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471,6951,4732107 DayTweet
462,57610,59275714 DayTweet
437,80035,3681,17930 DayTweet
408,58064,5881,0762 MonthTweet
377,11296,0561,0673 MonthTweet
440,74432,4242704 MonthTweet
410,73662,4324165 MonthTweet
378,57994,5895256 MonthTweet
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44,258,507  Now
1,964,61142,293,8966,041,9857 DayTweet
130,917,099-86,658,592-6,189,89914 DayTweet
93,467,746-49,209,239-1,640,30830 DayTweet
124,077,081-79,818,574-1,330,3102 MonthTweet
114,572,519-70,314,012-781,2673 MonthTweet
94,199,217-49,940,710-416,1734 MonthTweet
124,476,076-80,217,569-534,7845 MonthTweet
114,901,859-70,643,352-392,4636 MonthTweet
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30 Day
FuseFuse YouTube ChannelFuse Video Stats 473,4602927541554.2K146 M
Pepe El MagoPepe El Mago YouTube ChannelPepe El Mago Video Stats 473,4192511,40065312165.2 M
VALDVEVOVALDVEVO YouTube ChannelVALDVEVO Video Stats 473,44727961953924116.4 M
Chris MonroeChris Monroe YouTube ChannelChris Monroe Video Stats 473,348180-32-141137.7 M
Enrique BunburyEnrique Bunbury YouTube ChannelEnrique Bunbury Video Stats 473,364196738819134214.8 M
Fit Media ChannelFit Media Channel YouTube ChannelFit Media Channel Video Stats 473,4082401,4371,087348101.4 M
bonnietylerVEVObonnietylerVEVO YouTube ChannelbonnietylerVEVO Video Stats 473,31714954651630402.6 M
Alissa OfficialAlissa Official YouTube ChannelAlissa Official Video Stats 473,4122447211954213.9 M
UtyCoolUtyCool YouTube ChannelUtyCool Video Stats 473,24981763064755.1 M
Red Bull RecordsRed Bull Records YouTube ChannelRed Bull Records Video Stats 473,19426287309359233 M
DJ NiR MaimonDJ NiR Maimon YouTube ChannelDJ NiR Maimon Video Stats 473,1682481,1793444.3 M
PomplamooseMusicPomplamooseMusic YouTube ChannelPomplamooseMusic Video Stats 473,135-3317993119.5 M
WaltDisneyStudiosESWaltDisneyStudiosES YouTube ChannelWaltDisneyStudiosES Video Stats 473,111-573983071K328.4 M
MrQuotyMrQuoty YouTube ChannelMrQuoty Video Stats 473,011-157551222.8K100.4 M
AstonishingStudiosAstonishingStudios YouTube ChannelAstonishingStudios Video Stats 472,921-247669493201123.4 M
SRGAME実況SRGAME実況 YouTube ChannelSRGAME実況 Video Stats 472,848-3207558992303.7 M
ReviewsCJReviewsCJ YouTube ChannelReviewsCJ Video Stats 472,845-32324013838128.7 M
Sing mit mir - KinderliederSing mit mir - Kinderlieder YouTube ChannelSing mit mir - Kinderlieder Video Stats 472,894-2741,057963116612.2 M
The GiggleBellies - FUN videos for Kids!The GiggleBellies - FUN videos for Kids! YouTube ChannelThe GiggleBellies - FUN videos for Kids! Video Stats 472,722-4463019124608.1 M
LiveSciFiLiveSciFi YouTube ChannelLiveSciFi Video Stats 472,671-4970464874.3 M
Nej D'LuxNej D'Lux YouTube ChannelNej D'Lux Video Stats 472,688-48067925114257.5 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Benjamin JønssonBenjamin Jønsson YouTube ChannelBenjamin Jønsson Video Stats 44,291,69533,188192230,686113,903
BaconCountryBaconCountry YouTube ChannelBaconCountry Video Stats 44,293,06334,55667166,011176,540
adi de la valceaadi de la valcea YouTube Channeladi de la valcea Video Stats 44,291,26232,755213207,94063,693
Dean Fleischer-CampDean Fleischer-Camp YouTube ChannelDean Fleischer-Camp Video Stats 44,286,92828,42158,857,38672,607
MotoManTVMotoManTV YouTube ChannelMotoManTV Video Stats 44,289,28630,77972960,753164,598
Valerie RecordsValerie Records YouTube ChannelValerie Records Video Stats 44,283,12524,61877575,10623,324
LuckyFortune8FamilyLuckyFortune8Family YouTube ChannelLuckyFortune8Family Video Stats 44,275,20216,69595946,16892,655
Stree FoodStree Food YouTube ChannelStree Food Video Stats 44,271,72113,214206214,911115,539
444.hu444.hu YouTube Channel444.hu Video Stats 44,270,53912,03258675,54797,792
安心亞 Amber An安心亞 Amber An YouTube Channel安心亞 Amber An Video Stats 44,265,5867,07970632,36680,518
DJ NiR MaimonDJ NiR Maimon YouTube ChannelDJ NiR Maimon Video Stats 44,258,507341,301,721473,168
REAL LIFE HEROESREAL LIFE HEROES YouTube ChannelREAL LIFE HEROES Video Stats 44,259,7371,23060737,662268,405
Rockstar Games UKRockstar Games UK YouTube ChannelRockstar Games UK Video Stats 44,251,252-7,255110402,284109,255
GiannaNanniniVEVOGiannaNanniniVEVO YouTube ChannelGiannaNanniniVEVO Video Stats 44,247,416-11,091212,107,02055,942
Nazar10TVNazar10TV YouTube ChannelNazar10TV Video Stats 44,245,722-12,78581546,243113,517
iz7 gamesiz7 games YouTube Channeliz7 games Video Stats 44,244,528-13,97985451,809356,452
Zent ReviewZent Review YouTube ChannelZent Review Video Stats 44,257,309-1,19874559,40697,794
ErtyezErtyez YouTube ChannelErtyez Video Stats 44,249,815-8,69270362,944195,460
Kristiāns Laķis-LazdānsKristiāns Laķis-Lazdāns YouTube ChannelKristiāns Laķis-Lazdāns Video Stats 44,242,266-16,2411.7K25,99415,684
fightingdreamersprofightingdreamerspro YouTube Channelfightingdreamerspro Video Stats 44,240,482-18,025279158,568187,079
the fitness boythe fitness boy YouTube Channelthe fitness boy Video Stats 44,244,990-13,517160276,531551,221
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475,0001,8322 D  11/22  2017Tweet
477,5004,3325 D  11/25  2017Tweet
480,0006,8327 D  11/27  2017Tweet
482,5009,3329 D  11/29  2017Tweet
485,00011,83211 D  12/01  2017Tweet
487,50014,33214 D  12/04  2017Tweet
490,00016,83216 D  12/06  2017Tweet
492,50019,33218 D  12/08  2017Tweet
495,00021,83221 D  12/11  2017Tweet
497,50024,33223 D  12/13  2017Tweet
500,00026,83225 D  12/15  2017Tweet
502,50029,33228 D  12/18  2017Tweet
505,00031,83230 D  12/20  2017Tweet
507,50034,3321 D1 M 12/22  2017Tweet
510,00036,8324 D1 M 12/25  2017Tweet
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