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45,939247357 DayTweet
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45,3528342830 DayTweet
44,6141,572262 MonthTweet
43,9812,205253 MonthTweet
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47,365,068  Now
47,266,17298,89614,1287 DayTweet
47,037,469327,59923,40014 DayTweet
46,756,435608,63320,28830 DayTweet
46,177,6451,187,42319,7902 MonthTweet
45,573,9021,791,16619,9023 MonthTweet
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東亞唱片 Official Channel東亞唱片 Official Channel YouTube Channel東亞唱片 Official Channel Video Stats 46,2062011940945.4 M
TheTruthClanTheTruthClan YouTube ChannelTheTruthClan Video Stats 46,202160-12871.3 M
gouarorggouarorg YouTube Channelgouarorg Video Stats 46,20216775614764.8 M
BackstageScienceBackstageScience YouTube ChannelBackstageScience Video Stats 46,2011505471.5 M
BommarilluBommarillu YouTube ChannelBommarillu Video Stats 46,195916414670315.5 M
Рита ГалкинаРита Галкина YouTube ChannelРита Галкина Video Stats 46,19481115572.4 M
FunnyLifeHDFunnyLifeHD YouTube ChannelFunnyLifeHD Video Stats 46,1915244734922.9 M
keudaekeudae YouTube Channelkeudae Video Stats 46,19150447814.7 M
DrLOINSTAIN - Daily VideosDrLOINSTAIN - Daily Videos YouTube ChannelDrLOINSTAIN - Daily Videos Video Stats 46,187124365367.9 M
Pankaj SharmaPankaj Sharma YouTube ChannelPankaj Sharma Video Stats 46,1860172714810.8 M
garaanewschannelgaraanewschannel YouTube Channelgaraanewschannel Video Stats 46,1867281.9K47.4 M
陳零九陳零九 YouTube Channel陳零九 Video Stats 46,183-30713716.1 M
Conversational KoreanConversational Korean YouTube ChannelConversational Korean Video Stats 46,178-832361252.3 M
NirvanaNetworkNirvanaNetwork YouTube ChannelNirvanaNetwork Video Stats 46,177-906518.3 M
miguelXtrememiguelXtreme YouTube ChannelmiguelXtreme Video Stats 46,176-106764986.4 M
MinKMinK YouTube ChannelMinK Video Stats 46,174-120043807 K
elevenia IDelevenia ID YouTube Channelelevenia ID Video Stats 46,172-140-46821.1 M
OfficialTriumphOfficialTriumph YouTube ChannelOfficialTriumph Video Stats 46,172-14516832911 M
COMPACTTVCOMPACTTV YouTube ChannelCOMPACTTV Video Stats 46,172-140936012.5 M
Convicted VapesConvicted Vapes YouTube ChannelConvicted Vapes Video Stats 46,169-17036997 M
Falcon LoverFalcon Lover YouTube ChannelFalcon Lover Video Stats 46,168-1880921813.6 M
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COMPUTER BILD TVCOMPUTER BILD TV YouTube ChannelCOMPUTER BILD TV Video Stats 47,393,73828,6704.2K11,39581,431
KBSdramaKBSdrama YouTube ChannelKBSdrama Video Stats 47,391,31326,2451.3K37,52374,743
algeris17algeris17 YouTube Channelalgeris17 Video Stats 47,390,20225,13496649,05830,091
DenvasTVDenvasTV YouTube ChannelDenvasTV Video Stats 47,387,20322,135439107,944175,782
HumilityHumility YouTube ChannelHumility Video Stats 47,381,73416,6661.4K33,533158,858
georgiarose16georgiarose16 YouTube Channelgeorgiarose16 Video Stats 47,372,7327,6641.3K37,010107,748
TvMudiTvMudi YouTube ChannelTvMudi Video Stats 47,372,4187,350391,214,677202,353
Mnet JapanMnet Japan YouTube ChannelMnet Japan Video Stats 47,370,7875,7192.3K20,81380,629
Pan ŚmietankaPan Śmietanka YouTube ChannelPan Śmietanka Video Stats 47,370,1145,04699478,486348,042
Young TurksYoung Turks YouTube ChannelYoung Turks Video Stats 47,369,7394,67158816,720242,131
garaanewschannelgaraanewschannel YouTube Channelgaraanewschannel Video Stats 47,365,0681.9K25,18146,186
Sheepy KingSheepy King YouTube ChannelSheepy King Video Stats 47,365,034-34169280,266118,058
Range Time TSRange Time TS YouTube ChannelRange Time TS Video Stats 47,359,730-5,338405116,938236,626
HyattHyatt YouTube ChannelHyatt Video Stats 47,357,808-7,2601.1K41,76217,531
Fluxus MusicFluxus Music YouTube ChannelFluxus Music Video Stats 47,357,645-7,423417113,56767,974
Super BunnyhopSuper Bunnyhop YouTube ChannelSuper Bunnyhop Video Stats 47,355,441-9,627262180,746340,474
iwishnewsiwishnews YouTube Channeliwishnews Video Stats 47,352,368-12,70086550,6096,658
JouonsdanslepreJouonsdanslepre YouTube ChannelJouonsdanslepre Video Stats 47,349,325-15,7431K45,572138,409
与論やまぐ学校与論やまぐ学校 YouTube Channel与論やまぐ学校 Video Stats 47,347,877-17,1912.6K18,16934,138
saitooX HDsaitooX HD YouTube ChannelsaitooX HD Video Stats 47,345,996-19,072274172,796176,610
Practical PsychologyPractical Psychology YouTube ChannelPractical Psychology Video Stats 47,344,063-21,005173273,6651,120,101
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Start Subs: 44,614     Current Subs: 46,186
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46,250643 D  11/23  2017Tweet
46,50031412 D  12/02  2017Tweet
46,75056422 D  12/12  2017Tweet
47,0008141 D1 M 12/22  2017Tweet
47,2501,06410 D1 M 12/31  2017Tweet
47,5001,31420 D1 M 1/10  2018Tweet
47,7501,56429 D1 M 1/19  2018Tweet
48,0001,8149 D2 M 1/29  2018Tweet
48,2502,06418 D2 M 2/07  2018Tweet
48,5002,31428 D2 M 2/17  2018Tweet
48,7502,5646 D3 M 2/26  2018Tweet
49,0002,81416 D3 M 3/08  2018Tweet
49,2503,06425 D3 M 3/17  2018Tweet
49,5003,3145 D4 M 3/27  2018Tweet
49,7503,56415 D4 M 4/06  2018Tweet
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Start Views: 46,177,645     Current Views: 47,365,068
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Date Goal Will
Be Reached
47,500,000134,9327 D  11/27  2017Tweet
47,750,000384,93220 D  12/10  2017Tweet
48,000,000634,9322 D1 M 12/23  2017Tweet
48,250,000884,93214 D1 M 1/04  2018Tweet
48,500,0001,134,93227 D1 M 1/17  2018Tweet
48,750,0001,384,9329 D2 M 1/29  2018Tweet
49,000,0001,634,93222 D2 M 2/11  2018Tweet
49,250,0001,884,9324 D3 M 2/24  2018Tweet
49,500,0002,134,93216 D3 M 3/08  2018Tweet
49,750,0002,384,93229 D3 M 3/21  2018Tweet
50,000,0002,634,93212 D4 M 4/03  2018Tweet
50,250,0002,884,93224 D4 M 4/15  2018Tweet
50,500,0003,134,9326 D5 M 4/28  2018Tweet
50,750,0003,384,93219 D5 M 5/11  2018Tweet
51,000,0003,634,9321 D6 M 5/23  2018Tweet