video Stats 243,671-98233018922.5 M
Ella SavorskajaElla Savorskaja YouTube ChannelElla Savorskaja Video Stats 243,653-116441490287.9 M
Prih GomesPrih Gomes YouTube ChannelPrih Gomes Video Stats 243,652-117527725312.6 M
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per Video
Семен СлепаковСемен Слепаков YouTube ChannelСемен Слепаков Video Stats3639399,759,749883,927636,345,393786,270
DenisaRaducuDenisaRaducu YouTube ChannelDenisaRaducu Video Stats3640399,716,822841,0001.9K208,838409,005
Bubble™Bubble™ YouTube ChannelBubble™ Video Stats3641399,560,731684,9092111,893,6532,275,173
AnimonstaStudiosAnimonstaStudios YouTube ChannelAnimonstaStudios Video Stats3642399,380,333504,5112921,367,741550,988
WOKI TOKIWOKI TOKI YouTube ChannelWOKI TOKI Video Stats3643399,354,543478,7212291,743,9061,805,397
DraegastDraegast YouTube ChannelDraegast Video Stats3644399,216,463340,6411.9K211,1141,434,457
XHIT DailyXHIT Daily YouTube ChannelXHIT Daily Video Stats3645399,193,994318,172643620,8302,997,072
universalmusichkuniversalmusichk YouTube Channeluniversalmusichk Video Stats3646399,165,305289,4831.3K299,224364,371
BlitzkriegslerBlitzkriegsler YouTube ChannelBlitzkriegsler Video Stats3647399,043,856168,0343.7K107,9371,285,427
Talking AngelaTalking Angela YouTube ChannelTalking Angela Video Stats3648398,991,634115,812944,244,5922,547,171
Pixar Cars and Thomas and Friends FanPixar Cars and Thomas and Friends Fan YouTube ChannelPixar Cars and Thomas and Friends Fan Video Stats3649398,875,8222.5K161,488243,769
Kids Games & Surprise ToysKids Games & Surprise Toys YouTube ChannelKids Games & Surprise Toys Video Stats3650398,643,337-232,485861463,000711,634
christianvibchristianvib YouTube Channelchristianvib Video Stats3651398,591,602-284,220958416,0662,519,130
المراعي Almaraiالمراعي Almarai YouTube Channelالمراعي Almarai Video Stats3652398,534,151-341,671415960,323100,126
Jaclyn HillJaclyn Hill YouTube ChannelJaclyn Hill Video Stats3653398,493,265-382,5573061,302,2664,832,026
CloeCoutureCloeCouture YouTube ChannelCloeCouture Video Stats3654398,387,679-488,1432631,514,7823,490,941
Voice of Heart MusicVoice of Heart Music YouTube ChannelVoice of Heart Music Video Stats3655398,376,177-499,645590675,214938,220
ViteC ► PlayViteC ► Play YouTube ChannelViteC ► Play Video Stats3656398,336,188-539,6345K80,148816,742
William SingeWilliam Singe YouTube ChannelWilliam Singe Video Stats3657398,299,752-576,070894,475,2782,365,969
Mark RoberMark Rober YouTube ChannelMark Rober Video Stats3658398,123,363-752,459656,124,9752,960,994
Lectură DeLaA-LaZLectură DeLaA-LaZ YouTube ChannelLectură DeLaA-LaZ Video Stats3659398,072,770-803,0523.8K106,153839,461
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Start Subs: 241,463     Current Subs: 243,769
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Date Goal Will
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245,0001,2312 D1 M 4/25  2018Tweet
247,5003,7316 D3 M 6/29  2018Tweet
250,0006,23110 D5 M 9/02  2018Tweet
252,5008,73115 D7 M 11/06  2018Tweet
255,00011,23119 D9 M 1/10  2019Tweet
257,50013,73123 D11 M 3/16  2019Tweet
260,00016,23127 D1 M1 Y5/20  2019Tweet
262,50018,7311 D4 M1 Y7/24  2019Tweet
265,00021,2315 D6 M1 Y9/27  2019Tweet
267,50023,7319 D8 M1 Y12/01  2019Tweet
270,00026,23113 D10 M1 Y2/04  2020Tweet
272,50028,73118 D 2 Y4/09  2020Tweet
275,00031,23122 D2 M2 Y6/13  2020Tweet
277,50033,73126 D4 M2 Y8/17  2020Tweet
280,00036,231 7 M2 Y10/21  2020Tweet
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Start Views: 394,490,938     Current Views: 398,875,822
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Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
400,000,0001,124,17816 D  4/08  2018Tweet
402,500,0003,624,17819 D1 M 5/12  2018Tweet
405,000,0006,124,17823 D2 M 6/15  2018Tweet
407,500,0008,624,17827 D3 M 7/20  2018Tweet
410,000,00011,124,178 5 M 8/23  2018Tweet
412,500,00013,624,1784 D6 M 9/26  2018Tweet
415,000,00016,124,1788 D7 M 10/30  2018Tweet
417,500,00018,624,17811 D8 M 12/03  2018Tweet
420,000,00021,124,17816 D9 M 1/07  2019Tweet
422,500,00023,624,17819 D10 M 2/10  2019Tweet
425,000,00026,124,17823 D11 M 3/16  2019Tweet
427,500,00028,624,17827 D 1 Y4/19  2019Tweet
430,000,00031,124,178 2 M1 Y5/23  2019Tweet
432,500,00033,624,1784 D3 M1 Y6/27  2019Tweet
435,000,00036,124,1788 D4 M1 Y7/31  2019Tweet