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7,809  Now
7,803617 DayTweet
7,79316114 DayTweet
7,77039130 DayTweet
7,7515812 MonthTweet
7,7208913 MonthTweet
7,7793004 MonthTweet
7,7307915 MonthTweet
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39,868,230  Now
39,831,02837,2025,3157 DayTweet
39,794,54373,6875,26314 DayTweet
39,719,829148,4014,94730 DayTweet
39,607,006261,2244,3542 MonthTweet
39,504,836363,3944,0383 MonthTweet
39,741,899126,3311,0534 MonthTweet
39,624,425243,8051,6255 MonthTweet
39,524,783343,4471,9086 MonthTweet
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30 Day
diebananenrepublik2diebananenrepublik2 YouTube Channeldiebananenrepublik2 Video Stats 7,81010-2109236 K
DNS Made Easy VideosDNS Made Easy Videos YouTube ChannelDNS Made Easy Videos Video Stats 7,810105542.4 M
廣田こうきゃ飯動画廣田こうきゃ飯動画 YouTube Channel廣田こうきゃ飯動画 Video Stats 7,8101003661.7 M
Unboxing WszystkiegoUnboxing Wszystkiego YouTube ChannelUnboxing Wszystkiego Video Stats 7,81010-1361.1 M
SxMusicsSxMusics YouTube ChannelSxMusics Video Stats 7,81010-100
Danger Productions OficialDanger Productions Oficial YouTube ChannelDanger Productions Oficial Video Stats 7,809000227
kylejordenkylejorden YouTube Channelkylejorden Video Stats 7,80900185720 K
Meg SmartieAndSteveoMeg SmartieAndSteveo YouTube ChannelMeg SmartieAndSteveo Video Stats 7,8090053691.5 M
BakuganSenseiBakuganSensei YouTube ChannelBakuganSensei Video Stats 7,8090011277.2 M
Aflac201Aflac201 YouTube ChannelAflac201 Video Stats 7,809001079.1 M
ZanxiangAhBeeZanxiangAhBee YouTube ChannelZanxiangAhBee Video Stats 7,8090167539.9 M
danielfc741danielfc741 YouTube Channeldanielfc741 Video Stats 7,80900188.1 M
♦ Aurora Trance Project ♦♦ Aurora Trance Project ♦ YouTube Channel♦ Aurora Trance Project ♦ Video Stats 7,809006961.7 M
Trae - TopicTrae - Topic YouTube ChannelTrae - Topic Video Stats 7,808-11281.9K6.1 M
Jimmie ReynoldsJimmie Reynolds YouTube ChannelJimmie Reynolds Video Stats 7,808-10-280347 K
MIXSOUL TVMIXSOUL TV YouTube ChannelMIXSOUL TV Video Stats 7,808-10038282 K
Casey JonesCasey Jones YouTube ChannelCasey Jones Video Stats 7,808-1001003.5 M
HummelwalkerHummelwalker YouTube ChannelHummelwalker Video Stats 7,808-1001861.8 M
MCProHostingMCProHosting YouTube ChannelMCProHosting Video Stats 7,808-10-118517 K
Heather CampbellHeather Campbell YouTube ChannelHeather Campbell Video Stats 7,808-10015 K
BBCinnamon10BBCinnamon10 YouTube ChannelBBCinnamon10 Video Stats 7,808-1029173 K
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Tatiana BlueTatiana Blue YouTube ChannelTatiana Blue Video Stats 39,883,91815,68843990,85253,624
艾怡良 EveAi艾怡良 EveAi YouTube Channel艾怡良 EveAi Video Stats 39,883,49415,26475531,78045,256
1612TV1612TV YouTube Channel1612TV Video Stats 39,879,35411,1244.3K9,18044,431
パズドラ公式チャンネルパズドラ公式チャンネル YouTube Channelパズドラ公式チャンネル Video Stats 39,879,17410,944348114,595188,681
cocina facilisimo.comcocina facilisimo.com YouTube Channelcocina facilisimo.com Video Stats 39,879,05810,82896941,155167,979
Raymond JERaymond JE YouTube ChannelRaymond JE Video Stats 39,876,3118,08143927,35613,683
MaoMao TVMaoMao TV YouTube ChannelMaoMao TV Video Stats 39,875,2116,981192207,683482,075
LebyLeby YouTube ChannelLeby Video Stats 39,874,7526,522111359,23284,751
pocket83pocket83 YouTube Channelpocket83 Video Stats 39,872,3724,142143278,828185,925
Flyin' Ryan RCFlyin' Ryan RC YouTube ChannelFlyin' Ryan RC Video Stats 39,869,7331,50364262,102100,244
ZanxiangAhBeeZanxiangAhBee YouTube ChannelZanxiangAhBee Video Stats 39,868,23067559,0647,809
Nefarius APNefarius AP YouTube ChannelNefarius AP Video Stats 39,861,274-6,95642593,791428,812
RepoNutRepoNut YouTube ChannelRepoNut Video Stats 39,860,024-8,20678051,103124,236
tarantulaguy1976tarantulaguy1976 YouTube Channeltarantulaguy1976 Video Stats 39,858,967-9,26361964,393104,070
Schweizer Radio und FernsehenSchweizer Radio und Fernsehen YouTube ChannelSchweizer Radio und Fernsehen Video Stats 39,858,653-9,5772.5K15,89331,046
ElSirKaelElSirKael YouTube ChannelElSirKael Video Stats 39,858,287-9,9431.1K34,750326,063
Nhac DJNhac DJ YouTube ChannelNhac DJ Video Stats 39,857,002-11,22840897,68919,886
Ogún PleasOgún Pleas YouTube ChannelOgún Pleas Video Stats 39,856,546-11,6841.1K36,16771,670
TRESemme' ThailandTRESemme' Thailand YouTube ChannelTRESemme' Thailand Video Stats 39,855,769-12,461147271,12855,622
Fr33ZeR - Clash RoyaleFr33ZeR - Clash Royale YouTube ChannelFr33ZeR - Clash Royale Video Stats 39,852,763-15,46778450,833265,749
The Voice of IrelandThe Voice of Ireland YouTube ChannelThe Voice of Ireland Video Stats 39,852,529-15,7011.4K28,92139,502
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Start Subs: 7,751     Current Subs: 7,809
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8,00019115 D6 M 8/08  2018Tweet
8,250441 3 M1 Y4/24  2019Tweet
8,50069115 D11 M1 Y1/07  2020Tweet
8,750941 8 M2 Y9/22  2020Tweet
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40,000,000131,770 1 M 2/22  2018Tweet
40,250,000381,77027 D2 M 4/20  2018Tweet
40,500,000631,77024 D4 M 6/17  2018Tweet
40,750,000881,77020 D6 M 8/13  2018Tweet
41,000,0001,131,77016 D8 M 10/09  2018Tweet
41,250,0001,381,77013 D10 M 12/06  2018Tweet
41,500,0001,631,77010 D 1 Y2/01  2019Tweet
41,750,0001,881,7707 D2 M1 Y3/31  2019Tweet
42,000,0002,131,7703 D4 M1 Y5/27  2019Tweet
42,250,0002,381,770 6 M1 Y7/24  2019Tweet
42,500,0002,631,77027 D7 M1 Y9/19  2019Tweet
42,750,0002,881,77023 D9 M1 Y11/15  2019Tweet
43,000,0003,131,77020 D11 M1 Y1/12  2020Tweet
43,250,0003,381,77016 D1 M2 Y3/09  2020Tweet
43,500,0003,631,77013 D3 M2 Y5/06  2020Tweet