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4,740,240  Now
4,725,10515,1352,1627 DayTweet
4,664,31475,9265,42314 DayTweet
4,513,978226,2627,54230 DayTweet
4,220,233520,0078,6672 MonthTweet
3,880,594859,6469,5523 MonthTweet
3,847,608892,6327,4394 MonthTweet
3,535,1071,205,1338,0345 MonthTweet
3,260,3361,479,9048,2226 MonthTweet
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61,004  Now
2,147,544,652-2,147,483,648-306,783,3787 DayTweet
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30 Day
팜팜 PomPom팜팜 PomPom YouTube Channel팜팜 PomPom Video Stats5374,788,23647,9967,2394,5961.8K2.37 B
MBC GROUPMBC GROUP YouTube ChannelMBC GROUP Video Stats5384,783,94443,7042,7202,0622.1K2.61 B
LilWayneVEVOLilWayneVEVO YouTube ChannelLilWayneVEVO Video Stats5394,783,45343,2131,4971,556352.17 B
Nash GrierNash Grier YouTube ChannelNash Grier Video Stats5404,779,07238,832-1286992464.1 M
JeromeASFJeromeASF YouTube ChannelJeromeASF Video Stats5414,775,90935,6691,2532325.6K1.3 B
Carlos ValdesCarlos Valdes YouTube ChannelCarlos Valdes Video Stats5424,774,75934,51915,92019,1112091.53 B
EvanTubeHDEvanTubeHD YouTube ChannelEvanTubeHD Video Stats5434,758,18917,9492,8002,4845523.15 B
Pina RecordsPina Records YouTube ChannelPina Records Video Stats5444,747,8907,65014,86815,5053102.94 B
DesimpedidosDesimpedidos YouTube ChannelDesimpedidos Video Stats5454,745,5245,2843,4763,8011.3K971.4 M
MoreAliAMoreAliA YouTube ChannelMoreAliA Video Stats5464,740,5833432,2431,8121.4K857.8 M
Freak Family VlogsFreak Family Vlogs YouTube ChannelFreak Family Vlogs Video Stats5474,740,240-8467,542161 K
Juliana BaltarJuliana Baltar YouTube ChannelJuliana Baltar Video Stats5484,728,388-11,85212,0978,4963921.23 B
Planeta das GêmeasPlaneta das Gêmeas YouTube ChannelPlaneta das Gêmeas Video Stats5494,725,171-15,06916,85315,0503391.31 B
GronkhGronkh YouTube ChannelGronkh Video Stats5504,720,644-19,5963231,21610K2.47 B
BibisBeautyPalaceBibisBeautyPalace YouTube ChannelBibisBeautyPalace Video Stats5514,716,946-23,2941,3962,3075781.71 B
Madilyn BaileyMadilyn Bailey YouTube ChannelMadilyn Bailey Video Stats5524,708,060-32,1803,0913,227190693.7 M
FaZe ApexFaZe Apex YouTube ChannelFaZe Apex Video Stats5534,704,078-36,1621682531.6K862.2 M
Simply NailogicalSimply Nailogical YouTube ChannelSimply Nailogical Video Stats5544,695,582-44,6587,6304,385340709.7 M
Jaclyn HillJaclyn Hill YouTube ChannelJaclyn Hill Video Stats5554,688,291-51,9493,2323,510303387.7 M
WylsacomWylsacom YouTube ChannelWylsacom Video Stats5564,686,787-53,4533,4533,4061.5K906.3 M
LenayLenay YouTube ChannelLenay Video Stats5574,683,123-57,1176,5445,5961K566.7 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Brave HeartBrave Heart YouTube ChannelBrave Heart Video Stats 61,0084601,01730
gannsganns YouTube Channelganns Video Stats 61,0084282,17925
Judit ApathyJudit Apathy YouTube ChannelJudit Apathy Video Stats 61,0084561,08917
ARPIT SINHAARPIT SINHA YouTube ChannelARPIT SINHA Video Stats 61,0084232,65319
nijikarecordnijikarecord YouTube Channelnijikarecord Video Stats 61,0084415,25261
Chris SummerChris Summer YouTube ChannelChris Summer Video Stats 61,0073371,649158
Dumitru ValentinDumitru Valentin YouTube ChannelDumitru Valentin Video Stats 61,0062451,356672
jplessardjplessard YouTube Channeljplessard Video Stats 61,0040125,08418
Amanda SouzaAmanda Souza YouTube ChannelAmanda Souza Video Stats 61,00408274493
Ryan BuffettRyan Buffett YouTube ChannelRyan Buffett Video Stats 61,0040321,90613
Freak Family VlogsFreak Family Vlogs YouTube ChannelFreak Family Vlogs Video Stats 61,004161,0044,740,240
Michael KauffmannMichael Kauffmann YouTube ChannelMichael Kauffmann Video Stats 61,0040242,54281
Isidro RobinsonIsidro Robinson YouTube ChannelIsidro Robinson Video Stats 61,003-1331,84924
Dei DDei D YouTube ChannelDei D Video Stats 61,003-1391,564259
TKD3BassoonTKD3Bassoon YouTube ChannelTKD3Bassoon Video Stats 61,002-2144,35755
MadeByHandsOfBritainMadeByHandsOfBritain YouTube ChannelMadeByHandsOfBritain Video Stats 61,002-2401,525166
nello brownnello brown YouTube Channelnello brown Video Stats 61,002-2610,16790
Cine GapCine Gap YouTube ChannelCine Gap Video Stats 61,002-2282,17944
Jaboc05Jaboc05 YouTube ChannelJaboc05 Video Stats 61,001-3242,54225
pglolopglolo YouTube Channelpglolo Video Stats 61,001-3173,58881
Black CircusBlack Circus YouTube ChannelBlack Circus Video Stats 61,001-395642199
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Based on 520,007 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 8,667 added per day.
Start Subs: 4,220,233     Current Subs: 4,740,240
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Date Goal Will
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4,750,0009,7602 D  12/19  2017Tweet
4,775,00034,7605 D  12/22  2017Tweet
4,800,00059,7607 D  12/24  2017Tweet
4,825,00084,76010 D  12/27  2017Tweet
4,850,000109,76013 D  12/30  2017Tweet
4,875,000134,76016 D  1/02  2018Tweet
4,900,000159,76019 D  1/05  2018Tweet
4,925,000184,76022 D  1/08  2018Tweet
4,950,000209,76025 D  1/11  2018Tweet
4,975,000234,76028 D  1/14  2018Tweet
5,000,000259,76030 D  1/16  2018Tweet
5,250,000509,76028 D1 M 2/14  2018Tweet
5,500,000759,76027 D2 M 3/15  2018Tweet
5,750,0001,009,76025 D3 M 4/13  2018Tweet
6,000,0001,259,76024 D4 M 5/12  2018Tweet
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Based on -2,972,381,919 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of -49,539,699 added per day.
Start Views: 2,972,442,923     Current Views: 61,004
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