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60  Now
60007 DayTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
58,202  Now
58,12379117 DayTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
GeniusMiticosGeniusMiticos YouTube ChannelGeniusMiticos Video Stats 60000242 K
MrVildeCanalMrVildeCanal YouTube ChannelMrVildeCanal Video Stats 60000152
C4MagicPvPC4MagicPvP YouTube ChannelC4MagicPvP Video Stats 60000141 K
Sean McCaffreySean McCaffrey YouTube ChannelSean McCaffrey Video Stats 60000185
SilenceinHDSilenceinHD YouTube ChannelSilenceinHD Video Stats 6000023237 K
mahermaher YouTube Channelmaher Video Stats 6000000
ergenszergensz YouTube Channelergensz Video Stats 600009581 K
gt4gt4 YouTube Channelgt4 Video Stats 6000000
hy2hy2 YouTube Channelhy2 Video Stats 6000000
kato katanakato katana YouTube Channelkato katana Video Stats 60000988 K
daphnebluebanddaphneblueband YouTube Channeldaphneblueband Video Stats 6000658 K
SquiddeySquiddey YouTube ChannelSquiddey Video Stats 60000499 K
jamesoconnelljamesoconnell YouTube Channeljamesoconnell Video Stats 6000057240 K
ChelseaMaydayChelseaMayday YouTube ChannelChelseaMayday Video Stats 6000042 K
Myke23Myke23 YouTube ChannelMyke23 Video Stats 60000358 K
BosstonnBosstonn YouTube ChannelBosstonn Video Stats 6000071.7 M
Kevin CumminsKevin Cummins YouTube ChannelKevin Cummins Video Stats 600002545 K
scooterskillzscooterskillz YouTube Channelscooterskillz Video Stats 600004687 K
YeReMaTYeReMaT YouTube ChannelYeReMaT Video Stats 60000601.1 M
lunitylunity YouTube Channellunity Video Stats 6000000
iHawixChanneliHawixChannel YouTube ChanneliHawixChannel Video Stats 60000112 K
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Danny StackDanny Stack YouTube ChannelDanny Stack Video Stats 58,2042134,47725
livinhollywoodlivinhollywood YouTube Channellivinhollywood Video Stats 58,204287,2767
Pete SimpsonPete Simpson YouTube ChannelPete Simpson Video Stats 58,204287,27610
alibaba0alibaba0 YouTube Channelalibaba0 Video Stats 58,203178,31515
Priscilla OrtegaPriscilla Ortega YouTube ChannelPriscilla Ortega Video Stats 58,20317577611
crossmultimediacrossmultimedia YouTube Channelcrossmultimedia Video Stats 58,2031232,5319
YakariZulaYakariZula YouTube ChannelYakariZula Video Stats 58,2031381,532398
twentyshowtwentyshow YouTube Channeltwentyshow Video Stats 58,2020414,55119
mysticspiritonemysticspiritone YouTube Channelmysticspiritone Video Stats 58,202099588652
JACMMJACMM YouTube ChannelJACMM Video Stats 58,2020319,40112
daphnebluebanddaphneblueband YouTube Channeldaphneblueband Video Stats 58,20269,70060
hdiclipshdiclips YouTube Channelhdiclips Video Stats 58,201-16885634
Ashraya Initiative for Children (AIC)Ashraya Initiative for Children (AIC) YouTube ChannelAshraya Initiative for Children (AIC) Video Stats 58,200-26392446
Athanasia666Athanasia666 YouTube ChannelAthanasia666 Video Stats 58,200-2511,64012
Nicolas BausNicolas Baus YouTube ChannelNicolas Baus Video Stats 58,199-3272,156128
Shu-man GurungShu-man Gurung YouTube ChannelShu-man Gurung Video Stats 58,198-46589528
cheekugamescheekugames YouTube Channelcheekugames Video Stats 58,198-4124,85015
Deborah276Deborah276 YouTube ChannelDeborah276 Video Stats 58,198-4319,3996
yoshifan81yoshifan81 YouTube Channelyoshifan81 Video Stats 58,198-4183,23311
Sara KeanySara Keany YouTube ChannelSara Keany Video Stats 58,198-478746159
REOS MUSICREOS MUSIC YouTube ChannelREOS MUSIC Video Stats 58,197-5105554115
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Start Views: 58,123     Current Views: 58,202
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58,250486 D1 M 1/02  2015Tweet
58,50029814 D7 M 7/11  2015Tweet
58,75054821 D1 M1 Y1/17  2016Tweet
59,00079829 D7 M1 Y7/25  2016Tweet
59,2501,0485 D2 M2 Y1/30  2017Tweet
59,5001,29812 D8 M2 Y8/08  2017Tweet