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599,465  Now
600,359-894-1287 DayTweet
600,948-1,483-10614 DayTweet
601,972-2,507-8430 DayTweet
602,861-3,396-572 MonthTweet
601,841-2,376-263 MonthTweet
602,663-3,198-274 MonthTweet
598,2881,17785 MonthTweet
599,21025516 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
78,097,945  Now
78,036,79061,1558,7367 DayTweet
77,954,493143,45210,24714 DayTweet
77,796,965300,98010,03330 DayTweet
77,503,996593,9499,8992 MonthTweet
77,205,170892,7759,9203 MonthTweet
77,301,086796,8596,6404 MonthTweet
77,002,6591,095,2867,3025 MonthTweet
76,710,5241,387,4217,7086 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
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30 Day
Watary ProductionWatary Production YouTube ChannelWatary Production Video Stats9055600,1076425211,211400310.3 M
The RSAThe RSA YouTube ChannelThe RSA Video Stats9056600,041576731301.3K90.1 M
SoooKawaiiSoooKawaii YouTube ChannelSoooKawaii Video Stats9057600,0385733551,11814479.5 M
VTube TeluguVTube Telugu YouTube ChannelVTube Telugu Video Stats9058599,8273623436182.5K143.8 M
JenesuispasbavardeJenesuispasbavarde YouTube ChannelJenesuispasbavarde Video Stats9059599,8153501618739680.9 M
Izabelle DejaVu69Izabelle DejaVu69 YouTube ChannelIzabelle DejaVu69 Video Stats9060599,6641991,4171,8326.4K542.4 M
Mayara RodriguesMayara Rodrigues YouTube ChannelMayara Rodrigues Video Stats9061599,57611151999943758.5 M
MBC The X FactorMBC The X Factor YouTube ChannelMBC The X Factor Video Stats9062599,576111342509622274 M
LIONTVLOGLIONTVLOG YouTube ChannelLIONTVLOG Video Stats9063599,574109-26-5816459 M
Candyrat RecordsCandyrat Records YouTube ChannelCandyrat Records Video Stats9064599,4727111201889412.7 M
GangstaGangsta YouTube ChannelGangsta Video Stats9065599,46511-841.9K78.1 M
Chimperator ChannelChimperator Channel YouTube ChannelChimperator Channel Video Stats9066599,431-3490104881508.5 M
VannamelonVannamelon YouTube ChannelVannamelon Video Stats9067599,365-100264988183172 M
BeautifulBrwnBabyDolBeautifulBrwnBabyDol YouTube ChannelBeautifulBrwnBabyDol Video Stats9068599,032-43321141743439 M
PetroliciousPetrolicious YouTube ChannelPetrolicious Video Stats9069599,028-43718636926169 M
ExtraordinerdExtraordinerd YouTube ChannelExtraordinerd Video Stats9070598,884-5813611135454.4 M
All Hindi TipsAll Hindi Tips YouTube ChannelAll Hindi Tips Video Stats9071598,857-60832153515728.1 M
shooterwilliamsonshooterwilliamson YouTube Channelshooterwilliamson Video Stats9072598,849-616512315775.7 M
ADoseofBuckleyADoseofBuckley YouTube ChannelADoseofBuckley Video Stats9073598,828-637-24-30415163.6 M
Brian TracyBrian Tracy YouTube ChannelBrian Tracy Video Stats9074598,778-68729450553634.2 M
BriannaJoyBriannaJoy YouTube ChannelBriannaJoy Video Stats9075598,773-692199418670.1 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
mimo31mimo31 YouTube Channelmimo31 Video Stats 78,173,27375,328570137,14659,089
DD NewsDD News YouTube ChannelDD News Video Stats 78,171,23873,29358.5K1,337416,509
hadamsjhadamsj YouTube Channelhadamsj Video Stats 78,166,14468,1991.1K71,64675,740
Game PlanGame Plan YouTube ChannelGame Plan Video Stats 78,152,97355,0282.1K37,216346,375
Muslim SpeakersMuslim Speakers YouTube ChannelMuslim Speakers Video Stats 78,125,81427,869633123,422479,417
Professor Pikalus | MinecraftProfessor Pikalus | Minecraft YouTube ChannelProfessor Pikalus | Minecraft Video Stats 78,117,98920,044610128,062318,182
Peter McKinnonPeter McKinnon YouTube ChannelPeter McKinnon Video Stats 78,115,26117,316165473,4261,671,813
DreadGuyVlogsDreadGuyVlogs YouTube ChannelDreadGuyVlogs Video Stats 78,113,84215,897295264,793656,668
Deren FirdausDeren Firdaus YouTube ChannelDeren Firdaus Video Stats 78,105,2187,273613127,415428,007
Alx JamesAlx James YouTube ChannelAlx James Video Stats 78,099,9492,004201388,557960,414
GangstaGangsta YouTube ChannelGangsta Video Stats 78,097,9451.9K41,988599,465
PlayAllGames SKPPlayAllGames SKP YouTube ChannelPlayAllGames SKP Video Stats 78,081,966-15,9792.3K34,41383,886
©Graziana ♥ Karaoke International ♫©Graziana ♥ Karaoke International ♫ YouTube Channel©Graziana ♥ Karaoke International ♫ Video Stats 78,081,752-16,1933.5K22,15752,029
Faisal HFaisal H YouTube ChannelFaisal H Video Stats 78,079,264-18,681136,006,097198,852
SiemensSiemens YouTube ChannelSiemens Video Stats 78,079,004-18,9416.4K12,23695,683
Droid LifeDroid Life YouTube ChannelDroid Life Video Stats 78,074,087-23,8581K75,434276,162
Telugu Comedy ClubTelugu Comedy Club YouTube ChannelTelugu Comedy Club Video Stats 78,064,686-33,2592.2K34,742135,706
Be BeautifulBe Beautiful YouTube ChannelBe Beautiful Video Stats 78,059,021-38,924358218,042283,173
HCHS63rdWilsonZombieHCHS63rdWilsonZombie YouTube ChannelHCHS63rdWilsonZombie Video Stats 78,057,259-40,686347224,949203,551
MarginalMediaMarginalMedia YouTube ChannelMarginalMedia Video Stats 78,046,169-51,7761.4K54,885111,504
Alencar Romântismo em PoesiasAlencar Romântismo em Poesias YouTube ChannelAlencar Romântismo em Poesias Video Stats 78,042,064-55,8811.1K71,995246,840
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Start Views: 77,503,996     Current Views: 78,097,945
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Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
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78,250,000152,05516 D  4/03  2018Tweet
78,500,000402,05510 D1 M 4/28  2018Tweet
78,750,000652,0555 D2 M 5/23  2018Tweet
79,000,000902,055 3 M 6/18  2018Tweet
79,250,0001,152,05525 D3 M 7/13  2018Tweet
79,500,0001,402,05520 D4 M 8/07  2018Tweet
79,750,0001,652,05514 D5 M 9/01  2018Tweet
80,000,0001,902,05510 D6 M 9/27  2018Tweet
80,250,0002,152,0555 D7 M 10/22  2018Tweet
80,500,0002,402,05530 D7 M 11/16  2018Tweet
80,750,0002,652,05524 D8 M 12/11  2018Tweet
81,000,0002,902,05520 D9 M 1/06  2019Tweet
81,250,0003,152,05514 D10 M 1/31  2019Tweet
81,500,0003,402,0559 D11 M 2/25  2019Tweet
81,750,0003,652,0554 D 1 Y3/22  2019Tweet