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72,5333342414 DayTweet
72,1177502530 DayTweet
71,2721,595272 MonthTweet
70,1642,703303 MonthTweet
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120,441,367  Now
120,024,276417,09159,5847 DayTweet
119,602,062839,30559,95014 DayTweet
118,447,2541,994,11366,47030 DayTweet
116,364,0444,077,32367,9552 MonthTweet
113,488,7616,952,60677,2513 MonthTweet
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MauMau YouTube ChannelMau Video Stats 72,9003305206.7 M
dentistfromiraq - قناة مواطن عراقيdentistfromiraq - قناة مواطن عراقي YouTube Channeldentistfromiraq - قناة مواطن عراقي Video Stats 72,88720422215747.2 M
EstemanEsteman YouTube ChannelEsteman Video Stats 72,8861931217036.6 M
TMNT [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] FullTMNT [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] Full YouTube ChannelTMNT [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] Full Video Stats 72,8861912216420348.4 M
Yuuwii ChoowYuuwii Choow YouTube ChannelYuuwii Choow Video Stats 72,884170-41245.9 M
Phelan PorteousPhelan Porteous YouTube ChannelPhelan Porteous Video Stats 72,882151187457627.6 M
Transition 2017Transition 2017 YouTube ChannelTransition 2017 Video Stats 72,87912-31-2520014 M
TheDunderBallerTheDunderBaller YouTube ChannelTheDunderBaller Video Stats 72,87690-713211 M
NeyteyleyNeyteyley YouTube ChannelNeyteyley Video Stats 72,8736129407254.7 M
Sandro CrimeSandro Crime YouTube ChannelSandro Crime Video Stats 72,87140-96354 K
andrespg89andrespg89 YouTube Channelandrespg89 Video Stats 72,867102530120.4 M
Ninja LendárioNinja Lendário YouTube ChannelNinja Lendário Video Stats 72,866-129274487.4 M
DylanJosephHollandDylanJosephHolland YouTube ChannelDylanJosephHolland Video Stats 72,865-20-3493.6 M
yakkocmnyakkocmn YouTube Channelyakkocmn Video Stats 72,865-2128153925.6 M
New HeightsNew Heights YouTube ChannelNew Heights Video Stats 72,864-301538.6 M
Do Jeito H.Do Jeito H. YouTube ChannelDo Jeito H. Video Stats 72,863-47068953.1 M
アリペーのゆっくり実況chアリペーのゆっくり実況ch YouTube Channelアリペーのゆっくり実況ch Video Stats 72,858-914011227.6 M
123InDaPlaceToBe123InDaPlaceToBe YouTube Channel123InDaPlaceToBe Video Stats 72,858-90826328.1 M
Cobalt StreakCobalt Streak YouTube ChannelCobalt Streak Video Stats 72,851-160-92.2K13.2 M
Lessco ElectronicsLessco Electronics YouTube ChannelLessco Electronics Video Stats 72,849-18384291335.4 M
CrySisCrySis YouTube ChannelCrySis Video Stats 72,845-2251539449.5 M
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per Video
MinecraftVertezMinecraftVertez YouTube ChannelMinecraftVertez Video Stats 120,525,66084,293995121,131443,588
Andrei ZevakinAndrei Zevakin YouTube ChannelAndrei Zevakin Video Stats 120,521,71080,343442,739,13087,092
楊丞琳官方專屬頻道 Rainie Yang's Official Channe楊丞琳官方專屬頻道 Rainie Yang's Official Channe YouTube Channel楊丞琳官方專屬頻道 Rainie Yang's Official Channe Video Stats 120,518,78577,4181201,004,323203,710
Ivan MiyazatoIvan Miyazato YouTube ChannelIvan Miyazato Video Stats 120,513,66672,299167,532,10483,205
retardrule101retardrule101 YouTube Channelretardrule101 Video Stats 120,510,32168,954158,034,02147,738
