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939,57411,55982614 DayTweet
906,58344,5501,48530 DayTweet
886,36964,7641,0792 MonthTweet
863,08788,0469783 MonthTweet
878,28772,8466074 MonthTweet
839,033112,1007475 MonthTweet
802,756148,3778246 MonthTweet
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88,378,339  Now
87,712,543665,79695,1147 DayTweet
86,794,8771,583,462113,10414 DayTweet
140,341,482-51,963,143-1,732,10530 DayTweet
138,578,707-50,200,368-836,6732 MonthTweet
138,417,308-50,038,969-555,9893 MonthTweet
140,613,111-52,234,772-435,2904 MonthTweet
135,460,012-47,081,673-313,8785 MonthTweet
128,727,730-40,349,391-224,1636 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Fernandinho Ministério Faz ChoverFernandinho Ministério Faz Chover YouTube ChannelFernandinho Ministério Faz Chover Video Stats5560953,0141,8811,2821,954242278.9 M
Dudu Rocha Tec.Dudu Rocha Tec. YouTube ChannelDudu Rocha Tec. Video Stats5561952,9681,83520444552085.9 M
Animal Aid Unlimited, IndiaAnimal Aid Unlimited, India YouTube ChannelAnimal Aid Unlimited, India Video Stats5562952,9521,8191,0561,986152311 M
MrMonoFilmMrMonoFilm YouTube ChannelMrMonoFilm Video Stats5563952,7761,643428468224365.8 M
Jesse CoxJesse Cox YouTube ChannelJesse Cox Video Stats5564952,7111,578-12354K461.2 M
SunKissAlbaSunKissAlba YouTube ChannelSunKissAlba Video Stats5565952,6601,52721551417850.8 M
super hero kids rhymessuper hero kids rhymes YouTube Channelsuper hero kids rhymes Video Stats5566952,5291,396-59-11256 K
SephoraSephora YouTube ChannelSephora Video Stats5567951,6515181424092.3K137.3 M
TravieBASEDTravieBASED YouTube ChannelTravieBASED Video Stats5568951,452319-14-5420872.5 M
OvelhaNiggaOvelhaNigga YouTube ChannelOvelhaNigga Video Stats5569951,13851,2041,84616550.9 M
Cozinhando com SarinhaCozinhando com Sarinha YouTube ChannelCozinhando com Sarinha Video Stats5570951,1333391,48535388.4 M
AlessoOfficialVEVOAlessoOfficialVEVO YouTube ChannelAlessoOfficialVEVO Video Stats5571951,092-4114425815325.7 M
NukemDukemNukemDukem YouTube ChannelNukemDukem Video Stats5572950,834-2992995.8K217.7 M
CycloMusicCycloMusic YouTube ChannelCycloMusic Video Stats5573950,790-343565740174101.4 M
Health And FitnessHealth And Fitness YouTube ChannelHealth And Fitness Video Stats5574950,769-3648861,33442399.7 M
NormanVideosBonusNormanVideosBonus YouTube ChannelNormanVideosBonus Video Stats5575950,764-3691474482848.3 M
KidCudiVEVOKidCudiVEVO YouTube ChannelKidCudiVEVO Video Stats5576950,598-53515637713446.1 M
アンパンマン アニメ&おもちゃアンパンマン アニメ&おもちゃ YouTube Channelアンパンマン アニメ&おもちゃ Video Stats5577950,537-5962646923.3K1.64 B
FullyRawKristinaFullyRawKristina YouTube ChannelFullyRawKristina Video Stats5578950,018-1,11522037050496.4 M
ArcangelVEVOArcangelVEVO YouTube ChannelArcangelVEVO Video Stats5579949,845-1,2881563678338.4 M
ToyToysBrasilToyToysBrasil YouTube ChannelToyToysBrasil Video Stats5580949,502-1,631266592605286.1 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Sweet Treats PlaydoughSweet Treats Playdough YouTube ChannelSweet Treats Playdough Video Stats 88,425,58247,243103858,501125,206
GripinGripin YouTube ChannelGripin Video Stats 88,422,20243,863312,852,32991,211
Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad DToy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad D YouTube ChannelToy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad D Video Stats 88,414,24735,9081.1K82,707132,799
FmastrandeaFmastrandea YouTube ChannelFmastrandea Video Stats 88,404,30025,961329268,706481,633
DuranDuranVEVODuranDuranVEVO YouTube ChannelDuranDuranVEVO Video Stats 88,401,13622,797302,946,70578,712
Coloring Pages for kidsColoring Pages for kids YouTube ChannelColoring Pages for kids Video Stats 88,398,76020,421323273,680207,238
Locos X el AsadoLocos X el Asado YouTube ChannelLocos X el Asado Video Stats 88,397,75319,414296298,641818,665
SÔNG MÃ CASÔNG MÃ CA YouTube ChannelSÔNG MÃ CA Video Stats 88,388,63210,2932.4K36,106113,488
Rain FlorenceRain Florence YouTube ChannelRain Florence Video Stats 88,383,5585,2191.1K82,141114,533
Piano clickPiano click YouTube ChannelPiano click Video Stats 88,381,8223,483300294,606461,152
Cozinhando com SarinhaCozinhando com Sarinha YouTube ChannelCozinhando com Sarinha Video Stats 88,378,339353250,364951,133
Kyra PromotionsKyra Promotions YouTube ChannelKyra Promotions Video Stats 88,364,025-14,3141.3K66,389341,892
Quantum Tech HDQuantum Tech HD YouTube ChannelQuantum Tech HD Video Stats 88,357,336-21,003141626,648373,079
A A N G I EA A N G I E YouTube ChannelA A N G I E Video Stats 88,342,303-36,036111795,877542,803
jaglavaksoldierjaglavaksoldier YouTube Channeljaglavaksoldier Video Stats 88,340,026-38,3131.4K62,78623,924
NexusMusicTVNexusMusicTV YouTube ChannelNexusMusicTV Video Stats 88,324,775-53,564841,051,48564,456
RichPunkz TributeRichPunkz Tribute YouTube ChannelRichPunkz Tribute Video Stats 88,316,912-61,427472187,11288,360
家石田タカフミ CASIOYAZI家石田タカフミ CASIOYAZI YouTube Channel家石田タカフミ CASIOYAZI Video Stats 88,315,056-63,28399289,027116,859
imanewhateverimanewhatever YouTube Channelimanewhatever Video Stats 88,313,016-65,323712,616,14512,993
KBSDocumentaryKBSDocumentary YouTube ChannelKBSDocumentary Video Stats 88,310,563-67,77642.1K2,09855,632
NOIX TVNOIX TV YouTube ChannelNOIX TV Video Stats 88,304,871-73,4687.5K11,741122,858
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Based on 64,764 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 1,079 added per day.
Start Subs: 886,369     Current Subs: 951,133
Subs Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
952,5001,3672 D  3/24  2018Tweet
955,0003,8674 D  3/26  2018Tweet
957,5006,3676 D  3/28  2018Tweet
960,0008,8679 D  3/31  2018Tweet
962,50011,36711 D  4/02  2018Tweet
965,00013,86713 D  4/04  2018Tweet
967,50016,36716 D  4/07  2018Tweet
970,00018,86718 D  4/09  2018Tweet
972,50021,36720 D  4/11  2018Tweet
975,00023,86723 D  4/14  2018Tweet
977,50026,36725 D  4/16  2018Tweet
980,00028,86727 D  4/18  2018Tweet
982,50031,36730 D  4/21  2018Tweet
985,00033,8671 D1 M 4/23  2018Tweet
987,50036,3673 D1 M 4/25  2018Tweet
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Based on -50,200,368 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of -836,673 added per day.
Start Views: 138,578,707     Current Views: 88,378,339
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