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82,294  Now
82,388-94-137 DayTweet
82,477-183-1314 DayTweet
82,672-378-1330 DayTweet
83,116-822-142 MonthTweet
83,521-1,227-143 MonthTweet
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29,422,152  Now
29,417,7754,3776257 DayTweet
29,412,05010,10272214 DayTweet
29,400,85321,29971030 DayTweet
29,382,10240,0506682 MonthTweet
29,361,09761,0556783 MonthTweet
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30 Day
JulissaMinistriesJulissaMinistries YouTube ChannelJulissaMinistries Video Stats 82,33743202111431.8 M
HOBBLANDHOBBLAND YouTube ChannelHOBBLAND Video Stats 82,334403-8614.7 M
ほしのこ CHほしのこ CH YouTube Channelほしのこ CH Video Stats 82,3263229735215518 M
EnigmaEnigma YouTube ChannelEnigma Video Stats 82,3253178769325.2 M
Dragon Ball NationDragon Ball Nation YouTube ChannelDragon Ball Nation Video Stats 82,3253101299723 M
Rayssa EckertRayssa Eckert YouTube ChannelRayssa Eckert Video Stats 82,322283243591823.1 M
Priyanka's KitchenPriyanka's Kitchen YouTube ChannelPriyanka's Kitchen Video Stats 82,31824877132216.4 M
Joe ScottJoe Scott YouTube ChannelJoe Scott Video Stats 82,313193502803066.5 M
Rena SageRena Sage YouTube ChannelRena Sage Video Stats 82,3091549721407.3 M
Krista NicoleKrista Nicole YouTube ChannelKrista Nicole Video Stats 82,30060-2328.1 M
HSFRHSFR YouTube ChannelHSFR Video Stats 82,294-1-131K29.4 M
Fendi LakenFendi Laken YouTube ChannelFendi Laken Video Stats 82,290-40000
SamMobilesSamMobiles YouTube ChannelSamMobiles Video Stats 82,289-50520217.1 M
Kaufman's LifeStyleKaufman's LifeStyle YouTube ChannelKaufman's LifeStyle Video Stats 82,288-621441156.4 M
Useless Duck CompanyUseless Duck Company YouTube ChannelUseless Duck Company Video Stats 82,288-636393811.4 M
VM7TVVM7TV YouTube ChannelVM7TV Video Stats 82,280-140-500
LikeshooowLikeshooow YouTube ChannelLikeshooow Video Stats 82,276-1819-13295.6 M
katbadarkatbadar YouTube Channelkatbadar Video Stats 82,270-240-1487.8 M
THECOUNT.COMTHECOUNT.COM YouTube ChannelTHECOUNT.COM Video Stats 82,269-25013K37.3 M
Jessica FrechJessica Frech YouTube ChannelJessica Frech Video Stats 82,269-25006517.9 M
Jocelyn ParteeJocelyn Partee YouTube ChannelJocelyn Partee Video Stats 82,268-26761051424.3 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
SpikeFeSpikeFe YouTube ChannelSpikeFe Video Stats 29,437,25015,09831194,65446,296
panacealandpanacealand YouTube Channelpanacealand Video Stats 29,433,59911,4471.1K25,66110,091
CryZENxCryZENx YouTube ChannelCryZENx Video Stats 29,432,0329,88073739,935130,729
ElectricDragon505ElectricDragon505 YouTube ChannelElectricDragon505 Video Stats 29,431,2119,05976438,52368,587
JL2579JL2579 YouTube ChannelJL2579 Video Stats 29,431,1819,02933089,185140,452
Lea11011Lea11011 YouTube ChannelLea11011 Video Stats 29,428,0595,907171172,09422,125
TwintendoTwintendo YouTube ChannelTwintendo Video Stats 29,425,7313,57935981,966144,385
3idiots3idiots YouTube Channel3idiots Video Stats 29,425,0702,918271,089,81729,595
New Stitch a Day: Knitting and Crochet VNew Stitch a Day: Knitting and Crochet V YouTube ChannelNew Stitch a Day: Knitting and Crochet V Video Stats 29,424,8452,6931.2K24,419207,657
Town and Country TVTown and Country TV YouTube ChannelTown and Country TV Video Stats 29,423,3501,19830496,78779,372
HSFRHSFR YouTube ChannelHSFR Video Stats 29,422,1521K29,18982,294
Google for EducationGoogle for Education YouTube ChannelGoogle for Education Video Stats 29,421,257-89561547,83984,958
elalienfelalienf YouTube Channelelalienf Video Stats 29,420,527-1,625241,225,85525,316
Eletrofunk BrasilEletrofunk Brasil YouTube ChannelEletrofunk Brasil Video Stats 29,420,348-1,804287102,51062,162
XycronXycron YouTube ChannelXycron Video Stats 29,419,341-2,81155553,008174,625
Sony PlayStation DESony PlayStation DE YouTube ChannelSony PlayStation DE Video Stats 29,417,661-4,4913.2K9,298133,779
NecritNecrit YouTube ChannelNecrit Video Stats 29,416,557-5,59535283,570202,488
1nikol1111nikol111 YouTube Channel1nikol111 Video Stats 29,415,688-6,46434784,77111,080
LionANDPrime - Hard Hip-Hop/Rap InstrumeLionANDPrime - Hard Hip-Hop/Rap Instrume YouTube ChannelLionANDPrime - Hard Hip-Hop/Rap Instrume Video Stats 29,415,351-6,80153555,00792,600
yogurnobebibleyogurnobebible YouTube Channelyogurnobebible Video Stats 29,414,789-7,36330980,4932,386
rockopera59rockopera59 YouTube Channelrockopera59 Video Stats 29,414,771-7,381138213,15122,289
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29,500,00077,84825 D3 M 4/12  2018Tweet
29,750,000327,8485 D4 M1 Y4/22  2019Tweet
30,000,000577,84814 D4 M2 Y4/30  2020Tweet