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309,153364527 DayTweet
308,5259927114 DayTweet
306,4113,10610430 DayTweet
304,8444,673782 MonthTweet
303,5675,950663 MonthTweet
304,0575,460464 MonthTweet
302,6106,907465 MonthTweet
301,3518,166456 MonthTweet
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69,166,122  Now
69,115,20950,9137,2737 DayTweet
69,055,160110,9627,92614 DayTweet
68,915,089251,0338,36830 DayTweet
68,803,128362,9946,0502 MonthTweet
68,667,168498,9545,5443 MonthTweet
68,730,998435,1243,6264 MonthTweet
68,345,681820,4415,4705 MonthTweet
68,178,065988,0575,4896 MonthTweet
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30 Day
PinturaFacil Scrap y ManualidadesPinturaFacil Scrap y Manualidades YouTube ChannelPinturaFacil Scrap y Manualidades Video Stats 309,683166568253035.7 M
JamieBoyJamieBoy YouTube ChannelJamieBoy Video Stats 309,6621452014692626.1 M
JerryPopJerryPop YouTube ChannelJerryPop Video Stats 309,64913215520028368.4 M
Dre and Ken EmpireDre and Ken Empire YouTube ChannelDre and Ken Empire Video Stats 309,63812115794823328 M
The Highlight FactoryThe Highlight Factory YouTube ChannelThe Highlight Factory Video Stats 309,561447418175166.9 M
RealFIFARealFIFA YouTube ChannelRealFIFA Video Stats 309,5392251541.1K78.9 M
musicalbethanmusicalbethan YouTube Channelmusicalbethan Video Stats 309,53518-40-1434024.9 M
Swaad AnusaarSwaad Anusaar YouTube ChannelSwaad Anusaar Video Stats 309,5331635553129444.1 M
GummyTV SurpriseGummyTV Surprise YouTube ChannelGummyTV Surprise Video Stats 309,53013145396155118 M
JustinBieberFanJustinBieberFan YouTube ChannelJustinBieberFan Video Stats 309,5258197460126159.5 M
alyankovicalyankovic YouTube Channelalyankovic Video Stats 309,517910410669.2 M
RackartygarnaTVRackartygarnaTV YouTube ChannelRackartygarnaTV Video Stats 309,506-11-12-1439083.1 M
Daft Punk AliveDaft Punk Alive YouTube ChannelDaft Punk Alive Video Stats 309,477-401573326386.5 M
LamyaLamya YouTube ChannelLamya Video Stats 309,458-5938770424062.7 M
Amazing Superheroes in Real Life - SHMIRAmazing Superheroes in Real Life - SHMIR YouTube ChannelAmazing Superheroes in Real Life - SHMIR Video Stats 309,414-103-13-3500
MythosOfGamingMythosOfGaming YouTube ChannelMythosOfGaming Video Stats 309,384-133525425142.5 M
Music LifeMusic Life YouTube ChannelMusic Life Video Stats 309,372-145-8-29214.2 M
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MMassachusetts Institute of Technology (M YouTube ChannelMassachusetts Institute of Technology (M Video Stats 309,364-15322726339253.1 M
AnimalogicAnimalogic YouTube ChannelAnimalogic Video Stats 309,362-155932475433.9 M
Александр МуратаевАлександр Муратаев YouTube ChannelАлександр Муратаев Video Stats 309,349-168-12-1510616.1 M
CasalEmGuerraCasalEmGuerra YouTube ChannelCasalEmGuerra Video Stats 309,348-169-20-1118843.7 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
SiFueraSiFuera YouTube ChannelSiFuera Video Stats 69,206,23740,115146474,015406,473
April WilkersonApril Wilkerson YouTube ChannelApril Wilkerson Video Stats 69,204,69638,574194356,725567,261
Paranormal CrucibleParanormal Crucible YouTube ChannelParanormal Crucible Video Stats 69,204,37238,250335206,580160,655
