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80,466449647 DayTweet
79,9919246614 DayTweet
78,9271,9886630 DayTweet
76,6994,216702 MonthTweet
74,5926,323703 MonthTweet
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265,705,201  Now
264,493,2881,211,913173,1307 DayTweet
263,291,0182,414,183172,44214 DayTweet
260,478,7175,226,484174,21630 DayTweet
255,204,97810,500,223175,0042 MonthTweet
249,633,90216,071,299178,5703 MonthTweet
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KUSTOMKUSTOM YouTube ChannelKUSTOM Video Stats 80,96449-513645.5 M
JustCartoonsJustCartoons YouTube ChannelJustCartoons Video Stats 80,964498933629232.5 M
Mitch GrassiMitch Grassi YouTube ChannelMitch Grassi Video Stats 80,96146011629 K
Zain KuwaitZain Kuwait YouTube ChannelZain Kuwait Video Stats 80,96045568726865.3 M
laurisgar6laurisgar6 YouTube Channellaurisgar6 Video Stats 80,9554013392.6K87.3 M
Armada ChillArmada Chill YouTube ChannelArmada Chill Video Stats 80,94934004215.2 M
iluvallmychao0071iluvallmychao0071 YouTube Channeliluvallmychao0071 Video Stats 80,94025215220245.7 M
Rap PeriscopeRap Periscope YouTube ChannelRap Periscope Video Stats 80,939242531572.1K41.6 M
technical rajatechnical raja YouTube Channeltechnical raja Video Stats 80,92053935161305.2 M
amindenandelamindenandel YouTube Channelamindenandel Video Stats 80,9151966389265.7 M
Александр ЖуравлевАлександр Журавлев YouTube ChannelАлександр Журавлев Video Stats 80,914-10063422 M
WakeUpFulfilled.comWakeUpFulfilled.com YouTube ChannelWakeUpFulfilled.com Video Stats 80,908-71902642924.1 M
PlanetGreenTVPlanetGreenTV YouTube ChannelPlanetGreenTV Video Stats 80,906-90-35837.2 M
ESL and Popular CultureESL and Popular Culture YouTube ChannelESL and Popular Culture Video Stats 80,904-117812269164.7 M
Freak Vertical and BBall TrainingFreak Vertical and BBall Training YouTube ChannelFreak Vertical and BBall Training Video Stats 80,901-140-51589.8 M
UK ParliamentUK Parliament YouTube ChannelUK Parliament Video Stats 80,898-171025661414.2 M
永安的心情二胡 YungAn's Erhu Fantasy永安的心情二胡 YungAn's Erhu Fantasy YouTube Channel永安的心情二胡 YungAn's Erhu Fantasy Video Stats 80,897-18513313027.4 M
Dave EastDave East YouTube ChannelDave East Video Stats 80,897-185422503019 M
dm-drogerie markt Deutschlanddm-drogerie markt Deutschland YouTube Channeldm-drogerie markt Deutschland Video Stats 80,890-25131037324 M
Briddy NicoleBriddy Nicole YouTube ChannelBriddy Nicole Video Stats 80,889-26-2-111424.7 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
331Erock331Erock YouTube Channel331Erock Video Stats5537266,049,859344,658342777,9241,462,711
Crown RecordsCrown Records YouTube ChannelCrown Records Video Stats5538266,007,031301,830803,325,088792,197
JuaumJuaum YouTube ChannelJuaum Video Stats5539265,956,233251,0321.5K175,5491,990,114
Kollege KiddKollege Kidd YouTube ChannelKollege Kidd Video Stats5540265,935,984230,7834.1K65,469304,509
JHaps RecordsJHaps Records YouTube ChannelJHaps Records Video Stats5541265,930,083224,882693,854,059390,771
