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23,343  Now
23,358-15-27 DayTweet
23,369-26-214 DayTweet
23,399-56-230 DayTweet
23,425-82-12 MonthTweet
23,461-118-13 MonthTweet
23,450-107-14 MonthTweet
23,478-135-15 MonthTweet
23,511-168-16 MonthTweet
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4,920,389  Now
4,919,736653937 DayTweet
4,918,9531,43610314 DayTweet
4,917,2563,13310430 DayTweet
4,914,6625,727952 MonthTweet
4,911,4878,902993 MonthTweet
4,913,3257,064594 MonthTweet
4,909,98310,406695 MonthTweet
4,906,49013,899776 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
TheFaitKOTheFaitKO YouTube ChannelTheFaitKO Video Stats 23,35180-12184.1 M
WorldOfNerfGermanyWorldOfNerfGermany YouTube ChannelWorldOfNerfGermany Video Stats 23,34960-17512.2 M
The Line of Best FitThe Line of Best Fit YouTube ChannelThe Line of Best Fit Video Stats 23,34520440710.1 M
Tyrael Gaming | Clash of Clans, WoW, DiaTyrael Gaming | Clash of Clans, WoW, Dia YouTube ChannelTyrael Gaming | Clash of Clans, WoW, Dia Video Stats 23,34520-45114.5 M
Virtual Soccer Game Show™Virtual Soccer Game Show™ YouTube ChannelVirtual Soccer Game Show™ Video Stats 23,3441061.6K12.1 M
Pvt WigglesPvt Wiggles YouTube ChannelPvt Wiggles Video Stats 23,344103883.8 M
Asian TwistAsian Twist YouTube ChannelAsian Twist Video Stats 23,344136501446.3 M
IntroFactory [FreeTemplates]IntroFactory [FreeTemplates] YouTube ChannelIntroFactory [FreeTemplates] Video Stats 23,343019131862.6 M
hoodrichreporthoodrichreport YouTube Channelhoodrichreport Video Stats 23,34301916558.4 M
GEOFF CARTERGEOFF CARTER YouTube ChannelGEOFF CARTER Video Stats 23,34302203857.1 M
bikeskillsbikeskills YouTube Channelbikeskills Video Stats 23,3430-2424.9 M
BigJaredFitzBigJaredFitz YouTube ChannelBigJaredFitz Video Stats 23,342-10-23433.5 M
Mario & Sonic FanMario & Sonic Fan YouTube ChannelMario & Sonic Fan Video Stats 23,342-10220033.8 M
Du-RzyDu-Rzy YouTube ChannelDu-Rzy Video Stats 23,342-102648.3 M
packofjacks4packofjacks4 YouTube Channelpackofjacks4 Video Stats 23,342-1005373.3 M
officialkeefofficialkeef YouTube Channelofficialkeef Video Stats 23,341-21201065.8 M
CharlieVlogsCharlieVlogs YouTube ChannelCharlieVlogs Video Stats 23,341-218222972.5 M
Sony Music EntertainmentSony Music Entertainment YouTube ChannelSony Music Entertainment Video Stats 23,339-4452800
RedEyedGamingRedEyedGaming YouTube ChannelRedEyedGaming Video Stats 23,339-40-201
Delyagin TVDelyagin TV YouTube ChannelDelyagin TV Video Stats 23,339-4059337.8 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
TheBeatlesArchiveTheBeatlesArchive YouTube ChannelTheBeatlesArchive Video Stats 4,921,03064146910,4935,274
sama hoonsama hoon YouTube Channelsama hoon Video Stats 4,920,99660717289,470944
JordanimeJordanime YouTube ChannelJordanime Video Stats 4,920,90751840123,02310,241
Wilfredo BravoWilfredo Bravo YouTube ChannelWilfredo Bravo Video Stats 4,920,86847925219,5279,899
Jason RoushJason Roush YouTube ChannelJason Roush Video Stats 4,920,78739828117,5129,992
Padmaja mishraPadmaja mishra YouTube ChannelPadmaja mishra Video Stats 4,920,68129210347,7747,173
Yuhki Kuramoto Tribute - 유키 구라모토 추모Yuhki Kuramoto Tribute - 유키 구라모토 추모 YouTube ChannelYuhki Kuramoto Tribute - 유키 구라모토 추모 Video Stats 4,920,67628713536,4494,793
carlosgonzalez1974carlosgonzalez1974 YouTube Channelcarlosgonzalez1974 Video Stats 4,920,60922034714,18051,623
GirighetGirighet YouTube ChannelGirighet Video Stats 4,920,55616717128,7751,023
Matthew VincentMatthew Vincent YouTube ChannelMatthew Vincent Video Stats 4,920,411221K4,69125,865
bikeskillsbikeskills YouTube Channelbikeskills Video Stats 4,920,38942117,15223,343
123HilaryDuff123123HilaryDuff123 YouTube Channel123HilaryDuff123 Video Stats 4,920,365-248160,7451,078
AFRITUBETVAFRITUBETV YouTube ChannelAFRITUBETV Video Stats 4,920,310-7928517,2646,425
jazztecladojazzteclado YouTube Channeljazzteclado Video Stats 4,920,106-28321522,88424,195
dhkchanneldhkchannel YouTube Channeldhkchannel Video Stats 4,920,040-3493.2K1,5169,412
BK Shivani SisBK Shivani Sis YouTube ChannelBK Shivani Sis Video Stats 4,919,836-5537664,7350
Karla ChavarriaKarla Chavarria YouTube ChannelKarla Chavarria Video Stats 4,919,828-5619546,6482,216
Domenic NardoneDomenic Nardone YouTube ChannelDomenic Nardone Video Stats 4,919,773-61615731,33612,096
seduccioncientificaseduccioncientifica YouTube Channelseduccioncientifica Video Stats 4,919,740-6499551,78736,104
BlueMonday1983BlueMonday1983 YouTube ChannelBlueMonday1983 Video Stats 4,919,603-7866773,4272,933
Lennart Länk aka helluvagunLennart Länk aka helluvagun YouTube ChannelLennart Länk aka helluvagun Video Stats 4,919,581-80819824,8462,500
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4,925,0004,61118 D1 M 5/11  2018Tweet
4,950,00029,6116 D10 M 1/28  2019Tweet
4,975,00054,61125 D6 M1 Y10/17  2019Tweet
5,000,00079,61113 D3 M2 Y7/05  2020Tweet