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44,783354517 DayTweet
44,3787595414 DayTweet
43,5501,5875330 DayTweet
42,0293,108522 MonthTweet
40,9804,157463 MonthTweet
41,4213,716314 MonthTweet
40,4924,645315 MonthTweet
39,1166,021336 MonthTweet
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73,154,121  Now
72,889,386264,73537,8197 DayTweet
72,568,057586,06441,86214 DayTweet
71,851,7581,302,36343,41230 DayTweet
70,594,8932,559,22842,6542 MonthTweet
69,611,7743,542,34739,3593 MonthTweet
70,095,0043,059,11725,4934 MonthTweet
69,208,1103,946,01126,3075 MonthTweet
67,783,7495,370,37229,8356 MonthTweet
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30 Day
GeneracionActualGeneracionActual YouTube ChannelGeneracionActual Video Stats 45,1602312269688.3 M
llMegaxlxll videosllMegaxlxll videos YouTube ChannelllMegaxlxll videos Video Stats 45,1592225591316.3 M
57健康同學會57健康同學會 YouTube Channel57健康同學會 Video Stats 45,1572050636.7K10.7 M
TSN // TrickShotzNetworkTSN // TrickShotzNetwork YouTube ChannelTSN // TrickShotzNetwork Video Stats 45,153160-24.2K7.5 M
GameHQNewsGameHQNews YouTube ChannelGameHQNews Video Stats 45,14912801731.1K12.9 M
keropi1713keropi1713 YouTube Channelkeropi1713 Video Stats 45,14477388440.6 M
Forofrio ForoForofrio Foro YouTube ChannelForofrio Foro Video Stats 45,142511413014.5 M
Life With JackieLife With Jackie YouTube ChannelLife With Jackie Video Stats 45,1414209459.5 M
GoDSEIJIBRGoDSEIJIBR YouTube ChannelGoDSEIJIBR Video Stats 45,1403024607.4 M
Surinder SinghSurinder Singh YouTube ChannelSurinder Singh Video Stats 45,1392-316827.3 M
dutchmanmmdutchmanmm YouTube Channeldutchmanmm Video Stats 45,13728531873.2 M
LittlePepeOficialLittlePepeOficial YouTube ChannelLittlePepeOficial Video Stats 45,135-2315410911.2 M
DopeLemonVEVODopeLemonVEVO YouTube ChannelDopeLemonVEVO Video Stats 45,134-32862710.5 M
Brad HusseyBrad Hussey YouTube ChannelBrad Hussey Video Stats 45,133-419361942.8 M
Souzana's Beauty SecretsSouzana's Beauty Secrets YouTube ChannelSouzana's Beauty Secrets Video Stats 45,133-492311633.6 M
Gaming Since GamingGaming Since Gaming YouTube ChannelGaming Since Gaming Video Stats 45,132-511131.3K34.1 M
Country Music AssociationCountry Music Association YouTube ChannelCountry Music Association Video Stats 45,132-50573822.9 M
EskuhbroEskuhbro YouTube ChannelEskuhbro Video Stats 45,132-50-31K8.1 M
streetinfostreetinfo YouTube Channelstreetinfo Video Stats 45,130-72659647 M
Jogando com NilsJogando com Nils YouTube ChannelJogando com Nils Video Stats 45,129-811173103 M
ShihoShiho YouTube ChannelShiho Video Stats 45,127-10861781.7K57 M
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per Video
Peligro FansPeligro Fans YouTube ChannelPeligro Fans Video Stats 73,219,51965,398194377,420196,353
Cover ChannelCover Channel YouTube ChannelCover Channel Video Stats 73,210,67056,54993787,212226,815
ThomasToyTrainsThomasToyTrains YouTube ChannelThomasToyTrains Video Stats 73,208,25354,132247296,39034,970
BBC Comedy GreatsBBC Comedy Greats YouTube ChannelBBC Comedy Greats Video Stats 73,203,84249,721454161,242139,760
El Mundo de IsaEl Mundo de Isa YouTube ChannelEl Mundo de Isa Video Stats 73,197,57943,458239306,2661,129,539
