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333,756  Now
333,544212307 DayTweet
333,5292271614 DayTweet
333,72135130 DayTweet
333,856-100-22 MonthTweet
332,2241,532173 MonthTweet
332,95979774 MonthTweet
328,2995,457365 MonthTweet
324,4989,258516 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
124,639,540  Now
124,419,891219,64931,3787 DayTweet
124,221,974417,56629,82614 DayTweet
123,776,270863,27028,77630 DayTweet
122,878,6981,760,84229,3472 MonthTweet
120,642,1103,997,43044,4163 MonthTweet
121,507,5823,131,95826,1004 MonthTweet
118,392,1966,247,34441,6495 MonthTweet
116,242,5818,396,95946,6506 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
GSuuSGSuuS YouTube ChannelGSuuS Video Stats 333,91015420554050129.1 M
E3E3 YouTube ChannelE3 Video Stats 333,864108-19-374212 K
La5tyLa5ty YouTube ChannelLa5ty Video Stats 333,860104-8232.5K74.6 M
MrFudgeMonkeyzMrFudgeMonkeyz YouTube ChannelMrFudgeMonkeyz Video Stats 333,84791331863111119.9 M
tripianotripiano YouTube Channeltripiano Video Stats 333,827711322032.2K137.4 M
Show Me SpaceShow Me Space YouTube ChannelShow Me Space Video Stats 333,81256366200377.5 M
FriFreestyleFriFreestyle YouTube ChannelFriFreestyle Video Stats 333,789337316549622.7 M
Lysandre NadeauLysandre Nadeau YouTube ChannelLysandre Nadeau Video Stats 333,7772110617938434.2 M
FIVB VolleyballFIVB Volleyball YouTube ChannelFIVB Volleyball Video Stats 333,77418711225.1K89 M
Kiki MendesKiki Mendes YouTube ChannelKiki Mendes Video Stats 333,75821852229116.2 M
Emily HartEmily Hart YouTube ChannelEmily Hart Video Stats 333,756201483124.6 M
Kenzie ElizabethKenzie Elizabeth YouTube ChannelKenzie Elizabeth Video Stats 333,745-115134245520.1 M
csgo.StarLadder.tvcsgo.StarLadder.tv YouTube Channelcsgo.StarLadder.tv Video Stats 333,691-65665226.6K63.8 M
GABRIELA ISABELGABRIELA ISABEL YouTube ChannelGABRIELA ISABEL Video Stats 333,685-716819610015.7 M
Ляльки РазвивалкиЛяльки Развивалки YouTube ChannelЛяльки Развивалки Video Stats 333,672-845201,153361197.6 M
CulinariaterapiaCulinariaterapia YouTube ChannelCulinariaterapia Video Stats 333,637-11917328131444 M
ZacCoxTVZacCoxTV YouTube ChannelZacCoxTV Video Stats 333,598-1581615611.1K75.1 M
HouseImprovementsHouseImprovements YouTube ChannelHouseImprovements Video Stats 333,563-19315028021072.7 M
ChaoticCanineCultureChaoticCanineCulture YouTube ChannelChaoticCanineCulture Video Stats 333,548-208503997148108.4 M
Yong YeYong Ye YouTube ChannelYong Ye Video Stats 333,523-2339521,848209229.7 M
OxfordUnionOxfordUnion YouTube ChannelOxfordUnion Video Stats 333,488-2681922821.4K61.7 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
KissAndMakeup01KissAndMakeup01 YouTube ChannelKissAndMakeup01 Video Stats 124,773,503133,9631K124,153596,590
t0myt0yst0myt0ys YouTube Channelt0myt0ys Video Stats 124,732,28392,7431011,234,97313,972
receitassadiareceitassadia YouTube Channelreceitassadia Video Stats 124,725,74986,209360346,460118,352
Kery JamesKery James YouTube ChannelKery James Video Stats 124,724,01984,4791011,234,891342,110
meumundominhavida11meumundominhavida11 YouTube Channelmeumundominhavida11 Video Stats 124,676,72637,186651191,516843,877
New York Daily NewsNew York Daily News YouTube ChannelNew York Daily News Video Stats 124,675,42135,88111.5K10,82785,755
RT DeutschRT Deutsch YouTube ChannelRT Deutsch Video Stats 124,675,32435,78410.9K11,429131,627
ChrisBrownInMyZoneChrisBrownInMyZone YouTube ChannelChrisBrownInMyZone Video Stats 124,658,66919,129373,369,153117,240
Danilo CrespoDanilo Crespo YouTube ChannelDanilo Crespo Video Stats 124,655,03915,499190656,0791,884,767
FoggyDisasterFoggyDisaster YouTube ChannelFoggyDisaster Video Stats 124,652,02812,488891,400,5851,679,343
Emily HartEmily Hart YouTube ChannelEmily Hart Video Stats 124,639,540483258,053333,756
Damien ReactsDamien Reacts YouTube ChannelDamien Reacts Video Stats 124,611,099-28,441143871,4062,799,233
Renata MeinsRenata Meins YouTube ChannelRenata Meins Video Stats 124,585,354-54,186348358,0041,558,986
BrotKidsTVBrotKidsTV YouTube ChannelBrotKidsTV Video Stats 124,575,064-64,4764.3K29,181143,085
WOWsoAmazeWOWsoAmaze YouTube ChannelWOWsoAmaze Video Stats 124,564,602-74,9381211,029,460394,300
lilbpack1lilbpack1 YouTube Channellilbpack1 Video Stats 124,559,472-80,068346359,998207,453
ellimacs sfx makeupellimacs sfx makeup YouTube Channelellimacs sfx makeup Video Stats 124,540,232-99,308261477,166874,277
GalaxyDreamingGalaxyDreaming YouTube ChannelGalaxyDreaming Video Stats 124,540,029-99,511358347,877212,930
gamer4evergamer4ever YouTube Channelgamer4ever Video Stats 124,533,628-105,9123.9K31,777161,593
stardustdaysstardustdays YouTube Channelstardustdays Video Stats 124,476,316-163,224582213,877108,927
TekkTekk YouTube ChannelTekk Video Stats 124,461,688-177,8527.3K17,003377,713
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Start Subs: 333,856     Current Subs: 333,756
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Start Views: 122,878,698     Current Views: 124,639,540
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Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
125,000,000360,46013 D  3/30  2018Tweet
127,500,0002,860,4606 D3 M 6/23  2018Tweet
130,000,0005,360,460 6 M 9/16  2018Tweet
132,500,0007,860,46024 D8 M 12/10  2018Tweet
135,000,00010,360,46019 D11 M 3/06  2019Tweet
137,500,00012,860,46013 D2 M1 Y5/30  2019Tweet
140,000,00015,360,4606 D5 M1 Y8/23  2019Tweet
142,500,00017,860,460 8 M1 Y11/16  2019Tweet
145,000,00020,360,46024 D10 M1 Y2/09  2020Tweet
147,500,00022,860,46018 D1 M2 Y5/04  2020Tweet
150,000,00025,360,46013 D4 M2 Y7/29  2020Tweet
152,500,00027,860,4607 D7 M2 Y10/22  2020Tweet
155,000,00030,360,460 10 M2 Y1/15  2021Tweet