DO IT YOURSELFDO IT YOURSELF YouTube ChannelDO IT YOURSELF Video Stats5542265,911,374206,1731.5K181,139279,801
Camila CoelhoCamila Coelho YouTube ChannelCamila Coelho Video Stats5543265,893,149187,948510521,3593,272,378
PrankBrosPrankBros YouTube ChannelPrankBros Video Stats5544265,863,319158,118315844,0111,120,028
Ariann MusicAriann Music YouTube ChannelAriann Music Video Stats5545265,859,827154,6261451,833,5161,864,524
Mazda USAMazda USA YouTube ChannelMazda USA Video Stats5546265,729,60224,401902294,600289,701
amindenandelamindenandel YouTube Channelamindenandel Video Stats5547265,705,201389683,04780,915
PejaslumsattackPejaslumsattack YouTube ChannelPejaslumsattack Video Stats5548265,546,114-159,087934284,311302,887
BBC IntroducingBBC Introducing YouTube ChannelBBC Introducing Video Stats5549265,534,645-170,5562.6K100,964595,146
Ashley TisdaleAshley Tisdale YouTube ChannelAshley Tisdale Video Stats5550265,505,027-200,1741971,347,7411,653,041
LeonelGarciaVEVOLeonelGarciaVEVO YouTube ChannelLeonelGarciaVEVO Video Stats5551265,461,889-243,3121152,308,364445,507
CBC EgyptCBC Egypt YouTube ChannelCBC Egypt Video Stats5552265,380,895-324,30642K6,318850,798
TryHardNinja | VIDEO GAME SINGERTryHardNinja | VIDEO GAME SINGER YouTube ChannelTryHardNinja | VIDEO GAME SINGER Video Stats5553265,380,748-324,453268990,2271,350,705
MenTMenT YouTube ChannelMenT Video Stats5554265,350,686-354,515935283,7981,129,302
❤Sunny❤❤Sunny❤ YouTube Channel❤Sunny❤ Video Stats5555265,322,621-382,5803.3K81,362239,306
trivagotrivago YouTube Channeltrivago Video Stats5556265,293,745-411,4562491,065,43746,842
AlexiBexiAlexiBexi YouTube ChannelAlexiBexi Video Stats5557265,280,914-424,287547484,9741,235,066
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Start Subs: 76,699     Current Subs: 80,915
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81,000852 D  1/20  2018Tweet
81,2503355 D  1/23  2018Tweet
81,5005859 D  1/27  2018Tweet
81,75083512 D  1/30  2018Tweet
82,0001,08516 D  2/03  2018Tweet
82,2501,33519 D  2/06  2018Tweet
82,5001,58523 D  2/10  2018Tweet
82,7501,83527 D  2/14  2018Tweet
83,0002,08530 D  2/17  2018Tweet
83,2502,3353 D1 M 2/21  2018Tweet
83,5002,5856 D1 M 2/24  2018Tweet
83,7502,83510 D1 M 2/28  2018Tweet
84,0003,08513 D1 M 3/03  2018Tweet
84,2503,33517 D1 M 3/07  2018Tweet
84,5003,58521 D1 M 3/11  2018Tweet
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267,500,0001,794,79911 D  1/29  2018Tweet
270,000,0004,294,79925 D  2/12  2018Tweet
272,500,0006,794,7998 D1 M 2/26  2018Tweet
275,000,0009,294,79923 D1 M 3/13  2018Tweet
277,500,00011,794,7997 D2 M 3/27  2018Tweet
280,000,00014,294,79921 D2 M 4/10  2018Tweet
282,500,00016,794,7994 D3 M 4/24  2018Tweet
285,000,00019,294,79919 D3 M 5/09  2018Tweet
287,500,00021,794,7993 D4 M 5/23  2018Tweet
290,000,00024,294,79917 D4 M 6/06  2018Tweet
292,500,00026,794,7991 D5 M 6/21  2018Tweet
295,000,00029,294,79915 D5 M 7/05  2018Tweet
297,500,00031,794,79929 D5 M 7/19  2018Tweet
300,000,00034,294,79913 D6 M 8/02  2018Tweet
302,500,00036,794,79928 D6 M 8/17  2018Tweet