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157,446162237 DayTweet
157,2513572614 DayTweet
156,6329763330 DayTweet
154,3163,292552 MonthTweet
153,3024,306483 MonthTweet
153,9013,707314 MonthTweet
152,2795,329365 MonthTweet
151,4916,117346 MonthTweet
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54,024,852  Now
53,932,79992,05313,1507 DayTweet
53,812,685212,16715,15514 DayTweet
53,452,154572,69819,09030 DayTweet
52,535,9101,488,94224,8162 MonthTweet
51,819,5162,205,33624,5043 MonthTweet
52,273,2981,751,55414,5964 MonthTweet
51,407,5912,617,26117,4485 MonthTweet
50,852,1533,172,69917,6266 MonthTweet
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30 Day
TwoAwesomeGamersTwoAwesomeGamers YouTube ChannelTwoAwesomeGamers Video Stats 157,64436-10-1320246.6 M
CliptoniteCliptonite YouTube ChannelCliptonite Video Stats 157,64335424948284131 M
ESEAESEA YouTube ChannelESEA Video Stats 157,63628001.8K46.1 M
Bassness MusicBassness Music YouTube ChannelBassness Music Video Stats 157,6322401044318.4 M
BelleJordenBelleJorden YouTube ChannelBelleJorden Video Stats 157,63123629597864.6 M
Doug Polk CryptoDoug Polk Crypto YouTube ChannelDoug Polk Crypto Video Stats 157,631235731,726335.2 M
KphoriaKphoria YouTube ChannelKphoria Video Stats 157,62820146284476325.5 M
Harper's BAZAARHarper's BAZAAR YouTube ChannelHarper's BAZAAR Video Stats 157,625174867251.2K37.9 M
IRL MommyIRL Mommy YouTube ChannelIRL Mommy Video Stats 157,624161,47351814473.2 M
SHAZENSHAZEN YouTube ChannelSHAZEN Video Stats 157,61810-164323215.8 M
gamezone05 - The Gamefather™gamezone05 - The Gamefather™ YouTube Channelgamezone05 - The Gamefather™ Video Stats 157,60829331.6K54 M
Caju Game PlayCaju Game Play YouTube ChannelCaju Game Play Video Stats 157,602-61141711.1K17.7 M
EduardogaaraEduardogaara YouTube ChannelEduardogaara Video Stats 157,583-25266117116.2 M
SweetBeauty1990SweetBeauty1990 YouTube ChannelSweetBeauty1990 Video Stats 157,572-36274151623.3 M
Ella DinizElla Diniz YouTube ChannelElla Diniz Video Stats 157,556-527312838814.4 M
YesReneauYesReneau YouTube ChannelYesReneau Video Stats 157,524-841051721439.7 M
CASCADACASCADA YouTube ChannelCASCADA Video Stats 157,492-11691997154.9 M
VertigoTVVertigoTV YouTube ChannelVertigoTV Video Stats 157,490-11832431.1K277.5 M
Musica RelajanteMusica Relajante YouTube ChannelMusica Relajante Video Stats 157,487-121881202042.9 M
ASMRSoundSpaceASMRSoundSpace YouTube ChannelASMRSoundSpace Video Stats 157,486-122641784923.5 M
The EZ LifeThe EZ Life YouTube ChannelThe EZ Life Video Stats 157,485-1230-586230.5 M
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per Video
IsaacLiveIsaacLive YouTube ChannelIsaacLive Video Stats 54,060,30735,455114,914,5731,438,853
TargetTarget YouTube ChannelTarget Video Stats 54,060,14635,294257210,351255,368
QWERTYQWERTY YouTube ChannelQWERTY Video Stats 54,057,94533,093196275,806778,668
Learn English with Rebecca [engVid RebecLearn English with Rebecca [engVid Rebec YouTube ChannelLearn English with Rebecca [engVid Rebec Video Stats 54,043,76518,913197274,334602,545
DoolDoolDoolDool YouTube ChannelDoolDool Video Stats 54,035,54110,689153353,173128,096