Cartoon Network AfricaCartoon Network Africa YouTube ChannelCartoon Network Africa Video Stats 120,503,65762,290953126,447160,167
StanfordStanford YouTube ChannelStanford Video Stats 120,499,06857,7013.3K36,872662,672
RuthBVEVORuthBVEVO YouTube ChannelRuthBVEVO Video Stats 120,488,15646,789304,016,272611,267
How To Make SushiHow To Make Sushi YouTube ChannelHow To Make Sushi Video Stats 120,481,10539,738167721,444842,814
エルエル YouTube Channelエル Video Stats 120,446,6835,316587205,190171,481
andrespg89andrespg89 YouTube Channelandrespg89 Video Stats 120,441,367304,014,71272,867
Power KidsPower Kids YouTube ChannelPower Kids Video Stats 120,411,292-30,075548219,729147,531
JinnyboyTVJinnyboyTV YouTube ChannelJinnyboyTV Video Stats 120,395,272-46,095184654,322780,618
The Office USThe Office US YouTube ChannelThe Office US Video Stats 120,376,910-64,457233516,639202,245
CVGCVG YouTube ChannelCVG Video Stats 120,371,742-69,6253K40,326284,540
Natalie KiselNatalie Kisel YouTube ChannelNatalie Kisel Video Stats 120,367,909-73,458616195,4021,057,313
zanyzapofficialzanyzapofficial YouTube Channelzanyzapofficial Video Stats 120,361,953-79,414281428,334170,774
NutPintoChannelNutPintoChannel YouTube ChannelNutPintoChannel Video Stats 120,335,234-106,133975123,421658,862
TheFifa11videosTheFifa11videos YouTube ChannelTheFifa11videos Video Stats 120,313,513-127,854185650,343270,002
TriviumTrivium YouTube ChannelTrivium Video Stats 120,283,673-157,6941071,124,146321,350
SportsHDSportsHD YouTube ChannelSportsHD Video Stats 120,276,040-165,327121994,017444,335
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Start Subs: 71,272     Current Subs: 72,867
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Be Reached
73,0001336 D  9/30  2017Tweet
73,25038315 D  10/09  2017Tweet
73,50063324 D  10/18  2017Tweet
73,7508833 D1 M 10/28  2017Tweet
74,0001,13312 D1 M 11/06  2017Tweet
74,2501,38322 D1 M 11/16  2017Tweet
74,5001,6331 D2 M 11/25  2017Tweet
74,7501,88310 D2 M 12/04  2017Tweet
75,0002,13320 D2 M 12/14  2017Tweet
75,2502,38329 D2 M 12/23  2017Tweet
75,5002,6338 D3 M 1/02  2018Tweet
75,7502,88317 D3 M 1/11  2018Tweet
76,0003,13326 D3 M 1/20  2018Tweet
76,2503,3836 D4 M 1/30  2018Tweet
76,5003,63315 D4 M 2/08  2018Tweet
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Start Views: 116,364,044     Current Views: 120,441,367
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122,500,0002,058,633 1 M 10/25  2017Tweet
125,000,0004,558,6337 D2 M 12/01  2017Tweet
127,500,0007,058,63312 D3 M 1/06  2018Tweet
130,000,0009,558,63319 D4 M 2/12  2018Tweet
132,500,00012,058,63325 D5 M 3/21  2018Tweet
135,000,00014,558,6332 D7 M 4/27  2018Tweet
137,500,00017,058,6338 D8 M 6/03  2018Tweet
140,000,00019,558,63314 D9 M 7/09  2018Tweet
142,500,00022,058,63320 D10 M 8/15  2018Tweet
145,000,00024,558,63327 D11 M 9/21  2018Tweet
147,500,00027,058,6333 D1 M1 Y10/28  2018Tweet
150,000,00029,558,6339 D2 M1 Y12/03  2018Tweet
152,500,00032,058,63315 D3 M1 Y1/09  2019Tweet
155,000,00034,558,63322 D4 M1 Y2/15  2019Tweet
157,500,00037,058,63328 D5 M1 Y3/24  2019Tweet