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1,163,755-776-1117 DayTweet
1,163,431-452-3214 DayTweet
1,164,063-1,084-3630 DayTweet
1,160,5402,439412 MonthTweet
1,152,42710,5521173 MonthTweet
1,151,98410,995924 MonthTweet
1,154,6958,284555 MonthTweet
1,152,63210,347576 MonthTweet
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68,573,592  Now
68,416,428157,16422,4527 DayTweet
68,297,050276,54219,75314 DayTweet
67,855,963717,62923,92130 DayTweet
67,267,7751,305,81721,7642 MonthTweet
66,007,1502,566,44228,5163 MonthTweet
66,100,9902,472,60220,6054 MonthTweet
65,540,7403,032,85220,2195 MonthTweet
65,124,0623,449,53019,1646 MonthTweet
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30 Day
All Babies ChannelAll Babies Channel YouTube ChannelAll Babies Channel Video Stats44241,164,5121,5331,6482,475296539.5 M
TheRussianBadgerTheRussianBadger YouTube ChannelTheRussianBadger Video Stats44251,164,4291,4506471,744461204.2 M
React BrasilReact Brasil YouTube ChannelReact Brasil Video Stats44261,164,3221,3433566633.2K276.5 M
EBSKids (EBS 유아)EBSKids (EBS 유아) YouTube ChannelEBSKids (EBS 유아) Video Stats44271,164,1501,1718162,49117K2.02 B
PrimeTimeFUTPrimeTimeFUT YouTube ChannelPrimeTimeFUT Video Stats44281,163,935956235896473242.8 M
Daddoa 다또아Daddoa 다또아 YouTube ChannelDaddoa 다또아 Video Stats44291,163,676697-2071,55615775.4 M
MBOofficialMBOofficial YouTube ChannelMBOofficial Video Stats44301,163,6326536881,393649404.2 M
Tessa VioletTessa Violet YouTube ChannelTessa Violet Video Stats44311,163,597618-794236102.3 M
AllToyCollectorAllToyCollector YouTube ChannelAllToyCollector Video Stats44321,163,19121225251.7K1.02 B
RichHomieQuanVEVORichHomieQuanVEVO YouTube ChannelRichHomieQuanVEVO Video Stats44331,163,17319422551944480.8 M
Alexis G. ZallAlexis G. Zall YouTube ChannelAlexis G. Zall Video Stats44341,162,97941-3625068.6 M
Agustin BernasconiAgustin Bernasconi YouTube ChannelAgustin Bernasconi Video Stats44351,162,952-2712747920109.5 M
OrienteRJOrienteRJ YouTube ChannelOrienteRJ Video Stats44361,162,443-53635869175328.9 M
Mairo VergaraMairo Vergara YouTube ChannelMairo Vergara Video Stats44371,162,344-63564486868524.4 M
CINDYLIMONCINDYLIMON YouTube ChannelCINDYLIMON Video Stats44381,162,279-700115191477144.1 M
ThePussycatDollsVEVOThePussycatDollsVEVO YouTube ChannelThePussycatDollsVEVO Video Stats44391,162,274-705354717331.24 B
Alexa CAlexa C YouTube ChannelAlexa C Video Stats44401,162,194-7858861,7741.4K249.2 M
Videogyan Kids Shows - Cartoon AnimationVideogyan Kids Shows - Cartoon Animation YouTube ChannelVideogyan Kids Shows - Cartoon Animation Video Stats44411,162,019-9601,8683,52398607.2 M
LaurenzSideLaurenzSide YouTube ChannelLaurenzSide Video Stats44421,161,959-1,0201,6492,552941261.1 M
Christopher OflyngChristopher Oflyng YouTube ChannelChristopher Oflyng Video Stats44431,161,839-1,1404614784.9 M
LazarBeamLazarBeam YouTube ChannelLazarBeam Video Stats44441,161,651-1,328122466842329.4 M
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per Video
JohnyJ25JohnyJ25 YouTube ChannelJohnyJ25 Video Stats 68,618,51744,9251K66,685339,975
