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52,559  Now
52,578-19-37 DayTweet
52,603-44-314 DayTweet
52,694-135-530 DayTweet
52,764-205-32 MonthTweet
52,798-239-33 MonthTweet
52,785-226-24 MonthTweet
52,833-274-25 MonthTweet
52,786-227-16 MonthTweet
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6,161,686  Now
6,159,0162,6703817 DayTweet
6,155,8195,86741914 DayTweet
6,147,15514,53148430 DayTweet
6,115,58946,0977682 MonthTweet
6,101,67860,0086673 MonthTweet
6,105,98055,7064644 MonthTweet
6,095,28666,4004435 MonthTweet
6,057,729103,9575786 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
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30 Day
GrindTVGrindTV YouTube ChannelGrindTV Video Stats 52,57516063.2K20.9 M
Al Jazeera TurkAl Jazeera Turk YouTube ChannelAl Jazeera Turk Video Stats 52,5721329552.3K33.6 M
FrostyBrainFrostyBrain YouTube ChannelFrostyBrain Video Stats 52,570110-300
Russ MarineRuss Marine YouTube ChannelRuss Marine Video Stats 52,569100-3932.2 M
AgarVIPbotsAgarVIPbots YouTube ChannelAgarVIPbots Video Stats 52,5689-1-1245317 K
Brazuca PlayerBrazuca Player YouTube ChannelBrazuca Player Video Stats 52,5645681141904.3 M
ParodiePub.frParodiePub.fr YouTube ChannelParodiePub.fr Video Stats 52,56450-4437.4 M
motokokusanagi2009motokokusanagi2009 YouTube Channelmotokokusanagi2009 Video Stats 52,56120126149 M
KZee Happy HourKZee Happy Hour YouTube ChannelKZee Happy Hour Video Stats 52,5612043363.6 M
Photoshop Tutorials - Tips, TechniquesPhotoshop Tutorials - Tips, Techniques YouTube ChannelPhotoshop Tutorials - Tips, Techniques Video Stats 52,56019174026.3 M
erica mkerica mk YouTube Channelerica mk Video Stats 52,5590-5796.2 M
Kesyn2Kesyn2 YouTube ChannelKesyn2 Video Stats 52,5590613968.9 M
Gummy Baby Nursery RhymesGummy Baby Nursery Rhymes YouTube ChannelGummy Baby Nursery Rhymes Video Stats 52,5590144906125.7 M
NutsAboutSouthwestNutsAboutSouthwest YouTube ChannelNutsAboutSouthwest Video Stats 52,555-461454410 M
fatlosslifestylefatlosslifestyle YouTube Channelfatlosslifestyle Video Stats 52,552-70352420 M
LejemalikLejemalik YouTube ChannelLejemalik Video Stats 52,549-100-15820.8 M
ColossalKiwiColossalKiwi YouTube ChannelColossalKiwi Video Stats 52,548-119532489.8 M
German FernandezGerman Fernandez YouTube ChannelGerman Fernandez Video Stats 52,548-1138518816.9 M
MeechyMonroeMeechyMonroe YouTube ChannelMeechyMonroe Video Stats 52,544-150-3673.7 M
SportsPlayrjSportsPlayrj YouTube ChannelSportsPlayrj Video Stats 52,542-17033478.5 M
OfficialPSMagOfficialPSMag YouTube ChannelOfficialPSMag Video Stats 52,541-180-449610.6 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
batlady2batlady2 YouTube Channelbatlady2 Video Stats 6,162,64195517535,2157,123
NorthenaNorthena YouTube ChannelNorthena Video Stats 6,162,55286619032,43438,355
roupiikroupiik YouTube Channelroupiik Video Stats 6,162,46177545913,42665,016
OdracirKillOdracirKill YouTube ChannelOdracirKill Video Stats 6,162,44075414440,1742,035
G0EMONBOYG0EMONBOY YouTube ChannelG0EMONBOY Video Stats 6,162,4227361.1K5,5224,103
Rachdogg7Rachdogg7 YouTube ChannelRachdogg7 Video Stats 6,162,29961316,162,29913,750
Football Goals & HighlightsFootball Goals & Highlights YouTube ChannelFootball Goals & Highlights Video Stats 6,162,12644038162,161177,248
Wesley_TG #TGzinWesley_TG #TGzin YouTube ChannelWesley_TG #TGzin Video Stats 6,161,7264025324,35594,389
BushidoMausiBushidoMausi YouTube ChannelBushidoMausi Video Stats 6,161,716306693,3591,125
Gros PatapoufGros Patapouf YouTube ChannelGros Patapouf Video Stats 6,161,7051929420,95831,505
erica mkerica mk YouTube Channelerica mk Video Stats 6,161,6867977,99652,559
Estevan OriolEstevan Oriol YouTube ChannelEstevan Oriol Video Stats 6,161,668-1848128,3689,753
TyriqTVTyriqTV YouTube ChannelTyriqTV Video Stats 6,161,475-21115938,75182,518
MotionMileMotionMile YouTube ChannelMotionMile Video Stats 6,161,282-40451212,03441,432
lalakersfan88lalakersfan88 YouTube Channellalakersfan88 Video Stats 6,161,273-41345013,6921,641
CreativeKellyCreativeKelly YouTube ChannelCreativeKelly Video Stats 6,161,211-47525424,25756,168
juniorhockey077juniorhockey077 YouTube Channeljuniorhockey077 Video Stats 6,161,109-57740115,36416,679
Canal do MeliodasCanal do Meliodas YouTube ChannelCanal do Meliodas Video Stats 6,161,106-58046133,93769,800
Сергей ИвановСергей Иванов YouTube ChannelСергей Иванов Video Stats 6,161,020-66658310,56810,395
oOaPlEzZItOoOoOaPlEzZItOoO YouTube ChanneloOaPlEzZItOoO Video Stats 6,160,881-8059684,5422,088
GoVacuumsGoVacuums YouTube ChannelGoVacuums Video Stats 6,160,840-84625024,6433,299
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6,250,00088,31423 D3 M 7/12  2018Tweet
6,500,000338,31415 D2 M1 Y6/03  2019Tweet
6,750,000588,3145 D1 M2 Y4/23  2020Tweet
7,000,000838,31427 D11 M2 Y3/15  2021Tweet