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128,170  Now
128,09872107 DayTweet
127,9632071514 DayTweet
127,7174531530 DayTweet
127,425745122 MonthTweet
127,263907103 MonthTweet
127,34682474 MonthTweet
127,19897265 MonthTweet
126,9401,23076 MonthTweet
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48,118,563  Now
48,100,67617,8872,5557 DayTweet
48,077,44341,1202,93714 DayTweet
48,026,84591,7183,05730 DayTweet
47,944,008174,5552,9092 MonthTweet
47,850,589267,9742,9773 MonthTweet
47,898,501220,0621,8344 MonthTweet
47,802,469316,0942,1075 MonthTweet
47,704,749413,8142,2996 MonthTweet
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30 Day
keepupwithlivkeepupwithliv YouTube Channelkeepupwithliv Video Stats 128,19828231043478.3 M
Cool 3D WorldCool 3D World YouTube ChannelCool 3D World Video Stats 128,19222972355415.4 M
AwakenTheWorldFilmAwakenTheWorldFilm YouTube ChannelAwakenTheWorldFilm Video Stats 128,18919721093111.5 M
WorldCraftWorldCraft YouTube ChannelWorldCraft Video Stats 128,18616607948350.3 M
The Guitar ClubThe Guitar Club YouTube ChannelThe Guitar Club Video Stats 128,18212277453718.3 M
EduPointEduPoint YouTube ChannelEduPoint Video Stats 128,181115146546788.6 M
SwequitySwequity YouTube ChannelSwequity Video Stats 128,177713327914.3 M
The OffspringThe Offspring YouTube ChannelThe Offspring Video Stats 128,1777681328137.3 M
Vertez GamesVertez Games YouTube ChannelVertez Games Video Stats 128,171171134810.5 M
Th3professional LIVETh3professional LIVE YouTube ChannelTh3professional LIVE Video Stats 128,1700942564269.9 M
Aloe BlaccAloe Blacc YouTube ChannelAloe Blacc Video Stats 128,1708158948.1 M
CookingwithSugarTVCookingwithSugarTV YouTube ChannelCookingwithSugarTV Video Stats 128,169-18324413.3 M
КухаримКухарим YouTube ChannelКухарим Video Stats 128,160-1028426934914.5 M
Wired2FishWired2Fish YouTube ChannelWired2Fish Video Stats 128,154-16881001.1K39.4 M
CoțofanCoțofan YouTube ChannelCoțofan Video Stats 128,150-201089441419.9 M
Ollie PlaysOllie Plays YouTube ChannelOllie Plays Video Stats 128,116-545199304.5 M
Barry InglaterraBarry Inglaterra YouTube ChannelBarry Inglaterra Video Stats 128,112-58669120911.6 M
Little ZLittle Z YouTube ChannelLittle Z Video Stats 128,096-742412526.1 M
DoolDoolDoolDool YouTube ChannelDoolDool Video Stats 128,096-74-2614015354 M
Karceno4LifeKarceno4Life YouTube ChannelKarceno4Life Video Stats 128,091-79641017.2K112.6 M
SantoRobotSantoRobot YouTube ChannelSantoRobot Video Stats 128,091-790510417.1 M
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per Video
ACONNECTIONTVACONNECTIONTV YouTube ChannelACONNECTIONTV Video Stats 48,146,94128,3781.4K33,32098,519
GraffityPianoGraffityPiano YouTube ChannelGraffityPiano Video Stats 48,139,30620,7431.8K27,399165,616
inthebluesintheblues YouTube Channelintheblues Video Stats 48,138,48119,9182.1K22,45380,794
Saregama GhazalSaregama Ghazal YouTube ChannelSaregama Ghazal Video Stats 48,131,96113,39880659,717132,872
FC Spartak MoscowFC Spartak Moscow YouTube ChannelFC Spartak Moscow Video Stats 48,131,69313,1301.7K27,838171,771
doodlekat1doodlekat1 YouTube Channeldoodlekat1 Video Stats 48,129,72611,163141341,346110,485
nicolmeier9nicolmeier9 YouTube Channelnicolmeier9 Video Stats 48,129,13910,57659,625,82814,781
ICT Service BDICT Service BD YouTube ChannelICT Service BD Video Stats 48,128,59710,034321,504,019130,383
Art And ArtistesArt And Artistes YouTube ChannelArt And Artistes Video Stats 48,121,0792,51660080,202123,680
pwnisherpwnisher YouTube Channelpwnisher Video Stats 48,119,8141,25151943,526340,662
Aloe BlaccAloe Blacc YouTube ChannelAloe Blacc Video Stats 48,118,56389540,658128,170
Heroes of NewerthHeroes of Newerth YouTube ChannelHeroes of Newerth Video Stats 48,116,567-1,996456105,519181,688
ImaFlyNmidgetImaFlyNmidget YouTube ChannelImaFlyNmidget Video Stats 48,116,214-2,34992052,300249,381
InterCity82 .InterCity82 . YouTube ChannelInterCity82 . Video Stats 48,114,330-4,23349597,20160,818
maonooyamaonooya YouTube Channelmaonooya Video Stats 48,110,508-8,05596849,70132,291
Online VideosOnline Videos YouTube ChannelOnline Videos Video Stats 48,106,368-12,195298161,43166,349
RishhsomeRishhsome YouTube ChannelRishhsome Video Stats 48,106,061-12,50257843,966600,109
haketuhaketu YouTube Channelhaketu Video Stats 48,104,770-13,79389054,050185,940
UkLuvsDisneyLyricsUkLuvsDisneyLyrics YouTube ChannelUkLuvsDisneyLyrics Video Stats 48,102,170-16,393146329,46735,280
Kylizzle SnapchizzleKylizzle Snapchizzle YouTube ChannelKylizzle Snapchizzle Video Stats 48,101,036-17,527332144,88399,805
Billi 4 YouBilli 4 You YouTube ChannelBilli 4 You Video Stats 48,100,709-17,854350137,431760,184
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Start Subs: 127,425     Current Subs: 128,170
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Date Goal Will
Be Reached
130,0001,83026 D4 M 8/17  2018Tweet
132,5004,33014 D11 M 3/06  2019Tweet
135,0006,8303 D6 M1 Y9/24  2019Tweet
137,5009,33022 D 2 Y4/12  2020Tweet
140,00011,83010 D7 M2 Y10/30  2020Tweet
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48,250,000131,43715 D1 M 5/07  2018Tweet
48,500,000381,43710 D4 M 8/01  2018Tweet
48,750,000631,4375 D7 M 10/26  2018Tweet
49,000,000881,43729 D9 M 1/19  2019Tweet
49,250,0001,131,43724 D 1 Y4/15  2019Tweet
49,500,0001,381,43718 D3 M1 Y7/10  2019Tweet
49,750,0001,631,43713 D6 M1 Y10/04  2019Tweet
50,000,0001,881,4378 D9 M1 Y12/29  2019Tweet
50,250,0002,131,4373 D 2 Y3/24  2020Tweet
50,500,0002,381,43728 D2 M2 Y6/18  2020Tweet
50,750,0002,631,43722 D5 M2 Y9/12  2020Tweet
51,000,0002,881,43717 D8 M2 Y12/07  2020Tweet
51,250,0003,131,43712 D11 M2 Y3/03  2021Tweet