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731,523  Now
731,43390137 DayTweet
731,2272962114 DayTweet
730,8167072430 DayTweet
730,2661,257212 MonthTweet
729,9051,618183 MonthTweet
730,0571,466124 MonthTweet
729,6601,863125 MonthTweet
726,8074,716266 MonthTweet
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38,468,339  Now
38,452,59515,7442,2497 DayTweet
38,428,95939,3802,81314 DayTweet
38,374,38193,9583,13230 DayTweet
38,368,96999,3701,6562 MonthTweet
38,296,394171,9451,9113 MonthTweet
38,333,173135,1661,1264 MonthTweet
38,238,053230,2861,5355 MonthTweet
37,928,765539,5742,9986 MonthTweet
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30 Day
MostlySaneMostlySane YouTube ChannelMostlySane Video Stats7360732,5189955,6845,25334262.8 M
EmmaEmma YouTube ChannelEmma Video Stats7361732,341818677715348 M
FightSmartTravFightSmartTrav YouTube ChannelFightSmartTrav Video Stats7362732,2997761272032259.4 M
Freelee the Banana GirlFreelee the Banana Girl YouTube ChannelFreelee the Banana Girl Video Stats7363732,207684113-68895282.4 M
NutPintoChannelNutPintoChannel YouTube ChannelNutPintoChannel Video Stats7364732,1926691733491.1K140.5 M
evestherevesther YouTube Channelevesther Video Stats7365732,1616383037371.7K237.2 M
douziofficialdouziofficial YouTube Channeldouziofficial Video Stats7366732,09256956159173248.1 M
달려라치킨달려라치킨 YouTube Channel달려라치킨 Video Stats7367731,848325227528366156.3 M
SrChincheto77SrChincheto77 YouTube ChannelSrChincheto77 Video Stats7368731,58259-34183.4K134.8 M
Dylan Del ReyDylan Del Rey YouTube ChannelDylan Del Rey Video Stats7369731,57148881678746 M
فسدق | FSD8فسدق | FSD8 YouTube Channelفسدق | FSD8 Video Stats7370731,52318247538.5 M
연애플레이리스트연애플레이리스트 YouTube Channel연애플레이리스트 Video Stats7371731,498-251,0322,4098492.8 M
cteditorcteditor YouTube Channelcteditor Video Stats7372731,481-4279115164.9K1.12 B
El PlechEl Plech YouTube ChannelEl Plech Video Stats7373731,449-745514112777.5 M
Zouhair Bahaoui ( YaV ) OfficielZouhair Bahaoui ( YaV ) Officiel YouTube ChannelZouhair Bahaoui ( YaV ) Officiel Video Stats7374731,396-1277732,02412104.8 M
Les DegunsTVLes DegunsTV YouTube ChannelLes DegunsTV Video Stats7375731,234-289506947109.6 M
Freebie OverlordFreebie Overlord YouTube ChannelFreebie Overlord Video Stats7376731,223-3003721,65729430.7 M
DMXVEVODMXVEVO YouTube ChannelDMXVEVO Video Stats7377731,014-50927444219447.7 M
TNTRussiaTNTRussia YouTube ChannelTNTRussia Video Stats7378730,987-5367371,5256.4K505.9 M
Young LexYoung Lex YouTube ChannelYoung Lex Video Stats7379730,987-5361,1901,464358231 M
Votra KidsTVVotra KidsTV YouTube ChannelVotra KidsTV Video Stats7380730,941-5821,5572,839454430.2 M
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per Video
Amir HadžićAmir Hadžić YouTube ChannelAmir Hadžić Video Stats 38,483,43015,091130296,026225,262
damnedskydamnedsky YouTube Channeldamnedsky Video Stats 38,481,99913,6603.1K12,338200,214
MiquMiqu YouTube ChannelMiqu Video Stats 38,480,83812,499107359,63447,692
GREGandLOUGREGandLOU YouTube ChannelGREGandLOU Video Stats 38,479,56111,222184209,12893,873
EFDFilmsEFDFilms YouTube ChannelEFDFilms Video Stats 38,478,1209,781327117,6709,043
okok0326okok0326 YouTube Channelokok0326 Video Stats 38,477,9799,640136282,92618,958
NirvanaGrunge87NirvanaGrunge87 YouTube ChannelNirvanaGrunge87 Video Stats 38,476,8608,52158663,39429,997
Game OnGame On YouTube ChannelGame On Video Stats 38,476,4848,1451.1K35,59345,688
Hector RiveraHector Rivera YouTube ChannelHector Rivera Video Stats 38,473,9705,63192418,195301,391
Fatemah IsOkayFatemah IsOkay YouTube ChannelFatemah IsOkay Video Stats 38,471,4083,06969755,196190,468
فسدق | FSD8فسدق | FSD8 YouTube Channelفسدق | FSD8 Video Stats 38,468,33975512,911731,523
o2ukofficialo2ukofficial YouTube Channelo2ukofficial Video Stats 38,462,867-5,47246383,07319,702
1Str8Mizz1Str8Mizz YouTube Channel1Str8Mizz Video Stats 38,462,507-5,83255699,31811,957
Chicken ConnoisseurChicken Connoisseur YouTube ChannelChicken Connoisseur Video Stats 38,457,833-10,506241,602,410613,940
Camilo Mejia CalaCamilo Mejia Cala YouTube ChannelCamilo Mejia Cala Video Stats 38,457,306-11,033143268,932106,086
Nathan NarraNathan Narra YouTube ChannelNathan Narra Video Stats 38,452,137-16,20247880,444196,881
ADayWithKevADayWithKev YouTube ChannelADayWithKev Video Stats 38,450,274-18,065232165,734312,704
boxyorkataboxyorkata YouTube Channelboxyorkata Video Stats 38,448,750-19,589103,844,8754,681
ABC TVABC TV YouTube ChannelABC TV Video Stats 38,446,228-22,1113.5K10,90447,765
WretchedWretched YouTube ChannelWretched Video Stats 38,445,097-23,2421.5K25,226119,897
thenomadbarberthenomadbarber YouTube Channelthenomadbarber Video Stats 38,437,211-31,128102376,835139,277
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Start Subs: 730,266     Current Subs: 731,523
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732,50097716 D1 M 5/09  2018Tweet
735,0003,47713 D5 M 9/05  2018Tweet
737,5005,97712 D9 M 1/03  2019Tweet
740,0008,4779 D1 M1 Y5/02  2019Tweet
742,50010,9776 D5 M1 Y8/29  2019Tweet
745,00013,4775 D9 M1 Y12/27  2019Tweet
747,50015,9772 D1 M2 Y4/24  2020Tweet
750,00018,47730 D4 M2 Y8/21  2020Tweet
752,50020,97728 D8 M2 Y12/19  2020Tweet
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Start Views: 38,368,969     Current Views: 38,468,339
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38,500,00031,66120 D  4/12  2018Tweet
38,750,000281,66118 D5 M 9/10  2018Tweet
39,000,000531,66117 D10 M 2/08  2019Tweet
39,250,000781,66115 D3 M1 Y7/08  2019Tweet
39,500,0001,031,66114 D8 M1 Y12/06  2019Tweet
39,750,0001,281,66113 D1 M2 Y5/05  2020Tweet
40,000,0001,531,66112 D6 M2 Y10/03  2020Tweet
40,250,0001,781,66111 D11 M2 Y3/03  2021Tweet