El Nopal TimesEl Nopal Times YouTube ChannelEl Nopal Times Video Stats 69,200,56534,443381181,629345,881
SkittleSkittle YouTube ChannelSkittle Video Stats 69,192,66926,547163424,495395,175
NunanNunan YouTube ChannelNunan Video Stats 69,187,47421,3521.1K61,610239,876
zemama35zemama35 YouTube Channelzemama35 Video Stats 69,177,62511,5032.8K24,28185,832
Олег Нестеров Брест ОНБОлег Нестеров Брест ОНБ YouTube ChannelОлег Нестеров Брест ОНБ Video Stats 69,173,5737,4511.3K54,856317,945
DIVA multimediaDIVA multimedia YouTube ChannelDIVA multimedia Video Stats 69,170,4334,311511,356,283130,371
Oral-B .BrasilOral-B .Brasil YouTube ChannelOral-B .Brasil Video Stats 69,169,3693,24784823,44558,155
alyankovicalyankovic YouTube Channelalyankovic Video Stats 69,166,122106652,511309,517
donyboy73donyboy73 YouTube Channeldonyboy73 Video Stats 69,165,162-9601.1K63,454136,412
Em busca do shape inexplicávelEm busca do shape inexplicável YouTube ChannelEm busca do shape inexplicável Video Stats 69,162,726-3,396603114,698564,057
grabagethinggrabagething YouTube Channelgrabagething Video Stats 69,152,638-13,484201344,04320,166
Anriのカラオケ制作室(Jpop Karaoke)Anriのカラオケ制作室(Jpop Karaoke) YouTube ChannelAnriのカラオケ制作室(Jpop Karaoke) Video Stats 69,147,538-18,5841.7K40,79572,569
VVaspVVasp YouTube ChannelVVasp Video Stats 69,146,165-19,95779,878,02412,666
DailyBroccoli en EspañolDailyBroccoli en Español YouTube ChannelDailyBroccoli en Español Video Stats 69,138,376-27,746621,115,135298,218
Daniielaaa8Daniielaaa8 YouTube ChannelDaniielaaa8 Video Stats 69,135,789-30,333233,005,90448,406
high5toonshigh5toons YouTube Channelhigh5toons Video Stats 69,132,390-33,732351,975,211463,103
sjlovesjewelrysjlovesjewelry YouTube Channelsjlovesjewelry Video Stats 69,131,701-34,4211K66,345291,087
Universal Orlando ResortUniversal Orlando Resort YouTube ChannelUniversal Orlando Resort Video Stats 69,129,580-36,542599115,408101,675
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310,0004837 D  3/29  2018Tweet
312,5002,9838 D1 M 4/30  2018Tweet
315,0005,48310 D2 M 6/01  2018Tweet
317,5007,98311 D3 M 7/03  2018Tweet
320,00010,48313 D4 M 8/04  2018Tweet
322,50012,98314 D5 M 9/05  2018Tweet
325,00015,48316 D6 M 10/07  2018Tweet
327,50017,98318 D7 M 11/08  2018Tweet
330,00020,48319 D8 M 12/10  2018Tweet
332,50022,98322 D9 M 1/12  2019Tweet
335,00025,48323 D10 M 2/13  2019Tweet
337,50027,98325 D11 M 3/17  2019Tweet
340,00030,48327 D 1 Y4/18  2019Tweet
342,50032,98328 D1 M1 Y5/20  2019Tweet
345,00035,48330 D2 M1 Y6/21  2019Tweet
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Be Reached
69,250,00083,87814 D  4/05  2018Tweet
69,500,000333,87825 D1 M 5/17  2018Tweet
69,750,000583,8785 D3 M 6/27  2018Tweet
70,000,000833,87816 D4 M 8/07  2018Tweet
70,250,0001,083,87827 D5 M 9/18  2018Tweet
70,500,0001,333,8788 D7 M 10/29  2018Tweet
70,750,0001,583,87818 D8 M 12/09  2018Tweet
71,000,0001,833,87830 D9 M 1/20  2019Tweet
71,250,0002,083,87810 D11 M 3/02  2019Tweet
71,500,0002,333,87821 D 1 Y4/12  2019Tweet
71,750,0002,583,8782 D2 M1 Y5/24  2019Tweet
72,000,0002,833,87812 D3 M1 Y7/04  2019Tweet
72,250,0003,083,87823 D4 M1 Y8/14  2019Tweet
72,500,0003,333,8784 D6 M1 Y9/25  2019Tweet
72,750,0003,583,87815 D7 M1 Y11/05  2019Tweet