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473,168  Now
471,6951,4732107 DayTweet
462,57610,59275714 DayTweet
437,80035,3681,17930 DayTweet
408,58064,5881,0762 MonthTweet
377,11296,0561,0673 MonthTweet
381,22891,9407664 MonthTweet
349,512123,6568245 MonthTweet
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44,258,507  Now
1,964,61142,293,8966,041,9857 DayTweet
130,917,099-86,658,592-6,189,89914 DayTweet
93,467,746-49,209,239-1,640,30830 DayTweet
124,077,081-79,818,574-1,330,3102 MonthTweet
114,572,519-70,314,012-781,2673 MonthTweet
116,115,653-71,857,146-598,8104 MonthTweet
109,623,826-65,365,319-435,7695 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Gromie BearGromie Bear YouTube ChannelGromie Bear Video Stats9881473,50233423650311124.4 M
AlJuhara Sajer (JaysCherry)AlJuhara Sajer (JaysCherry) YouTube ChannelAlJuhara Sajer (JaysCherry) Video Stats9882473,47330514429326851.5 M
Супер Ёжик - МАЙНКРАФТСупер Ёжик - МАЙНКРАФТ YouTube ChannelСупер Ёжик - МАЙНКРАФТ Video Stats9883473,44027298163461138.8 M
Talk IslamTalk Islam YouTube ChannelTalk Islam Video Stats9884473,3551872092695131.2 M
Alex MandostyleAlex Mandostyle YouTube ChannelAlex Mandostyle Video Stats9885473,35318515926142150.1 M
Paloma SoaresPaloma Soares YouTube ChannelPaloma Soares Video Stats9886473,34617837843896957.9 M
meade916meade916 YouTube Channelmeade916 Video Stats9887473,3141461471211.2K223.9 M
REMBOLREMBOL YouTube ChannelREMBOL Video Stats9888473,30213425231126853 M
Savannah BrownSavannah Brown YouTube ChannelSavannah Brown Video Stats9889473,301133815510223 M
Organize sem Frescuras!Organize sem Frescuras! YouTube ChannelOrganize sem Frescuras! Video Stats9890473,2467862867032634.5 M
DJ NiR MaimonDJ NiR Maimon YouTube ChannelDJ NiR Maimon Video Stats9891473,1682481,1793444.3 M
Berserker GameBerserker Game YouTube ChannelBerserker Game Video Stats9892473,082-8652249078771.2 M
Put ChutneyPut Chutney YouTube ChannelPut Chutney Video Stats9893473,036-1324611,01222954.1 M
JidennaVEVOJidennaVEVO YouTube ChannelJidennaVEVO Video Stats9894472,981-18722826435165.2 M
fantasy CLOOBfantasy CLOOB YouTube Channelfantasy CLOOB Video Stats9895472,958-21032923847311.7 M
LiveSciFiLiveSciFi YouTube ChannelLiveSciFi Video Stats9896472,953-215342663073.4 M
Lithuania HQLithuania HQ YouTube ChannelLithuania HQ Video Stats9897472,912-256369219697196 M
kemiokemio YouTube Channelkemio Video Stats9898472,872-29647079210058.5 M
GymRaGymRa YouTube ChannelGymRa Video Stats9899472,868-3009513542374.8 M
BalajiMotionPicturesBalajiMotionPictures YouTube ChannelBalajiMotionPictures Video Stats9900472,630-538170138486224.4 M
PomplamooseMusicPomplamooseMusic YouTube ChannelPomplamooseMusic Video Stats9901472,627-541-81093119.1 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
WhoSeeKlapaWhoSeeKlapa YouTube ChannelWhoSeeKlapa Video Stats 44,278,58720,08064691,85348,923
Любамир КатаровЛюбамир Катаров YouTube ChannelЛюбамир Катаров Video Stats 44,278,01019,5031.5K28,659138,132
Rastavibe13Rastavibe13 YouTube ChannelRastavibe13 Video Stats 44,275,14016,633239185,25212,567
davrix23davrix23 YouTube Channeldavrix23 Video Stats 44,274,44815,9417.6K5,862107,011
miradormexmiradormex YouTube Channelmiradormex Video Stats 44,274,21715,71082539,92925,374
comicfpscomicfps YouTube Channelcomicfps Video Stats 44,273,49614,98948491,47412,849
seigen120kaihinseigen120kaihin YouTube Channelseigen120kaihin Video Stats 44,270,45011,9433.9K11,32820,109
Broken Comedy OffiziellBroken Comedy Offiziell YouTube ChannelBroken Comedy Offiziell Video Stats 44,260,8202,313183241,86265,365
Maldito RecordsMaldito Records YouTube ChannelMaldito Records Video Stats 44,259,0475401.3K34,65966,725
Valeria LukyanovaValeria Lukyanova YouTube ChannelValeria Lukyanova Video Stats 44,259,0205131.3K34,877146,722
DJ NiR MaimonDJ NiR Maimon YouTube ChannelDJ NiR Maimon Video Stats 44,258,507341,301,721473,168
Jarir BookstoreJarir Bookstore YouTube ChannelJarir Bookstore Video Stats 44,253,853-4,654347127,533157,272
GoSwimGoSwim YouTube ChannelGoSwim Video Stats 44,252,289-6,21857676,82798,641
Телестудия РоскосмосаТелестудия Роскосмоса YouTube ChannelТелестудия Роскосмоса Video Stats 44,251,108-7,3993.1K14,279116,097
atmosfearic1atmosfearic1 YouTube Channelatmosfearic1 Video Stats 44,247,997-10,510258171,50413,930
MusicLoverGal369MusicLoverGal369 YouTube ChannelMusicLoverGal369 Video Stats 44,239,685-18,822271,638,50716,611
FimlarFimlar YouTube ChannelFimlar Video Stats 44,237,775-20,7322K22,009144,775
PowerModzPowerModz YouTube ChannelPowerModz Video Stats 44,234,547-23,9601.2K38,431103,760
mounthaganemounthagane YouTube Channelmounthagane Video Stats 44,234,342-24,165319138,66628,896
Alycia MarieAlycia Marie YouTube ChannelAlycia Marie Video Stats 44,231,126-27,381301146,947453,719
Sara SabatéSara Sabaté YouTube ChannelSara Sabaté Video Stats 44,229,801-28,706242182,768372,403
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Based on 64,588 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 1,076 added per day.
Start Subs: 408,580     Current Subs: 473,168
Subs Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
475,0001,8322 D  9/26  2017Tweet
477,5004,3325 D  9/29  2017Tweet
480,0006,8327 D  10/01  2017Tweet
482,5009,3329 D  10/03  2017Tweet
485,00011,83211 D  10/05  2017Tweet
487,50014,33214 D  10/08  2017Tweet
490,00016,83216 D  10/10  2017Tweet
492,50019,33218 D  10/12  2017Tweet
495,00021,83221 D  10/15  2017Tweet
497,50024,33223 D  10/17  2017Tweet
500,00026,83225 D  10/19  2017Tweet
502,50029,33228 D  10/22  2017Tweet
505,00031,83230 D  10/24  2017Tweet
507,50034,3321 D1 M 10/26  2017Tweet
510,00036,8324 D1 M 10/29  2017Tweet
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Based on -79,818,574 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of -1,330,310 added per day.
Start Views: 124,077,081     Current Views: 44,258,507
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