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140,974-4-17 DayTweet
140,978-8-114 DayTweet
141,044-74-230 DayTweet
140,76021042 MonthTweet
139,984986113 MonthTweet
140,32864254 MonthTweet
139,7921,17885 MonthTweet
139,2791,69196 MonthTweet
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30,689,857  Now
30,651,34538,5125,5027 DayTweet
30,609,21780,6405,76014 DayTweet
30,486,768203,0896,77030 DayTweet
30,103,261586,5969,7772 MonthTweet
29,550,3161,139,54112,6623 MonthTweet
29,790,596899,2617,4944 MonthTweet
29,325,1151,364,7429,0985 MonthTweet
28,844,3791,845,47810,2536 MonthTweet
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TransWorld SNOWboardingTransWorld SNOWboarding YouTube ChannelTransWorld SNOWboarding Video Stats 141,08311354851.6K32.2 M
Layla MartinLayla Martin YouTube ChannelLayla Martin Video Stats 141,0811119118714853.8 M
Bruno PicininiBruno Picinini YouTube ChannelBruno Picinini Video Stats 141,067971572242196.1 M
str0bots GAMINGstr0bots GAMING YouTube Channelstr0bots GAMING Video Stats 141,06090-26-3117320.7 M
天兵天兵 YouTube Channel天兵 Video Stats 141,03565-13-9311.6 M
데스런 홈트레이닝 DeSLun workout데스런 홈트레이닝 DeSLun workout YouTube Channel데스런 홈트레이닝 DeSLun workout Video Stats 141,0174710215860524.5 M
Pablo Alborán - TopicPablo Alborán - Topic YouTube ChannelPablo Alborán - Topic Video Stats 140,99424023758.3 M
Rocket Rollings KendellRocket Rollings Kendell YouTube ChannelRocket Rollings Kendell Video Stats 140,9891918129255377.5 M
Celtic ThunderCeltic Thunder YouTube ChannelCeltic Thunder Video Stats 140,989193474278100.5 M
FenX08FenX08 YouTube ChannelFenX08 Video Stats 140,97330-11227.1 M
伍妞有伍仔伍妞有伍仔 YouTube Channel伍妞有伍仔 Video Stats 140,9700-252530.7 M
Sawyerhartman2Sawyerhartman2 YouTube ChannelSawyerhartman2 Video Stats 140,957-13-6-19223 K
RememberTheBeatRememberTheBeat YouTube ChannelRememberTheBeat Video Stats 140,954-163712224818.7 M
KIIS 1065KIIS 1065 YouTube ChannelKIIS 1065 Video Stats 140,942-28-29204775132.6 M
iRognosiiRognosi YouTube ChanneliRognosi Video Stats 140,940-301346437.6 M
DannicDannic YouTube ChannelDannic Video Stats 140,936-348123057.2 M
VelhinhoPlayVelhinhoPlay YouTube ChannelVelhinhoPlay Video Stats 140,932-380-11623.8 M
Horrid HenryHorrid Henry YouTube ChannelHorrid Henry Video Stats 140,927-43376526599101.8 M
Filipendula UlmariaFilipendula Ulmaria YouTube ChannelFilipendula Ulmaria Video Stats 140,923-474071,01433254.2 M
NiediegetyczneNiediegetyczne YouTube ChannelNiediegetyczne Video Stats 140,920-5026166315223.9 M
boxxitboxxit YouTube Channelboxxit Video Stats 140,914-56-5-212158.7 M
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per Video
carloviocarlovio YouTube Channelcarlovio Video Stats 30,702,04412,187284108,10610,139
sal64londonsal64london YouTube Channelsal64london Video Stats 30,701,59211,7352.4K12,95454,052
jklproductionjklproduction YouTube Channeljklproduction Video Stats 30,701,51511,65869444,94994,194
banksyfilmbanksyfilm YouTube Channelbanksyfilm Video Stats 30,701,49111,634112,791,04548,852
Nolly Great Movies - Nigerian Movies 201Nolly Great Movies - Nigerian Movies 201 YouTube ChannelNolly Great Movies - Nigerian Movies 201 Video Stats 30,700,03010,1734.4K6,91977,344
Reklam ArasıReklam Arası YouTube ChannelReklam Arası Video Stats 30,699,7509,893109281,6494,764
EnhancedAthleteEnhancedAthlete YouTube ChannelEnhancedAthlete Video Stats 30,697,8888,03183336,852102,477
Young LyricYoung Lyric YouTube ChannelYoung Lyric Video Stats 30,696,0756,21888348,819186,843
UbiCentralUbiCentral YouTube ChannelUbiCentral Video Stats 30,694,5574,70076839,967137,455
TruthNeverToldTruthNeverTold YouTube ChannelTruthNeverTold Video Stats 30,690,2934361.3K23,374144,469
伍妞有伍仔伍妞有伍仔 YouTube Channel伍妞有伍仔 Video Stats 30,689,85752558,457140,970
kavagunakavaguna YouTube Channelkavaguna Video Stats 30,689,340-5172.3K13,166140,359
mmmEnglishmmmEnglish YouTube ChannelmmmEnglish Video Stats 30,687,620-2,23774414,698848,579
Nut ChordTabsNut ChordTabs YouTube ChannelNut ChordTabs Video Stats 30,686,860-2,99744269,42792,695
Michael CohenMichael Cohen YouTube ChannelMichael Cohen Video Stats 30,686,184-3,673158194,21649,741
Serge RamelliSerge Ramelli YouTube ChannelSerge Ramelli Video Stats 30,685,930-3,92752658,338477,057
Amy WalkerAmy Walker YouTube ChannelAmy Walker Video Stats 30,683,842-6,015297103,313142,231
TuiFeyTuiFey YouTube ChannelTuiFey Video Stats 30,683,772-6,08574,383,39616,230
Yaren DoğanYaren Doğan YouTube ChannelYaren Doğan Video Stats 30,683,054-6,803291,058,036118,876
imusicikiimusiciki YouTube Channelimusiciki Video Stats 30,682,523-7,33441973,22814,704
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142,5001,53012 D2 M1 Y6/02  2019Tweet
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30,750,00060,1437 D  3/28  2018Tweet
31,000,000310,1431 D1 M 4/22  2018Tweet
31,250,000560,14327 D1 M 5/18  2018Tweet
31,500,000810,14322 D2 M 6/12  2018Tweet
31,750,0001,060,14317 D3 M 7/08  2018Tweet
32,000,0001,310,14313 D4 M 8/03  2018Tweet
32,250,0001,560,1437 D5 M 8/28  2018Tweet
32,500,0001,810,1433 D6 M 9/23  2018Tweet
32,750,0002,060,14328 D6 M 10/18  2018Tweet
33,000,0002,310,14324 D7 M 11/13  2018Tweet
33,250,0002,560,14318 D8 M 12/08  2018Tweet
33,500,0002,810,14314 D9 M 1/03  2019Tweet
33,750,0003,060,1439 D10 M 1/29  2019Tweet
34,000,0003,310,1434 D11 M 2/23  2019Tweet
34,250,0003,560,143  1 Y3/21  2019Tweet