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50  Now
50007 DayTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
29,276  Now
29,2215587 DayTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
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30 Day
MaNiQuZMaNiQuZ YouTube ChannelMaNiQuZ Video Stats 5000000
highas Hzsaglhighas Hzsagl YouTube Channelhighas Hzsagl Video Stats 5000000
buppie1999buppie1999 YouTube Channelbuppie1999 Video Stats 500001161 K
Rafael AlmeidaRafael Almeida YouTube ChannelRafael Almeida Video Stats 500007132 K
lyonnaisedeseauxlyonnaisedeseaux YouTube Channellyonnaisedeseaux Video Stats 500002911 K
FlowProductFlowProduct YouTube ChannelFlowProduct Video Stats 50000237 K
Caleb BrummCaleb Brumm YouTube ChannelCaleb Brumm Video Stats 500001110 K
regretfulsk8rregretfulsk8r YouTube Channelregretfulsk8r Video Stats 50000154 K
Sniper474LetsPlaysSniper474LetsPlays YouTube ChannelSniper474LetsPlays Video Stats 50000276 K
SmartComedySmartComedy YouTube ChannelSmartComedy Video Stats 500003361 K
checkacolacheckacola YouTube Channelcheckacola Video Stats 500014929 K
CrashDance FiveFourThreeTwoOneCrashDance FiveFourThreeTwoOne YouTube ChannelCrashDance FiveFourThreeTwoOne Video Stats 500002717 K
FoodEvolutionSeriesFoodEvolutionSeries YouTube ChannelFoodEvolutionSeries Video Stats 5000094 K
imran hackimran hack YouTube Channelimran hack Video Stats 500002496
BudokanBudokan YouTube ChannelBudokan Video Stats 500001749
msuunivcommmsuunivcomm YouTube Channelmsuunivcomm Video Stats 500009414 K
MuffiNCreePMuffiNCreeP YouTube ChannelMuffiNCreeP Video Stats 5000033 K
FancySauceFilmsFancySauceFilms YouTube ChannelFancySauceFilms Video Stats 50000246 K
MW3LegendsMW3Legends YouTube ChannelMW3Legends Video Stats 50000108 K
AnonymousMusicAnonymousMusic YouTube ChannelAnonymousMusic Video Stats 5000000
SoriticalGamingSoriticalGaming YouTube ChannelSoriticalGaming Video Stats 5000000
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
fruduadirectdealfruduadirectdeal YouTube Channelfruduadirectdeal Video Stats 29,2782214,639956
gbediosugbediosu YouTube Channelgbediosu Video Stats 29,2782171,7222
LyporposiLimiforpLyporposiLimiforp YouTube ChannelLyporposiLimiforp Video Stats 29,2782142,091775
REJO NINOREJO NINO YouTube ChannelREJO NINO Video Stats 29,277147,319121
BartRosePLBartRosePL YouTube ChannelBartRosePL Video Stats 29,2771122,44028
SpringboardVideoSpringboardVideo YouTube ChannelSpringboardVideo Video Stats 29,27715553237
Dance GalaxyDance Galaxy YouTube ChannelDance Galaxy Video Stats 29,2771634651,313
John ZerebynskyJohn Zerebynsky YouTube ChannelJohn Zerebynsky Video Stats 29,276055,8552
luffy794luffy794 YouTube Channelluffy794 Video Stats 29,276035836648
PeakComedyPeakComedy YouTube ChannelPeakComedy Video Stats 29,276039,759253
checkacolacheckacola YouTube Channelcheckacola Video Stats 29,27614919650
GamerBeastHDGamerBeastHD YouTube ChannelGamerBeastHD Video Stats 29,2760206142222
SunflowerAmmoSunflowerAmmo YouTube ChannelSunflowerAmmo Video Stats 29,2760211,39471
janvogtjanvogt YouTube Channeljanvogt Video Stats 29,27608434930
danzbunnydanzbunny YouTube Channeldanzbunny Video Stats 29,2760112,66114
twinrivers19twinrivers19 YouTube Channeltwinrivers19 Video Stats 29,275-1142,09147
tokyoreportertokyoreporter YouTube Channeltokyoreporter Video Stats 29,275-147,31916
radomi1910radomi1910 YouTube Channelradomi1910 Video Stats 29,274-2456515,144
chocoxchikakochocoxchikako YouTube Channelchocoxchikako Video Stats 29,274-2122,44019
SarkoTVSarkoTV YouTube ChannelSarkoTV Video Stats 29,274-283,659497
Alan GrundyAlan Grundy YouTube ChannelAlan Grundy Video Stats 29,273-3231,27385
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Start Views: 28,039     Current Views: 29,276
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29,50022411 D  9/27  2014Tweet
29,75047423 D  10/09  2014Tweet
30,0007245 D1 M 10/22  2014Tweet
30,25097417 D1 M 11/03  2014Tweet
30,5001,22429 D1 M 11/15  2014Tweet
30,7501,47411 D2 M 11/27  2014Tweet
31,0001,72423 D2 M 12/09  2014Tweet
31,2501,9744 D3 M 12/21  2014Tweet
31,5002,22416 D3 M 1/02  2015Tweet
31,7502,47428 D3 M 1/14  2015Tweet
32,0002,72411 D4 M 1/27  2015Tweet
32,2502,97423 D4 M 2/08  2015Tweet
32,5003,2244 D5 M 2/20  2015Tweet
32,7503,47416 D5 M 3/04  2015Tweet
33,0003,72428 D5 M 3/16  2015Tweet