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84,912  Now
84,730182267 DayTweet
84,6742381714 DayTweet
83,3551,5575230 DayTweet
80,9953,917652 MonthTweet
79,0305,882653 MonthTweet
84,19172164 MonthTweet
81,6893,223215 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
234,581,969  Now
234,386,407195,56227,9377 DayTweet
244,248,510-9,666,541-690,46714 DayTweet
242,854,335-8,272,366-275,74630 DayTweet
240,545,080-5,963,111-99,3852 MonthTweet
238,471,889-3,889,920-43,2213 MonthTweet
243,787,176-9,205,207-76,7104 MonthTweet
241,151,010-6,569,041-43,7945 MonthTweet
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30 Day
SADIKBEATZSADIKBEATZ YouTube ChannelSADIKBEATZ Video Stats 84,94836193028218.3 M
Andy's FishingAndy's Fishing YouTube ChannelAndy's Fishing Video Stats 84,942301129518012.9 M
GoingCrazy201GoingCrazy201 YouTube ChannelGoingCrazy201 Video Stats 84,941290-101.1K70 M
VenomFIFAVenomFIFA YouTube ChannelVenomFIFA Video Stats 84,93927-37-124208.4 M
Tk n CashTk n Cash YouTube ChannelTk n Cash Video Stats 84,93927474310029 M
PinkVideoVaultPinkVideoVault YouTube ChannelPinkVideoVault Video Stats 84,938260-2729.1 M
Rajshri GujaratiRajshri Gujarati YouTube ChannelRajshri Gujarati Video Stats 84,930182281691.5K22.1 M
ZiZ0GaminGZiZ0GaminG YouTube ChannelZiZ0GaminG Video Stats 84,924126613695618 M
GeorgiaPeach201GeorgiaPeach201 YouTube ChannelGeorgiaPeach201 Video Stats 84,92190-2849.2 M
Travel and EscapeTravel and Escape YouTube ChannelTravel and Escape Video Stats 84,920826728240232.3 M
Gio PinedaGio Pineda YouTube ChannelGio Pineda Video Stats 84,912295214234.6 M
TraTic | تذكرة المسافرTraTic | تذكرة المسافر YouTube ChannelTraTic | تذكرة المسافر Video Stats 84,899-13110853.4 M
D100 Radio 一呼百應 還聲於民D100 Radio 一呼百應  還聲於民 YouTube ChannelD100 Radio 一呼百應  還聲於民 Video Stats 84,899-132192374.3K69.3 M
LeAristocratLeAristocrat YouTube ChannelLeAristocrat Video Stats 84,890-220-631711.7 M
Mortifer V.Mortifer V. YouTube ChannelMortifer V. Video Stats 84,887-25485876552.1 M
FrogDaBarberFrogDaBarber YouTube ChannelFrogDaBarber Video Stats 84,882-300440131.7 M
WitteGingerWitteGinger YouTube ChannelWitteGinger Video Stats 84,880-32402310311.6 M
go90go90 YouTube Channelgo90 Video Stats 84,873-391567466834.1 M
연합뉴스 TV연합뉴스 TV YouTube Channel연합뉴스 TV Video Stats 84,869-43159156147.7K178.8 M
AnneAnne YouTube ChannelAnne Video Stats 84,865-4783811303.1 M
PUCPPUCP YouTube ChannelPUCP Video Stats 84,865-4755841.9K14.5 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
ЖИЗНЬ ЮТУБЖИЗНЬ ЮТУБ YouTube ChannelЖИЗНЬ ЮТУБ Video Stats5542234,717,468135,4991241,892,8833,341,045
UrbanoVideosHDUrbanoVideosHD YouTube ChannelUrbanoVideosHD Video Stats5543234,710,352128,383375625,894920,985
Julien SolomitaJulien Solomita YouTube ChannelJulien Solomita Video Stats5544234,698,189116,220703333,8521,291,350
Animal Aid Unlimited, IndiaAnimal Aid Unlimited, India YouTube ChannelAnimal Aid Unlimited, India Video Stats5545234,697,192115,2231381,700,704617,206
MarioDragonMarioDragon YouTube ChannelMarioDragon Video Stats5546234,689,100107,1313.5K66,787150,112
Hocalara GeldikHocalara Geldik YouTube ChannelHocalara Geldik Video Stats5547234,668,82486,8552.2K108,392491,544
FelipePelaezVideoFelipePelaezVideo YouTube ChannelFelipePelaezVideo Video Stats5548234,663,53581,5661831,282,314268,708
JHaps RecordsJHaps Records YouTube ChannelJHaps Records Video Stats5549234,650,84968,880584,045,704304,546
Emmanuel N Phillip HudsonEmmanuel N Phillip Hudson YouTube ChannelEmmanuel N Phillip Hudson Video Stats5550234,637,32255,353792,970,0931,622,981
direwolf20direwolf20 YouTube Channeldirewolf20 Video Stats5551234,587,3135,3442.7K85,585479,544
Gio PinedaGio Pineda YouTube ChannelGio Pineda Video Stats5552234,581,9691416,755,85584,912
TOXIC TVTOXIC TV YouTube ChannelTOXIC TV Video Stats5553234,564,264-17,705288,377,295156,985
MonicaVEVOMonicaVEVO YouTube ChannelMonicaVEVO Video Stats5554234,400,752-181,217514,596,093348,633
Alexandra StanAlexandra Stan YouTube ChannelAlexandra Stan Video Stats5555234,394,779-187,1901032,275,677504,132
NewMediaRockstarsNewMediaRockstars YouTube ChannelNewMediaRockstars Video Stats5556234,326,265-255,704453517,2771,092,304
Reckless Tortuga COMEDYReckless Tortuga COMEDY YouTube ChannelReckless Tortuga COMEDY Video Stats5557234,299,088-282,8811961,195,4041,105,828
Target EngineerTarget Engineer YouTube ChannelTarget Engineer Video Stats5558234,199,852-382,117401584,040716,152
설이설이 YouTube Channel설이 Video Stats5559234,158,373-423,5961.7K137,740400,831
Dunya NewsDunya News YouTube ChannelDunya News Video Stats5560234,096,493-485,47640.1K5,845451,538
MrFoodandTravelMrFoodandTravel YouTube ChannelMrFoodandTravel Video Stats5561234,090,352-491,6171.1K203,734594,743
ForAlfie's channelForAlfie's channel YouTube ChannelForAlfie's channel Video Stats5562234,050,424-531,545346,883,836247,250
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Start Subs: 80,995     Current Subs: 84,912
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85,000882 D  9/25  2017Tweet
85,2503386 D  9/29  2017Tweet
85,50058810 D  10/03  2017Tweet
85,75083813 D  10/06  2017Tweet
86,0001,08817 D  10/10  2017Tweet
86,2501,33821 D  10/14  2017Tweet
86,5001,58825 D  10/18  2017Tweet
86,7501,83829 D  10/22  2017Tweet
87,0002,0881 D1 M 10/25  2017Tweet
87,2502,3385 D1 M 10/29  2017Tweet
87,5002,5889 D1 M 11/02  2017Tweet
87,7502,83813 D1 M 11/06  2017Tweet
88,0003,08817 D1 M 11/10  2017Tweet
88,2503,33821 D1 M 11/14  2017Tweet
88,5003,58824 D1 M 11/17  2017Tweet
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