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124,784  Now
124,409375547 DayTweet
123,9598255914 DayTweet
122,7792,0056730 DayTweet
120,3454,439742 MonthTweet
117,5387,246813 MonthTweet
118,6956,089514 MonthTweet
116,0708,714585 MonthTweet
113,39211,392636 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
151,755,500  Now
151,134,182621,31888,7607 DayTweet
150,337,5171,417,983101,28514 DayTweet
145,686,6906,068,810202,29430 DayTweet
167,545,566-15,790,066-263,1682 MonthTweet
162,796,402-11,040,902-122,6773 MonthTweet
164,911,083-13,155,583-109,6304 MonthTweet
160,246,418-8,490,918-56,6065 MonthTweet
155,503,062-3,747,562-20,8206 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
Mr. FastMr. Fast YouTube ChannelMr. Fast Video Stats 124,83753362904440.8 M
ilGattoSulTuboilGattoSulTubo YouTube ChannelilGattoSulTubo Video Stats 124,8355113712859325.7 M
Kyle GottKyle Gott YouTube ChannelKyle Gott Video Stats 124,82743729942515.5 M
ASMR THOMWHATASMR THOMWHAT YouTube ChannelASMR THOMWHAT Video Stats 124,82541272415619.6 M
SΔLV & FAMILYSΔLV & FAMILY YouTube ChannelSΔLV & FAMILY Video Stats 124,82440503138230.5 M
013 BARCELONA013 BARCELONA YouTube Channel013 BARCELONA Video Stats 124,817334524727021.6 M
Bitty Baby TVBitty Baby TV YouTube ChannelBitty Baby TV Video Stats 124,8163211526106471 K
Bubble VisionBubble Vision YouTube ChannelBubble Vision Video Stats 124,812286912410069.9 M
uppercaseCHASE1uppercaseCHASE1 YouTube ChanneluppercaseCHASE1 Video Stats 124,81026486460511.9 M
Stop Skeletons From FightingStop Skeletons From Fighting YouTube ChannelStop Skeletons From Fighting Video Stats 124,796129119219415 M
ForwardMusic 豐華唱片ForwardMusic 豐華唱片 YouTube ChannelForwardMusic 豐華唱片 Video Stats 124,7842367716151.8 M
KorexKorex YouTube ChannelKorex Video Stats 124,782-22512040613.5 M
ontsofaontsofa YouTube Channelontsofa Video Stats 124,754-300151.4K43.4 M
E;RE;R YouTube ChannelE;R Video Stats 124,749-35361344511.9 M
gracamusic2008gracamusic2008 YouTube Channelgracamusic2008 Video Stats 124,725-5911123360846.5 M
ItsFrankTVItsFrankTV YouTube ChannelItsFrankTV Video Stats 124,723-616411260217.5 M
CoolageBrothersCoolageBrothers YouTube ChannelCoolageBrothers Video Stats 124,721-63-10-207103 K
Rogerio FerriRogerio Ferri YouTube ChannelRogerio Ferri Video Stats 124,707-770417546 K
Lenny KravitzLenny Kravitz YouTube ChannelLenny Kravitz Video Stats 124,707-7734649466.9 M
SWSHDOfficialSWSHDOfficial YouTube ChannelSWSHDOfficial Video Stats 124,706-7816148091.8 M
lovelyannekalovelyanneka YouTube Channellovelyanneka Video Stats 124,696-880-420410.7 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
wideoprezentacjewideoprezentacje YouTube Channelwideoprezentacje Video Stats9532151,886,213130,7135.3K28,417336,568
Сергей ТрейсерСергей Трейсер YouTube ChannelСергей Трейсер Video Stats9533151,868,151112,651175867,8181,561,249
Bon AppétitBon Appétit YouTube ChannelBon Appétit Video Stats9534151,864,370108,870746203,572984,807
Bolly 2 BoxBolly 2 Box YouTube ChannelBolly 2 Box Video Stats9535151,858,840103,3403.2K47,784143,053
AustrianLegoFanAustrianLegoFan YouTube ChannelAustrianLegoFan Video Stats9536151,858,371102,8711.9K81,997225,608
RilèsRilès YouTube ChannelRilès Video Stats9537151,818,43962,939652,335,668838,708
Paul BegleyPaul Begley YouTube ChannelPaul Begley Video Stats9538151,805,50450,00412.2K12,491215,318
Mythri Movie MakersMythri Movie Makers YouTube ChannelMythri Movie Makers Video Stats9539151,799,93244,432351432,478281,707
Ajay YuvrajAjay Yuvraj YouTube ChannelAjay Yuvraj Video Stats9540151,767,15711,65712K12,643229,942
SadhguruSadhguru YouTube ChannelSadhguru Video Stats9541151,755,8463461K151,6041,031,963
ForwardMusic 豐華唱片ForwardMusic 豐華唱片 YouTube ChannelForwardMusic 豐華唱片 Video Stats9542151,755,500716211,949124,784
pizzaofdeathofficialpizzaofdeathofficial YouTube Channelpizzaofdeathofficial Video Stats9543151,738,445-17,055185820,208159,378
DOUTOR CARRODOUTOR CARRO YouTube ChannelDOUTOR CARRO Video Stats9544151,729,360-26,1401.5K101,220587,400
Indian FilmsIndian Films YouTube ChannelIndian Films Video Stats9545151,727,331-28,169927163,676322,965
DJ SmileDJ Smile YouTube ChannelDJ Smile Video Stats9546151,713,543-41,9571441,053,566419,026
DoubleDouble YouTube ChannelDouble Video Stats9547151,712,005-43,4951.3K118,064705,170
OfficialHHIOfficialHHI YouTube ChannelOfficialHHI Video Stats9548151,709,806-45,6942.9K51,991346,094
MagicBox AnimationMagicBox Animation YouTube ChannelMagicBox Animation Video Stats9549151,695,393-60,107505300,387276,333
HutchHutch YouTube ChannelHutch Video Stats9550151,693,631-61,8691.4K106,228925,999
sportsnetworksportsnetwork YouTube Channelsportsnetwork Video Stats9551151,609,435-146,0655.6K26,99647,924
Top ExtractTop Extract YouTube ChannelTop Extract Video Stats9552151,605,311-150,189183828,444989,051
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Based on 4,439 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 74 added per day.
Start Subs: 120,345     Current Subs: 124,784
Subs Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
125,0002163 D  3/24  2018Tweet
127,5002,7166 D1 M 4/27  2018Tweet
130,0005,21610 D2 M 5/31  2018Tweet
132,5007,71613 D3 M 7/04  2018Tweet
135,00010,21617 D4 M 8/07  2018Tweet
137,50012,71619 D5 M 9/09  2018Tweet
140,00015,21623 D6 M 10/13  2018Tweet
142,50017,71627 D7 M 11/16  2018Tweet
145,00020,216 9 M 12/20  2018Tweet
147,50022,7163 D10 M 1/23  2019Tweet
150,00025,2166 D11 M 2/25  2019Tweet
152,50027,71610 D 1 Y3/31  2019Tweet
155,00030,21613 D1 M1 Y5/04  2019Tweet
157,50032,71617 D2 M1 Y6/07  2019Tweet
160,00035,21619 D3 M1 Y7/10  2019Tweet
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Based on -15,790,066 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of -263,168 added per day.
Start Views: 167,545,566     Current Views: 151,755,500
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