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51  Now
51007 DayTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
30,492  Now
30,4613147 DayTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
JaschimotoPS3JaschimotoPS3 YouTube ChannelJaschimotoPS3 Video Stats 510008773
Norey155Norey155 YouTube ChannelNorey155 Video Stats 510001401 K
MajorashornMajorashorn YouTube ChannelMajorashorn Video Stats 51000902 K
Battle2Craft I Hat nichts mit MinecraftBattle2Craft I Hat nichts mit Minecraft YouTube ChannelBattle2Craft I Hat nichts mit Minecraft Video Stats 51000336 K
JonkeeelJonkeeel YouTube ChannelJonkeeel Video Stats 51000675 K
menschmeier360menschmeier360 YouTube Channelmenschmeier360 Video Stats 510001160
TheZlatanwayTheZlatanway YouTube ChannelTheZlatanway Video Stats 510001404
Craig BurnettCraig Burnett YouTube ChannelCraig Burnett Video Stats 510003059 K
Brandon_Who?Brandon_Who? YouTube ChannelBrandon_Who? Video Stats 510005718 K
FMASTA9FMASTA9 YouTube ChannelFMASTA9 Video Stats 5100010500 K
checkacolacheckacola YouTube Channelcheckacola Video Stats 510015030 K
hanna0701hanna0701 YouTube Channelhanna0701 Video Stats 5100021113 K
TheStormofStormsTheStormofStorms YouTube ChannelTheStormofStorms Video Stats 51000156 K
ShadowBelias777ShadowBelias777 YouTube ChannelShadowBelias777 Video Stats 5100015161
mycomputers11mycomputers11 YouTube Channelmycomputers11 Video Stats 510002525 K
SIK LEESIK LEE YouTube ChannelSIK LEE Video Stats 5100012 K
IntelDivisionIntelDivision YouTube ChannelIntelDivision Video Stats 5100022 K
InvertArtsInvertArts YouTube ChannelInvertArts Video Stats 5100081 K
TamfooleryTamfoolery YouTube ChannelTamfoolery Video Stats 510005387
iRapinatoriRapinator YouTube ChanneliRapinator Video Stats 51000302 K
Scott RamsayScott Ramsay YouTube ChannelScott Ramsay Video Stats 510001152 K
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
DJPROCKDJPROCK YouTube ChannelDJPROCK Video Stats 30,494254565401
Tho X. BuiTho X. Bui YouTube ChannelTho X. Bui Video Stats 30,49424666334
Qazi ShehryarQazi Shehryar YouTube ChannelQazi Shehryar Video Stats 30,4942103,04920
MegaDuke911MegaDuke911 YouTube ChannelMegaDuke911 Video Stats 30,4942122,54118
FabrokFabrok YouTube ChannelFabrok Video Stats 30,4942191,605120
Marzio dal monteMarzio dal monte YouTube ChannelMarzio dal monte Video Stats 30,4931132,34646
StradacarsStradacars YouTube ChannelStradacars Video Stats 30,49313558622
4cv894cv89 YouTube Channel4cv89 Video Stats 30,4931130,4932
Herman19888Herman19888 YouTube ChannelHerman19888 Video Stats 30,4931130,4933
therrienpatricktherrienpatrick YouTube Channeltherrienpatrick Video Stats 30,4920310,1649
checkacolacheckacola YouTube Channelcheckacola Video Stats 30,49215020351
Christine JewChristine Jew YouTube ChannelChristine Jew Video Stats 30,492074,3565
ControlMaxfsControlMaxfs YouTube ChannelControlMaxfs Video Stats 30,4920251,22047
FunnyGameHighlightsFunnyGameHighlights YouTube ChannelFunnyGameHighlights Video Stats 30,49209930831
Zeitgeist94Zeitgeist94 YouTube ChannelZeitgeist94 Video Stats 30,491-1130,4916
TheGirlWhoWaitedtvTheGirlWhoWaitedtv YouTube ChannelTheGirlWhoWaitedtv Video Stats 30,491-1158193194
big4wheelerbig4wheeler YouTube Channelbig4wheeler Video Stats 30,491-193,38854
Swe KiwiSwe Kiwi YouTube ChannelSwe Kiwi Video Stats 30,491-183,81112
John MayerJohn Mayer YouTube ChannelJohn Mayer Video Stats 30,491-13978216
nicescraps18nicescraps18 YouTube Channelnicescraps18 Video Stats 30,490-2112,7722
midenightangelsmidenightangels YouTube Channelmidenightangels Video Stats 30,490-28038150
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Start Views: 29,917     Current Views: 30,492
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Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
30,50081 D  12/19  2014Tweet
30,75025827 D  1/14  2015Tweet
31,00050823 D1 M 2/10  2015Tweet
31,25075819 D2 M 3/08  2015Tweet
31,5001,00814 D3 M 4/03  2015Tweet
31,7501,25810 D4 M 4/29  2015Tweet
32,0001,5085 D5 M 5/25  2015Tweet
32,2501,7581 D6 M 6/20  2015Tweet
32,5002,00827 D6 M 7/16  2015Tweet
32,7502,25823 D7 M 8/11  2015Tweet
33,0002,50818 D8 M 9/06  2015Tweet
33,2502,75814 D9 M 10/02  2015Tweet
33,5003,0089 D10 M 10/28  2015Tweet
33,7503,2585 D11 M 11/23  2015Tweet
34,0003,5082 D 1 Y12/20  2015Tweet