Tom SmithTom Smith YouTube ChannelTom Smith Video Stats 54,031,7986,94695156,81625,519
MattZepolMattZepol YouTube ChannelMattZepol Video Stats 54,030,7405,888282191,598264,731
AppStoreVnAppStoreVn YouTube ChannelAppStoreVn Video Stats 54,029,2824,4302.3K23,552206,342
BruceWillakersBruceWillakers YouTube ChannelBruceWillakers Video Stats 54,027,3302,4781.7K32,083135,540
blubbaproductionsblubbaproductions YouTube Channelblubbaproductions Video Stats 54,026,6971,845155348,55926,685
gamezone05 - The Gamefather™gamezone05 - The Gamefather™ YouTube Channelgamezone05 - The Gamefather™ Video Stats 54,024,8521.6K32,922157,608
蕭敬騰官方專屬頻道 Jam's Official Channel蕭敬騰官方專屬頻道 Jam's Official Channel YouTube Channel蕭敬騰官方專屬頻道 Jam's Official Channel Video Stats 54,016,712-8,14060900,279133,676
MotomobiMotomobi YouTube ChannelMotomobi Video Stats 54,016,399-8,453155348,493398,937
KidKidKidKid YouTube ChannelKidKid Video Stats 54,012,936-11,91666818,378103,745
niopli9niopli9 YouTube Channelniopli9 Video Stats 54,010,140-14,712319169,31124,391
PortyPorty YouTube ChannelPorty Video Stats 54,008,787-16,065436123,873287,401
PURO ZACATECAS SAXPURO ZACATECAS SAX YouTube ChannelPURO ZACATECAS SAX Video Stats 53,999,688-25,1641.1K47,161112,303
Perdikaris Kozi - Νίκος ΚουτάντοςPerdikaris Kozi - Νίκος Κουτάντος YouTube ChannelPerdikaris Kozi - Νίκος Κουτάντος Video Stats 53,999,080-25,7721.8K29,83445,406
WeeklyImogenWeeklyImogen YouTube ChannelWeeklyImogen Video Stats 53,998,940-25,91255996,599247,183
99TV Telugu99TV Telugu YouTube Channel99TV Telugu Video Stats 53,998,717-26,13519K2,844111,998
СталкерСталкер YouTube ChannelСталкер Video Stats 53,996,193-28,659237227,832522,394
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Start Subs: 154,316     Current Subs: 157,608
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160,0002,39213 D1 M 5/08  2018Tweet
162,5004,89229 D2 M 6/23  2018Tweet
165,0007,39213 D4 M 8/07  2018Tweet
167,5009,89228 D5 M 9/22  2018Tweet
170,00012,39213 D7 M 11/06  2018Tweet
172,50014,89228 D8 M 12/22  2018Tweet
175,00017,39212 D10 M 2/05  2019Tweet
177,50019,89228 D11 M 3/23  2019Tweet
180,00022,39213 D1 M1 Y5/08  2019Tweet
182,50024,89228 D2 M1 Y6/22  2019Tweet
185,00027,39213 D4 M1 Y8/07  2019Tweet
187,50029,89227 D5 M1 Y9/21  2019Tweet
190,00032,39213 D7 M1 Y11/06  2019Tweet
192,50034,89227 D8 M1 Y12/21  2019Tweet
195,00037,39212 D10 M1 Y2/05  2020Tweet
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Start Views: 52,535,910     Current Views: 54,024,852
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54,250,000225,14810 D  4/04  2018Tweet
54,500,000475,14820 D  4/14  2018Tweet
54,750,000725,14830 D  4/24  2018Tweet
55,000,000975,1489 D1 M 5/04  2018Tweet
55,250,0001,225,14819 D1 M 5/14  2018Tweet
55,500,0001,475,14829 D1 M 5/24  2018Tweet
55,750,0001,725,1489 D2 M 6/03  2018Tweet
56,000,0001,975,14819 D2 M 6/13  2018Tweet
56,250,0002,225,14829 D2 M 6/23  2018Tweet
56,500,0002,475,1488 D3 M 7/03  2018Tweet
56,750,0002,725,14818 D3 M 7/13  2018Tweet
57,000,0002,975,14828 D3 M 7/23  2018Tweet
57,250,0003,225,1488 D4 M 8/02  2018Tweet
57,500,0003,475,14819 D4 M 8/13  2018Tweet
57,750,0003,725,14829 D4 M 8/23  2018Tweet