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236,3131,7282477 DayTweet
234,1333,90827914 DayTweet
230,2107,83126130 DayTweet
223,71014,3312392 MonthTweet
220,50017,5411953 MonthTweet
221,83016,2111354 MonthTweet
217,95220,0891345 MonthTweet
214,97823,0631286 MonthTweet
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349,705,994  Now
347,855,1841,850,810264,4017 DayTweet
345,569,8524,136,142295,43914 DayTweet
340,761,4568,944,538298,15130 DayTweet
333,258,35816,447,636274,1272 MonthTweet
327,031,85622,674,138251,9353 MonthTweet
329,946,05519,759,939164,6664 MonthTweet
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315,908,47533,797,519187,7646 MonthTweet
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Tortilla SquadTortilla Squad YouTube ChannelTortilla Squad Video Stats 238,13998689882228.5 M
Babbu MaanBabbu Maan YouTube ChannelBabbu Maan Video Stats 238,1319028337622568.2 M
THIBAULT & SHANNATHIBAULT & SHANNA YouTube ChannelTHIBAULT & SHANNA Video Stats 238,126851-816527.9 M
MrMevilMrMevil YouTube ChannelMrMevil Video Stats 238,12079-19246124.9 M
Zespół After PartyZespół After Party YouTube ChannelZespół After Party Video Stats 238,12079394126164305.8 M
UlissesWorldUlissesWorld YouTube ChannelUlissesWorld Video Stats 238,0945332778216.2 M
JanneMann ©JanneMann © YouTube ChannelJanneMann © Video Stats 238,08746-1-435031.9 M
BellpondFilmsBellpondFilms YouTube ChannelBellpondFilms Video Stats 238,0834220532080 M
暴走系列官方频道暴走系列官方频道 YouTube Channel暴走系列官方频道 Video Stats 238,0793822751.6K59.4 M
91 official91 official YouTube Channel91 official Video Stats 238,04764801,0499235.8 M
FightHype.comFightHype.com YouTube ChannelFightHype.com Video Stats 238,04115926114K349.7 M
TheWaffleGalaxyTheWaffleGalaxy YouTube ChannelTheWaffleGalaxy Video Stats 238,010-31641754.3K96.3 M
ceresiasworldceresiasworld YouTube Channelceresiasworld Video Stats 238,007-344248821.7 M
FreddyFairhairFreddyFairhair YouTube ChannelFreddyFairhair Video Stats 238,002-39-8412642.7 M
HowToCakeVideosHowToCakeVideos YouTube ChannelHowToCakeVideos Video Stats 237,980-619816548875.2 M
AFC AjaxAFC Ajax YouTube ChannelAFC Ajax Video Stats 237,975-661443066.9K199.5 M
YifYif YouTube ChannelYif Video Stats 237,955-86641235246.5 M
Cosas del JardinCosas del Jardin YouTube ChannelCosas del Jardin Video Stats 237,932-10917827020933.9 M
Apni Dunya TvApni Dunya Tv YouTube ChannelApni Dunya Tv Video Stats 237,922-1196731,04997372.8 M
Power KidsPower Kids YouTube ChannelPower Kids Video Stats 237,903-138471880591163.7 M
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per Video
PadelisPadelidisVEVOPadelisPadelidisVEVO YouTube ChannelPadelisPadelidisVEVO Video Stats4212350,423,833717,839526,738,920348,903
iFL TViFL TV YouTube ChanneliFL TV Video Stats4213350,266,668560,67417.7K19,827234,894
Patrick BoivinPatrick Boivin YouTube ChannelPatrick Boivin Video Stats4214350,251,546545,5522451,429,598387,678
The Black KeysThe Black Keys YouTube ChannelThe Black Keys Video Stats4215350,192,895486,901438,144,021661,353
youtube実況学校5年生 だるyoutube実況学校5年生 だる YouTube Channelyoutube実況学校5年生 だる Video Stats4216349,992,599286,6053.3K106,445410,706
