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Jahmen Music Group just passed 60,000 subscribers! Say congrats!
Aparecido Ferraz just passed 40,000 subscribers! Say congrats!
Inshads just passed 50,000 subscribers! Say congrats!
iplaTV just passed 40,000 subscribers! Say congrats!
Valery Toys just passed 10,000 subscribers! Say congrats!
GG Parker just passed 8,000 subscribers! Say congrats!
Caitlin Shannahan just passed 6,000 subscribers! Say congrats!
Morgan Wheeler Games just passed 5,000 subscribers! Say congrats!
James Taylor just passed 900 subscribers! Say congrats!
CASSZ just passed 6,000 subscribers! Say congrats!

Feature Your YouTube Channel

Feature your YouTube Channel on the Featured Page of the Community Collage!

The Featured Page is part of VidStatsX home page rotation and is set to be shown on the majority of the home page views. The home page is visited by many first time visitors and repeat visitors as they navigate around the site. For just $17 $10 2 you can buy a spot on the Featured Page that will appear for 1 Calendar Month. (First day to the last day of the selected month... Minimum 60,000 impressions of your avatar guaranteed! 1)

You can see which Spots and Months are available by visiting Available Featured Spots to secure your spot. For now, all spots are just $17 $10 2, but we reserve the right to raise the price at any time. So, if available, lock in your spot sooner than later. You can actually pick your spot... but only if you are the first to lock it in and complete check out within the time frame allotted. You may purchase up to 3 spots per Featured Page calendar month, but in order to be fair... you must purchase one at a time.

Benefits of a Featured Spot

  • Channel added to VidStatsX tracking crawl. (If not already included)
  • Branding on VidStatsX for your YouTube Channel. (our site is very popular among YouTubers big and small... plus industry folks)
  • Archived as VidStatsX Featured Page sponsor. (There will be a way for past months to be viewed at some point)
  • Funds maintenance & development of VidStatsX for the good of all mankind.


So, what are you waiting for... please check the Available Featured Spots now!


Things to Keep in Mind

  • This is mostly a good branding opportunity for smaller YouTubers and/or way to show support for a popular YouTube related website even if you do not need the exposure. Regardless of your reasons, please keep your expectations realistic and in proportion to the amount paid.
  • You are guaranteed avatar impressions, but click-throughs, ratings, subscribers, etc are up to you! Your avatar should be appealing and your content should sell/speak for itself. 3 Every effort will be made to drive more traffic to the Featured listings and through to your channel, but no action is guaranteed beyond avatar impressions.
  • Your purchase is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you may contact support explaining why and expect a full refund up to 60 days after your purchase date.



1 Minimum impression level guaranteed if purchased by midnight on the 2nd of the month.

2 This price is in USD in jurisdictions free of any tax implications and before any currency conversions. However, please keep in mind the payment processor is required to collect taxes in certain jurisdictions where a purchase originates. (Such as Europe and New York, USA.) Also, conversion to other currencies will affect your final price. Please pay careful attention during checkout to ensure you are aware of the final price before completing payment!

Pricing is fluid and the right to raise prices, lower prices, and run special promotions at any time is reserved.

3 No potentially offensive, Sub4Sub, or all text (or non-brand text) avatars! Your purchase will be revoked without notice, without refund, and the satisfaction guarantee immediately voided.