diamondluv05diamondluv05 YouTube Channeldiamondluv05 Video Stats 73,194,48740,366133550,33470,437
Future Card Buddyfight ChannelFuture Card Buddyfight Channel YouTube ChannelFuture Card Buddyfight Channel Video Stats 73,193,32139,200362202,191143,453
Spankie Valentine TVSpankie Valentine TV YouTube ChannelSpankie Valentine TV Video Stats 73,177,21323,092381192,066600,612
Math se fait des films !Math se fait des films ! YouTube ChannelMath se fait des films ! Video Stats 73,169,38715,266110665,176537,337
AlrayyanTVAlrayyanTV YouTube ChannelAlrayyanTV Video Stats 73,162,5178,39615K4,892121,190
dutchmanmmdutchmanmm YouTube Channeldutchmanmm Video Stats 73,154,121184,064,11845,137
Lazy MasqueradeLazy Masquerade YouTube ChannelLazy Masquerade Video Stats 73,149,634-4,487169432,838609,657
Nivea MéxicoNivea México YouTube ChannelNivea México Video Stats 73,148,506-5,615441,662,46619,462
KouKou Brothers 酷酷兄弟KouKou Brothers 酷酷兄弟 YouTube ChannelKouKou Brothers 酷酷兄弟 Video Stats 73,146,506-7,615487150,198310,119
GameChops: Video Game Remix LabelGameChops: Video Game Remix Label YouTube ChannelGameChops: Video Game Remix Label Video Stats 73,146,252-7,86986684,464181,709
Summoned - Hearthstone MomentsSummoned - Hearthstone Moments YouTube ChannelSummoned - Hearthstone Moments Video Stats 73,135,153-18,968434168,514195,808
sacredversessacredverses YouTube Channelsacredverses Video Stats 73,134,885-19,2361.5K50,092187,709
SANTAQUINO69SANTAQUINO69 YouTube ChannelSANTAQUINO69 Video Stats 73,129,582-24,53984870,59029,406
gentetuyagentetuya YouTube Channelgentetuya Video Stats 73,129,092-25,02914.6K5,02689,912
TeknoSeyirTeknoSeyir YouTube ChannelTeknoSeyir Video Stats 73,127,242-26,8792.3K31,989275,512
YunaVEVOYunaVEVO YouTube ChannelYunaVEVO Video Stats 73,112,064-42,057223,323,276313,993
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45,2501133 D  3/27  2018Tweet
45,5003638 D  4/01  2018Tweet
45,75061312 D  4/05  2018Tweet
46,00086317 D  4/10  2018Tweet
46,2501,11322 D  4/15  2018Tweet
46,5001,36327 D  4/20  2018Tweet
46,7501,6131 D1 M 4/25  2018Tweet
47,0001,8635 D1 M 4/29  2018Tweet
47,2502,11310 D1 M 5/04  2018Tweet
47,5002,36315 D1 M 5/09  2018Tweet
47,7502,61320 D1 M 5/14  2018Tweet
48,0002,86325 D1 M 5/19  2018Tweet
48,2503,113 2 M 5/24  2018Tweet
48,5003,3634 D2 M 5/28  2018Tweet
48,7503,6139 D2 M 6/02  2018Tweet
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Start Views: 70,594,893     Current Views: 73,154,121
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73,250,00095,8793 D  3/27  2018Tweet
73,500,000345,8799 D  4/02  2018Tweet
73,750,000595,87914 D  4/07  2018Tweet
74,000,000845,87920 D  4/13  2018Tweet
74,250,0001,095,87926 D  4/19  2018Tweet
74,500,0001,345,8791 D1 M 4/25  2018Tweet
74,750,0001,595,8797 D1 M 5/01  2018Tweet
75,000,0001,845,87913 D1 M 5/07  2018Tweet
75,250,0002,095,87919 D1 M 5/13  2018Tweet
75,500,0002,345,87924 D1 M 5/18  2018Tweet
75,750,0002,595,879 2 M 5/24  2018Tweet
76,000,0002,845,8796 D2 M 5/30  2018Tweet
76,250,0003,095,87912 D2 M 6/05  2018Tweet
76,500,0003,345,87918 D2 M 6/11  2018Tweet
76,750,0003,595,87924 D2 M 6/17  2018Tweet