Kanał dla dzieci - Lulek.tvKanał dla dzieci - Lulek.tv YouTube ChannelKanał dla dzieci - Lulek.tv Video Stats4217349,956,680250,6861282,734,037219,081
NPR MusicNPR Music YouTube ChannelNPR Music Video Stats4218349,929,737223,7431.3K263,3031,322,726
MMGMMG YouTube ChannelMMG Video Stats4219349,929,610223,616369948,319628,757
Jack Vale FilmsJack Vale Films YouTube ChannelJack Vale Films Video Stats4220349,895,854189,860762459,1811,383,151
gsantarosaVEVOgsantarosaVEVO YouTube ChannelgsantarosaVEVO Video Stats4221349,741,55135,5572111,657,543291,163
FightHype.comFightHype.com YouTube ChannelFightHype.com Video Stats4222349,705,99414K25,015238,041
ANDYANDY YouTube ChannelANDY Video Stats4223349,653,709-52,285467,601,1683,353,348
LeeandLieLeeandLie YouTube ChannelLeeandLie Video Stats4224349,619,540-86,4541592,198,8651,102,739
Rainbow Kids - Finger Family SongRainbow Kids - Finger Family Song YouTube ChannelRainbow Kids - Finger Family Song Video Stats4225349,473,526-232,4681462,393,6541,069,873
JayJay YouTube ChannelJay Video Stats4226349,341,917-364,0773451,012,5851,597,028
IntocableVEVOIntocableVEVO YouTube ChannelIntocableVEVO Video Stats4227349,243,069-462,925428,315,311327,962
Does.Real. Ass.Music.Does.Real. Ass.Music. YouTube ChannelDoes.Real. Ass.Music. Video Stats4228349,187,918-518,076675,211,760832,354
ChannelFrederatorChannelFrederator YouTube ChannelChannelFrederator Video Stats4229349,008,293-697,7011.2K287,9611,566,101
Katy PerryKaty Perry YouTube ChannelKaty Perry Video Stats4230348,750,161-955,833923,790,7632,248,382
WeiT MediaWeiT Media YouTube ChannelWeiT Media Video Stats4231348,739,447-966,5472.8K126,447304,451
TroldenTrolden YouTube ChannelTrolden Video Stats4232348,735,603-970,391384908,166913,812
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240,0001,9599 D  3/31  2018Tweet
242,5004,45919 D  4/10  2018Tweet
245,0006,95930 D  4/21  2018Tweet
247,5009,4599 D1 M 5/01  2018Tweet
250,00011,95920 D1 M 5/12  2018Tweet
252,50014,459 2 M 5/22  2018Tweet
255,00016,95911 D2 M 6/02  2018Tweet
257,50019,45921 D2 M 6/12  2018Tweet
260,00021,959 3 M 6/22  2018Tweet
262,50024,45911 D3 M 7/03  2018Tweet
265,00026,95921 D3 M 7/13  2018Tweet
267,50029,4592 D4 M 7/24  2018Tweet
270,00031,95912 D4 M 8/03  2018Tweet
272,50034,45923 D4 M 8/14  2018Tweet
275,00036,9592 D5 M 8/24  2018Tweet
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Start Views: 333,258,358     Current Views: 349,705,994
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Date Goal Will
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350,000,000294,0062 D  3/24  2018Tweet
352,500,0002,794,00611 D  4/02  2018Tweet
355,000,0005,294,00620 D  4/11  2018Tweet
357,500,0007,794,00629 D  4/20  2018Tweet
360,000,00010,294,0067 D1 M 4/29  2018Tweet
362,500,00012,794,00616 D1 M 5/08  2018Tweet
365,000,00015,294,00625 D1 M 5/17  2018Tweet
367,500,00017,794,0064 D2 M 5/26  2018Tweet
370,000,00020,294,00614 D2 M 6/05  2018Tweet
372,500,00022,794,00623 D2 M 6/14  2018Tweet
375,000,00025,294,0061 D3 M 6/23  2018Tweet
377,500,00027,794,00610 D3 M 7/02  2018Tweet
380,000,00030,294,00619 D3 M 7/11  2018Tweet
382,500,00032,794,00628 D3 M 7/20  2018Tweet
385,000,00035,294,0067 D4 M 7/29  2018Tweet