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189,302145217 DayTweet
189,1273202314 DayTweet
188,6478002730 DayTweet
188,0071,440242 MonthTweet
187,5301,917213 MonthTweet
187,7231,724144 MonthTweet
187,1182,329165 MonthTweet
186,1223,325186 MonthTweet
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39,035,924  Now
38,984,92351,0017,2867 DayTweet
38,913,575122,3498,73914 DayTweet
38,738,355297,5699,91930 DayTweet
38,442,156593,7689,8962 MonthTweet
38,080,974954,95010,6113 MonthTweet
38,258,464777,4606,4794 MonthTweet
37,862,8221,173,1027,8215 MonthTweet
37,512,9301,522,9948,4616 MonthTweet
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InfinityWardInfinityWard YouTube ChannelInfinityWard Video Stats 189,6081610-53041 M
NickiMinajTVNickiMinajTV YouTube ChannelNickiMinajTV Video Stats 189,6071600-53553.8 M
The World Of Adventure Time, Steven UnivThe World Of Adventure Time, Steven Univ YouTube ChannelThe World Of Adventure Time, Steven Univ Video Stats 189,59815111027038472.8 M
Virus VideoVirus Video YouTube ChannelVirus Video Video Stats 189,5871401971766311.4 M
Keto ConnectKeto Connect YouTube ChannelKeto Connect Video Stats 189,58313639288434912.3 M
Mario T.V.Mario T.V. YouTube ChannelMario T.V. Video Stats 189,5751280-417319.8 M
ShotGunRaids - Minecraft & MoreShotGunRaids - Minecraft & More YouTube ChannelShotGunRaids - Minecraft & More Video Stats 189,54710028961871811.1 M
Hey Fran HeyHey Fran Hey YouTube ChannelHey Fran Hey Video Stats 189,5338600565.7 M
Mini ABCMini ABC YouTube ChannelMini ABC Video Stats 189,516691511951.8K227.2 M
12Til Official12Til Official YouTube Channel12Til Official Video Stats 189,47932045214.6 M
ashlyVDOashlyVDO YouTube ChannelashlyVDO Video Stats 189,447242743139 M
simply rhazesimply rhaze YouTube Channelsimply rhaze Video Stats 189,444-313228677433.9 M
Samika VlogsSamika Vlogs YouTube ChannelSamika Vlogs Video Stats 189,442-528691.3K50.3 M
loonatheworldloonatheworld YouTube Channelloonatheworld Video Stats 189,433-1433693940340.4 M
Stefany Talita VisaStefany Talita Visa YouTube ChannelStefany Talita Visa Video Stats 189,430-17912425514.2 M
QuasarQuasar YouTube ChannelQuasar Video Stats 189,411-361734093684.8 M
TRASHERTRASHER YouTube ChannelTRASHER Video Stats 189,411-366418324927.3 M
ChaosPlaysOnChaosPlaysOn YouTube ChannelChaosPlaysOn Video Stats 189,380-67-33-42314 K
Fuoco di PrometeoFuoco di Prometeo YouTube ChannelFuoco di Prometeo Video Stats 189,369-78677518328.5 M
Steve and LarsonSteve and Larson YouTube ChannelSteve and Larson Video Stats 189,364-8316441.3K34.8 M
gameloftandroidgameloftandroid YouTube Channelgameloftandroid Video Stats 189,354-930-110077.1 M
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per Video
Claire's StoresClaire's Stores YouTube ChannelClaire's Stores Video Stats 39,053,14917,225243160,713234,801
ВИА ГраВИА Гра YouTube ChannelВИА Гра Video Stats 39,053,10117,17772542,40458,988
LoraAndLaytonLoraAndLayton YouTube ChannelLoraAndLayton Video Stats 39,052,11316,18983746,65763,355