iTerriTerr YouTube ChanneliTerr Video Stats 68,616,50542,913281244,187296,037
AH TDAH TD YouTube ChannelAH TD Video Stats 68,609,86036,268163420,91930,201
tonycolombotvtonycolombotv YouTube Channeltonycolombotv Video Stats 68,607,13133,539340201,78689,351
firedemon101firedemon101 YouTube Channelfiredemon101 Video Stats 68,606,70633,1141.9K37,0857,434
El Desván de GersioEl Desván de Gersio YouTube ChannelEl Desván de Gersio Video Stats 68,602,66829,076610112,46341,140
СлладаСллада YouTube ChannelСллада Video Stats 68,596,50022,908165415,736771,622
BananaGaming ☆ The Banana Army of CounteBananaGaming ☆ The Banana Army of Counte YouTube ChannelBananaGaming ☆ The Banana Army of Counte Video Stats 68,585,88812,296320214,331478,945
LilDeuceDeuceLilDeuceDeuce YouTube ChannelLilDeuceDeuce Video Stats 68,576,9333,34173939,410319,347
La Zona CeroLa Zona Cero YouTube ChannelLa Zona Cero Video Stats 68,575,0231,431178385,253752,984
Alexis G. ZallAlexis G. Zall YouTube ChannelAlexis G. Zall Video Stats 68,573,592250274,2941,162,979
Ally LawAlly Law YouTube ChannelAlly Law Video Stats 68,573,526-66118581,132641,572
thebobanummoliyumthebobanummoliyum YouTube Channelthebobanummoliyum Video Stats 68,565,001-8,591114601,447116,898
الاسلام دينيالاسلام ديني YouTube Channelالاسلام ديني Video Stats 68,557,902-15,69079486,345177,229
PaulFromStokeUKPaulFromStokeUK YouTube ChannelPaulFromStokeUK Video Stats 68,555,605-17,987149460,10590,500
KassdedKassded YouTube ChannelKassded Video Stats 68,552,626-20,9661.8K37,50182,286
DolceDolce YouTube ChannelDolce Video Stats 68,549,795-23,79788377,633219,085
Jose Ricardo MuñozJose Ricardo Muñoz YouTube ChannelJose Ricardo Muñoz Video Stats 68,548,202-25,39091753,27728,909
ItsJudithItsJudith YouTube ChannelItsJudith Video Stats 68,542,818-30,774257266,704658,474
DannyNoriegaDannyNoriega YouTube ChannelDannyNoriega Video Stats 68,541,879-31,713204335,990474,773
CarrieNYCCarrieNYC YouTube ChannelCarrieNYC Video Stats 68,538,536-35,056168,538,53669,480
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Start Subs: 1,160,540     Current Subs: 1,162,979
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1,175,00012,02122 D9 M 1/08  2019Tweet
1,200,00037,02128 D5 M2 Y9/14  2020Tweet
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Start Views: 67,267,775     Current Views: 68,573,592
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68,750,000176,4089 D  3/27  2018Tweet
69,000,000426,40820 D  4/07  2018Tweet
69,250,000676,4081 D1 M 4/19  2018Tweet
69,500,000926,40812 D1 M 4/30  2018Tweet
69,750,0001,176,40824 D1 M 5/12  2018Tweet
70,000,0001,426,4085 D2 M 5/23  2018Tweet
70,250,0001,676,40817 D2 M 6/04  2018Tweet
70,500,0001,926,40828 D2 M 6/15  2018Tweet
70,750,0002,176,4089 D3 M 6/27  2018Tweet
71,000,0002,426,40820 D3 M 7/08  2018Tweet
71,250,0002,676,4081 D4 M 7/19  2018Tweet
71,500,0002,926,40813 D4 M 7/31  2018Tweet
71,750,0003,176,40824 D4 M 8/11  2018Tweet
72,000,0003,426,4085 D5 M 8/23  2018Tweet
72,250,0003,676,40816 D5 M 9/03  2018Tweet