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20,918  Now
20,924-6-17 DayTweet
20,933-15-114 DayTweet
20,947-29-130 DayTweet
20,970-52-12 MonthTweet
20,978-60-13 MonthTweet
20,975-5704 MonthTweet
20,995-77-15 MonthTweet
21,007-8906 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
23,821,335  Now
23,820,5377981147 DayTweet
23,819,5271,80812914 DayTweet
23,817,1964,13913830 DayTweet
23,812,6708,6651442 MonthTweet
23,807,67913,6561523 MonthTweet
23,809,21912,1161014 MonthTweet
23,804,53016,8051125 MonthTweet
23,800,32021,0151176 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
D aceD ace YouTube ChannelD ace Video Stats 20,9224034.4K21.9 M
robbiejannrobbiejann YouTube Channelrobbiejann Video Stats 20,922451416152.2 M
World Government SummitWorld Government Summit YouTube ChannelWorld Government Summit Video Stats 20,922401064619.9 M
Sony Xperia ESSony Xperia ES YouTube ChannelSony Xperia ES Video Stats 20,922401221526.3 M
soularashssoularashs YouTube Channelsoularashs Video Stats 20,9224013314 M
KitchenAidKitchenAid YouTube ChannelKitchenAid Video Stats 20,9213182225311.7 M
nsbikesconsbikesco YouTube Channelnsbikesco Video Stats 20,9202061053.7 M
VallenatoHDVallenatoHD YouTube ChannelVallenatoHD Video Stats 20,91910102452.8 M
Myka ClomaMyka Cloma YouTube ChannelMyka Cloma Video Stats 20,919189175581.5 M
gabymsowagabymsowa YouTube Channelgabymsowa Video Stats 20,919114234476 M
djherodjhero YouTube Channeldjhero Video Stats 20,9180-127723.8 M
yasuyukiINFOyasuyukiINFO YouTube ChannelyasuyukiINFO Video Stats 20,91809171211.4 M
x0050027x0050027 YouTube Channelx0050027 Video Stats 20,917-112354228.3 M
Star Group ChannelStar Group Channel YouTube ChannelStar Group Channel Video Stats 20,917-10100
jazzytazzyyyjazzytazzyyy YouTube Channeljazzytazzyyy Video Stats 20,916-20-419662 K
INSEADINSEAD YouTube ChannelINSEAD Video Stats 20,915-31131.2K3.9 M
Anonymous GermanyAnonymous Germany YouTube ChannelAnonymous Germany Video Stats 20,915-30-11955.5 M
Gui7sGui7s YouTube ChannelGui7s Video Stats 20,915-312276313.6 M
crasek unocrasek uno YouTube Channelcrasek uno Video Stats 20,915-305433.7 M
CACox97gamingCACox97gaming YouTube ChannelCACox97gaming Video Stats 20,913-50-11657.6 M
Cody RapolCody Rapol YouTube ChannelCody Rapol Video Stats 20,911-7005409.6 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
NIMFA2828NIMFA2828 YouTube ChannelNIMFA2828 Video Stats 23,832,79211,45729979,7088,282
English For YouEnglish For You YouTube ChannelEnglish For You Video Stats 23,828,4757,140160148,928353,056
Mattyb2001ukMattyb2001uk YouTube ChannelMattyb2001uk Video Stats 23,828,4157,080108220,63311,152
HPSpare25HPSpare25 YouTube ChannelHPSpare25 Video Stats 23,828,1426,807211,914,0711,710
Enable MicroenterprisesEnable Microenterprises YouTube ChannelEnable Microenterprises Video Stats 23,825,1203,78528982,44070,996
Olga LounovaOlga Lounova YouTube ChannelOlga Lounova Video Stats 23,825,0503,715171139,32820,401
ItsSajid AltamiranoItsSajid Altamirano YouTube ChannelItsSajid Altamirano Video Stats 23,823,8262,49125194,916207,128
MallowhouseMallowhouse YouTube ChannelMallowhouse Video Stats 23,823,3902,0551.6K14,58098,217
MatussMatuss YouTube ChannelMatuss Video Stats 23,823,0841,74936165,992189,901
theschuermanshowtheschuermanshow YouTube Channeltheschuermanshow Video Stats 23,821,7404051.6K14,49982,876
djherodjhero YouTube Channeldjhero Video Stats 23,821,33527785,99820,918
vuvu YouTube Channelvu Video Stats 23,819,866-1,46926K91757,438
Noga BeatboxNoga Beatbox YouTube ChannelNoga Beatbox Video Stats 23,819,382-1,953178133,8179,668
HISHE KidsHISHE Kids YouTube ChannelHISHE Kids Video Stats 23,819,274-2,06133721,796140,881
4 the fun of it4 the fun of it YouTube Channel4 the fun of it Video Stats 23,818,213-3,1221.5K15,83712,252
Mr88668866Mr88668866 YouTube ChannelMr88668866 Video Stats 23,817,883-3,45293256,10634,396
Kiss KateKiss Kate YouTube ChannelKiss Kate Video Stats 23,817,864-3,471114208,929367,033
Sahabat NestleSahabat Nestle YouTube ChannelSahabat Nestle Video Stats 23,814,150-7,185100238,14221,015
Jessica ArevaloJessica Arevalo YouTube ChannelJessica Arevalo Video Stats 23,813,153-8,18234169,833208,965
脳力開発 - 集中・記憶・対人脳力開発 - 集中・記憶・対人 YouTube Channel脳力開発 - 集中・記憶・対人 Video Stats 23,813,147-8,188171,400,77371,684
じんたん/JINTANじんたん/JINTAN YouTube Channelじんたん/JINTAN Video Stats 23,812,569-8,7662.5K9,50653,619
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