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280,474  Now
279,965509737 DayTweet
279,3661,1087914 DayTweet
277,7152,7599230 DayTweet
275,2265,248872 MonthTweet
273,4487,026783 MonthTweet
274,0686,406534 MonthTweet
272,1688,306555 MonthTweet
270,03710,437586 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
55,379,082  Now
55,143,182235,90033,7007 DayTweet
54,891,750487,33234,80914 DayTweet
58,065,142-2,686,060-89,53530 DayTweet
56,983,293-1,604,211-26,7372 MonthTweet
56,358,978-979,896-10,8883 MonthTweet
56,323,137-944,055-7,8674 MonthTweet
55,576,136-197,054-1,3145 MonthTweet
54,178,5381,200,5446,6706 MonthTweet
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30 Day
MrDanielmakeupMrDanielmakeup YouTube ChannelMrDanielmakeup Video Stats 280,68821415214629127.9 M
DATADATA YouTube ChannelDATA Video Stats 280,6872131216312371.2 M
Gustav & JohannaGustav & Johanna YouTube ChannelGustav & Johanna Video Stats 280,68721316321519448 M
Official VGODOfficial VGOD YouTube ChannelOfficial VGOD Video Stats 280,6731995871,03716727.5 M
CompadreCanedaCompadreCaneda YouTube ChannelCompadreCaneda Video Stats 280,64016625137987.5 M
Baby EinsteinBaby Einstein YouTube ChannelBaby Einstein Video Stats 280,620146202367119111.1 M
Julia GameuseJulia Gameuse YouTube ChannelJulia Gameuse Video Stats 280,61313955435356.7 M
hannah maggshannah maggs YouTube Channelhannah maggs Video Stats 280,594120-201128033.1 M
SpicyCrapGSpicyCrapG YouTube ChannelSpicyCrapG Video Stats 280,51743-16118631150.4 M
Warner Music GroupWarner Music Group YouTube ChannelWarner Music Group Video Stats 280,48410781122412 K
Roth WelldenRoth Wellden YouTube ChannelRoth Wellden Video Stats 280,47485921K55.4 M
Himalayan NewsHimalayan News YouTube ChannelHimalayan News Video Stats 280,383-9142568812.3K70.1 M
GingiumGingium YouTube ChannelGingium Video Stats 280,367-1079913792453.1 M
Lesha SuvorovLesha Suvorov YouTube ChannelLesha Suvorov Video Stats 280,358-116-32-36713.6 M
SethComedySethComedy YouTube ChannelSethComedy Video Stats 280,273-201-7-1578 M
Mad BadMad Bad YouTube ChannelMad Bad Video Stats 280,269-2051093136299.8 M
NickyJoeNickyJoe YouTube ChannelNickyJoe Video Stats 280,260-214108171512.5 M
karineppskarinepps YouTube Channelkarinepps Video Stats 280,251-223-9-105167.6 M
Skill UpSkill Up YouTube ChannelSkill Up Video Stats 280,245-22945838347333.5 M
JustaTeeMusicJustaTeeMusic YouTube ChannelJustaTeeMusic Video Stats 280,242-23211935336125.1 M
MissouMakeupMissouMakeup YouTube ChannelMissouMakeup Video Stats 280,213-2615515517424.1 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
TeleplotTeleplot YouTube ChannelTeleplot Video Stats 55,398,38919,307140395,70337,925
LikeMasterHDLikeMasterHD YouTube ChannelLikeMasterHD Video Stats 55,397,44818,36696577,05796,436
rifmelodyrifmelody YouTube Channelrifmelody Video Stats 55,395,67116,589458120,95130,466
RAP BEATS | YEAH BEATS | TRAP BANGRAP BEATS | YEAH BEATS | TRAP BANG YouTube ChannelRAP BEATS | YEAH BEATS | TRAP BANG Video Stats 55,394,21815,13665284,960182,069
ANAGlobalCHANAGlobalCH YouTube ChannelANAGlobalCH Video Stats 55,393,00613,924523105,91440,138
Hi Baby!Hi Baby! YouTube ChannelHi Baby! Video Stats 55,392,68213,60075738,5690
mousstapha azizmousstapha aziz YouTube Channelmousstapha aziz Video Stats 55,391,07511,9931.3K41,58541,508
mangaful08mangaful08 YouTube Channelmangaful08 Video Stats 55,387,9638,881143,956,28369,776
Tottenham HotspurTottenham Hotspur YouTube ChannelTottenham Hotspur Video Stats 55,384,1145,03282966,808241,785
BronziocreBronziocre YouTube ChannelBronziocre Video Stats 55,382,5253,443244226,978361,305
Roth WelldenRoth Wellden YouTube ChannelRoth Wellden Video Stats 55,379,0821K53,198280,474
GULMEZ16GULMEZ16 YouTube ChannelGULMEZ16 Video Stats 55,378,499-583357155,12236,464
熱血ゲームTV / Nekketsu Game TV熱血ゲームTV / Nekketsu Game TV YouTube Channel熱血ゲームTV / Nekketsu Game TV Video Stats 55,377,086-1,9962.8K19,67924,255
FantouGamesFantouGames YouTube ChannelFantouGames Video Stats 55,371,988-7,0941.6K34,265268,853
PlayLAPlayPlayLAPlay YouTube ChannelPlayLAPlay Video Stats 55,371,113-7,96982675,257115,213
KTOTVKTOTV YouTube ChannelKTOTV Video Stats 55,366,687-12,39522.6K2,45070,970
Cine LatinoCine Latino YouTube ChannelCine Latino Video Stats 55,366,352-12,7302.5K22,48857,970
Garnier BrasilGarnier Brasil YouTube ChannelGarnier Brasil Video Stats 55,363,220-15,862111498,76834,245
Magic of YMagic of Y YouTube ChannelMagic of Y Video Stats 55,363,178-15,904162341,748712,181
luccassTVluccassTV YouTube ChannelluccassTV Video Stats 55,357,569-21,513499110,937405,384
GamematicsGamematics YouTube ChannelGamematics Video Stats 55,356,421-22,661175316,322174,463
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Based on 5,248 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 87 added per day.
Start Subs: 275,226     Current Subs: 280,474
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Date Goal Will
Be Reached
282,5002,02624 D  4/16  2018Tweet
285,0004,52621 D1 M 5/14  2018Tweet
287,5007,02620 D2 M 6/12  2018Tweet
290,0009,52617 D3 M 7/10  2018Tweet
292,50012,02616 D4 M 8/08  2018Tweet
295,00014,52614 D5 M 9/06  2018Tweet
297,50017,02612 D6 M 10/04  2018Tweet
300,00019,52611 D7 M 11/02  2018Tweet
302,50022,0268 D8 M 11/30  2018Tweet
305,00024,5267 D9 M 12/29  2018Tweet
307,50027,0264 D10 M 1/26  2019Tweet
310,00029,5263 D11 M 2/24  2019Tweet
312,50032,0262 D 1 Y3/25  2019Tweet
315,00034,52630 D 1 Y4/22  2019Tweet
317,50037,02628 D1 M1 Y5/21  2019Tweet
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Based on -1,604,211 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of -26,737 added per day.
Start Views: 56,983,293     Current Views: 55,379,082
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