CJ Pony PartsCJ Pony Parts YouTube ChannelCJ Pony Parts Video Stats 39,042,8106,8864.1K9,609114,696
policecrimecompolicecrimecom YouTube Channelpolicecrimecom Video Stats 39,041,8155,89151475,95769,373
MrDiabl0x9MrDiabl0x9 YouTube ChannelMrDiabl0x9 Video Stats 39,041,2335,309163239,517495,272
レオ★スマイルレオ★スマイル YouTube Channelレオ★スマイル Video Stats 39,040,9114,987148263,79060,775
jokixxx007jokixxx007 YouTube Channeljokixxx007 Video Stats 39,039,4673,543219,519,7342,761
ForHumanPeoplesForHumanPeoples YouTube ChannelForHumanPeoples Video Stats 39,038,3702,446186209,884401,448
Den Mandige ElgDen Mandige Elg YouTube ChannelDen Mandige Elg Video Stats 39,036,0511271.1K35,61784,510
ashlyVDOashlyVDO YouTube ChannelashlyVDO Video Stats 39,035,92443190,571189,447
Khan Academy em PortuguêsKhan Academy em Português YouTube ChannelKhan Academy em Português Video Stats 39,033,710-2,2145K7,844188,679
NerdECrafterNerdECrafter YouTube ChannelNerdECrafter Video Stats 39,033,487-2,437274142,458404,551
Alexander BogdanovAlexander Bogdanov YouTube ChannelAlexander Bogdanov Video Stats 39,031,005-4,9191.2K33,19025,954
Sheryl RubioSheryl Rubio YouTube ChannelSheryl Rubio Video Stats 39,030,798-5,126138282,832695,737
Splay DanmarkSplay Danmark YouTube ChannelSplay Danmark Video Stats 39,029,844-6,080292133,664178,768
Zoomin.TV World NewsZoomin.TV World News YouTube ChannelZoomin.TV World News Video Stats 39,029,653-6,2718.9K4,36726,854
NeroGeistNeroGeist YouTube ChannelNeroGeist Video Stats 39,026,956-8,968103378,902262,550
UrbanUnsignedUrbanUnsigned YouTube ChannelUrbanUnsigned Video Stats 39,025,689-10,235281,393,7754,718
buckinnybuckinny YouTube Channelbuckinny Video Stats 39,021,476-14,448162,438,84222,838
TheFabFour14TheFabFour14 YouTube ChannelTheFabFour14 Video Stats 39,020,571-15,35371549,58618,674
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190,00055324 D  4/15  2018Tweet
192,5003,0536 D4 M 7/28  2018Tweet
195,0005,55319 D7 M 11/09  2018Tweet
197,5008,0531 D11 M 2/21  2019Tweet
200,00010,55314 D2 M1 Y6/05  2019Tweet
202,50013,05326 D5 M1 Y9/17  2019Tweet
205,00015,55310 D9 M1 Y12/31  2019Tweet
207,50018,05323 D 2 Y4/13  2020Tweet
210,00020,5535 D4 M2 Y7/26  2020Tweet
212,50023,05318 D7 M2 Y11/07  2020Tweet
215,00025,553 11 M2 Y2/19  2021Tweet
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39,250,000214,07622 D  4/13  2018Tweet
39,500,000464,07616 D1 M 5/08  2018Tweet
39,750,000714,07612 D2 M 6/03  2018Tweet
40,000,000964,0766 D3 M 6/28  2018Tweet
40,250,0001,214,0761 D4 M 7/23  2018Tweet
40,500,0001,464,07626 D4 M 8/17  2018Tweet
40,750,0001,714,07621 D5 M 9/12  2018Tweet
41,000,0001,964,07616 D6 M 10/07  2018Tweet
41,250,0002,214,07611 D7 M 11/01  2018Tweet
41,500,0002,464,0765 D8 M 11/26  2018Tweet
41,750,0002,714,0761 D9 M 12/22  2018Tweet
42,000,0002,964,07626 D9 M 1/16  2019Tweet
42,250,0003,214,07620 D10 M 2/10  2019Tweet
42,500,0003,464,07616 D11 M 3/08  2019Tweet
42,750,0003,714,07611 D 1 Y4/02  2019Tweet