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60,926  Now
60,967-41-67 DayTweet
62,047-1,121-8014 DayTweet
61,683-757-2530 DayTweet
61,297-371-62 MonthTweet
61,390-464-53 MonthTweet
61,457-531-44 MonthTweet
61,574-648-45 MonthTweet
61,830-904-56 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
9,373,371  Now
9,365,0988,2731,1827 DayTweet
9,355,90117,4701,24814 DayTweet
9,336,69736,6741,22230 DayTweet
9,292,36281,0091,3502 MonthTweet
9,241,067132,3041,4703 MonthTweet
9,209,609163,7621,3654 MonthTweet
9,148,266225,1051,5015 MonthTweet
9,078,207295,1641,6406 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
SakuemsSakuems YouTube ChannelSakuems Video Stats 60,9552937741942.3 M
iJOLINBO97iJOLINBO97 YouTube ChanneliJOLINBO97 Video Stats 60,955290-306046.5 M
StarGoldStarGold YouTube ChannelStarGold Video Stats 60,9532749343141.9 M
Nail Guitar Skills - Soloing, Chords, RhNail Guitar Skills - Soloing, Chords, Rh YouTube ChannelNail Guitar Skills - Soloing, Chords, Rh Video Stats 60,9502423184517.9 M
PhantomEDMPhantomEDM YouTube ChannelPhantomEDM Video Stats 60,946200-28723.3 M
Indi CowieIndi Cowie YouTube ChannelIndi Cowie Video Stats 60,9462014459454.9 M
RTL TalentRTL Talent YouTube ChannelRTL Talent Video Stats 60,945192221.1K92.4 M
Washington PostWashington Post YouTube ChannelWashington Post Video Stats 60,9431737154.6K39.4 M
Can't Stump the TrumpCan't Stump the Trump YouTube ChannelCan't Stump the Trump Video Stats 60,9401427079457.6 M
Zewdy AwalomZewdy Awalom YouTube ChannelZewdy Awalom Video Stats 60,936100315316.7 M
Abraza Un CreeperAbraza Un Creeper YouTube ChannelAbraza Un Creeper Video Stats 60,926-5-254099.4 M
TheBubbleGumPrincessTheBubbleGumPrincess YouTube ChannelTheBubbleGumPrincess Video Stats 60,921-5-1-26397.4 M
lauren babiclauren babic YouTube Channellauren babic Video Stats 60,920-62826383.6 M
rinorancherorinoranchero YouTube Channelrinoranchero Video Stats 60,920-6-8-193032.8 M
CCTV中文CCTV中文 YouTube ChannelCCTV中文 Video Stats 60,914-1220518414.1K17.1 M
POGProductionzPOGProductionz YouTube ChannelPOGProductionz Video Stats 60,913-1349120417.6 M
Jake ChudnowJake Chudnow YouTube ChannelJake Chudnow Video Stats 60,905-213224176 M
SilphiTvSilphiTv YouTube ChannelSilphiTv Video Stats 60,902-24-2-505279.9 M
Dominika BerryDominika Berry YouTube ChannelDominika Berry Video Stats 60,902-2403927.1 M
찬 TV찬 TV YouTube Channel찬 TV Video Stats 60,897-2929212856215.1 M
Juliana ZapataJuliana Zapata YouTube ChannelJuliana Zapata Video Stats 60,895-3130381943.2 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
gregthegardenergregthegardener YouTube Channelgregthegardener Video Stats 9,377,3323,96179118,70027,923
SeniSeviyorum3526SeniSeviyorum3526 YouTube ChannelSeniSeviyorum3526 Video Stats 9,376,5973,22617551,5652,556
anamika7anamika7 YouTube Channelanamika7 Video Stats 9,376,0272,65631302,452766
FearisFearis YouTube ChannelFearis Video Stats 9,375,8202,44918650,4089,028
love2registerlove2register YouTube Channellove2register Video Stats 9,375,2911,92047199,4741,647
cosycorpcosycorp YouTube Channelcosycorp Video Stats 9,375,2701,89934275,7431,659
DV 籃球部落DV 籃球部落 YouTube ChannelDV 籃球部落 Video Stats 9,374,3901,01981011,57356,930
TVBS 全球中文音樂榜上榜TVBS 全球中文音樂榜上榜 YouTube ChannelTVBS 全球中文音樂榜上榜 Video Stats 9,374,06068976412,27025,456
freepcgamersfreepcgamers YouTube Channelfreepcgamers Video Stats 9,373,97660555416,92136,738
12gameschamp2112gameschamp21 YouTube Channel12gameschamp21 Video Stats 9,373,88351213569,43613,436
Abraza Un CreeperAbraza Un Creeper YouTube ChannelAbraza Un Creeper Video Stats 9,373,37140922,91860,926
HomestuckVATroupeHomestuckVATroupe YouTube ChannelHomestuckVATroupe Video Stats 9,373,327-4485110,27429,713
davrdavr YouTube Channeldavr Video Stats 9,373,284-8719,373,284296
hailbop87hailbop87 YouTube Channelhailbop87 Video Stats 9,372,998-37370133,9002,150
Marshall ChangMarshall Chang YouTube ChannelMarshall Chang Video Stats 9,372,906-46510291,8911,980
giselletaylorgiselletaylor YouTube Channelgiselletaylor Video Stats 9,372,451-92051,874,4902,012
ChichesChiches YouTube ChannelChiches Video Stats 9,372,215-1,1562.3K4,00045,283
duy anh nguyen vietduy anh nguyen viet YouTube Channelduy anh nguyen viet Video Stats 9,372,027-1,34416585,7524,844
Cositas De NiñasCositas De Niñas YouTube ChannelCositas De Niñas Video Stats 9,371,666-1,70512773,79376,179
R keizoR keizo YouTube ChannelR keizo Video Stats 9,371,451-1,92092101,86417,413
ApprenticeEhApprenticeEh YouTube ChannelApprenticeEh Video Stats 9,371,223-2,1482.1K4,54030,017
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Based on -371 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of -6 added per day.
Start Subs: 61,297     Current Subs: 60,926
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Based on 81,009 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 1,350 added per day.
Start Views: 9,292,362     Current Views: 9,373,371
Video View
Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
9,500,000126,6292 D3 M 10/26  2016Tweet
9,750,000376,6295 D9 M 4/29  2017Tweet
10,000,000626,6298 D3 M1 Y11/01  2017Tweet
10,250,000876,62911 D9 M1 Y5/05  2018Tweet
10,500,0001,126,62913 D3 M2 Y11/06  2018Tweet
10,750,0001,376,62916 D9 M2 Y5/10  2019Tweet