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9,336  Now
9,330617 DayTweet
9,32610114 DayTweet
9,189147530 DayTweet
9,00633062 MonthTweet
8,337999113 MonthTweet
8,72461254 MonthTweet
8,1531,18385 MonthTweet
7,9461,39086 MonthTweet
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6,372,219  Now
6,336,90335,3165,0457 DayTweet
6,273,43098,7897,05614 DayTweet
6,125,427246,7928,22630 DayTweet
5,815,066557,1539,2862 MonthTweet
5,096,8471,275,37214,1713 MonthTweet
5,480,807891,4127,4284 MonthTweet
4,992,6451,379,5749,1975 MonthTweet
4,854,1951,518,0248,4336 MonthTweet
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30 Day
sobrietytelevisionsobrietytelevision YouTube Channelsobrietytelevision Video Stats 9,3371011563.5 M
Die AngelfreundeDie Angelfreunde YouTube ChannelDie Angelfreunde Video Stats 9,3371001681.8 M
ChoubakaProductionChoubakaProduction YouTube ChannelChoubakaProduction Video Stats 9,33710-100
COMSOLCOMSOL YouTube ChannelCOMSOL Video Stats 9,3371071501.2 M
KylelerKyleler YouTube ChannelKyleler Video Stats 9,33710-2218 K
GCCXarinokatyoGCCXarinokatyo YouTube ChannelGCCXarinokatyo Video Stats 9,33710-100
sixcombosixcombo YouTube Channelsixcombo Video Stats 9,337104393.8 M
RubensRubens YouTube ChannelRubens Video Stats 9,3371495520.2 M
TheDjJadeTheDjJade YouTube ChannelTheDjJade Video Stats 9,3360043.2K7.9 M
Fabia MarsellaFabia Marsella YouTube ChannelFabia Marsella Video Stats 9,336000621.7 M
The Sandre GuyThe Sandre Guy YouTube ChannelThe Sandre Guy Video Stats 9,336053346.4 M
Simply Put ScentsSimply Put Scents YouTube ChannelSimply Put Scents Video Stats 9,33601226124821 K
SilverSearcherSilverSearcher YouTube ChannelSilverSearcher Video Stats 9,336010142701.6 M
AstartesGamingAstartesGaming YouTube ChannelAstartesGaming Video Stats 9,336018151.8K2.2 M
YANKES PLYANKES PL YouTube ChannelYANKES PL Video Stats 9,335-100421.2 M
akashdg5akashdg5 YouTube Channelakashdg5 Video Stats 9,335-133399.7 M
GlubbableGlubbable YouTube ChannelGlubbable Video Stats 9,335-1583731 M
GamersFirstGamersFirst YouTube ChannelGamersFirst Video Stats 9,335-10-120855 K
Rodrigo PoloRodrigo Polo YouTube ChannelRodrigo Polo Video Stats 9,335-10142294.1 M
Nehat IstrefiNehat Istrefi YouTube ChannelNehat Istrefi Video Stats 9,333-306193.4 M
Metropolitan PoliceMetropolitan Police YouTube ChannelMetropolitan Police Video Stats 9,333-3052074 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
The Church of Almighty GodThe Church of Almighty God YouTube ChannelThe Church of Almighty God Video Stats 6,374,0281,8097278,76836,508
Roli's Tomb Raider ChannelRoli's Tomb Raider Channel YouTube ChannelRoli's Tomb Raider Channel Video Stats 6,373,9981,77951412,40110,645
The DigiTourThe DigiTour YouTube ChannelThe DigiTour Video Stats 6,373,3351,11611555,420125,683
JeanMarcDuboisJeanMarcDubois YouTube ChannelJeanMarcDubois Video Stats 6,373,3041,08536177,0363,272
tiinitotiinito YouTube Channeltiinito Video Stats 6,373,12090125254,9256,670
Statoil PolskaStatoil Polska YouTube ChannelStatoil Polska Video Stats 6,373,02880951124,961730
ArliArli YouTube ChannelArli Video Stats 6,372,9977782K3,25522,388
apartmenthomelivingapartmenthomeliving YouTube Channelapartmenthomeliving Video Stats 6,372,36214316K3973,631
Stefan AtkinsonStefan Atkinson YouTube ChannelStefan Atkinson Video Stats 6,372,36214356113,7923,918
Escola Pública de FotografiaEscola Pública de Fotografia YouTube ChannelEscola Pública de Fotografia Video Stats 6,372,3511328687,341106,450
The Sandre GuyThe Sandre Guy YouTube ChannelThe Sandre Guy Video Stats 6,372,21933419,0799,336
efsaneantepli27efsaneantepli27 YouTube Channelefsaneantepli27 Video Stats 6,372,132-8719335,3754,133
GladiatorMusic2010GladiatorMusic2010 YouTube ChannelGladiatorMusic2010 Video Stats 6,371,981-23819732,345730
SlowMoRemixSlowMoRemix YouTube ChannelSlowMoRemix Video Stats 6,371,792-4277910,2561,638
BalthazarbandBalthazarband YouTube ChannelBalthazarband Video Stats 6,371,705-51428227,56111,469
geocachespoilersgeocachespoilers YouTube Channelgeocachespoilers Video Stats 6,371,527-69214444,24717,725
AmbientMusicAmbientMusic YouTube ChannelAmbientMusic Video Stats 6,371,356-86345141,5864,572
djoslindjoslin YouTube Channeldjoslin Video Stats 6,371,314-9059070,7923,037
Charlie TrevinoCharlie Trevino YouTube ChannelCharlie Trevino Video Stats 6,371,206-1,0137838,13712,302
Green Screen SystemsGreen Screen Systems YouTube ChannelGreen Screen Systems Video Stats 6,371,114-1,10517935,59342,303
Urban LadderUrban Ladder YouTube ChannelUrban Ladder Video Stats 6,371,098-1,12123127,5810
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Based on 330 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 6 added per day.
Start Subs: 9,006     Current Subs: 9,336
Subs Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
9,50016430 D  4/21  2018Tweet
9,75041415 D2 M 6/06  2018Tweet
10,00066429 D3 M 7/21  2018Tweet
10,25091414 D5 M 9/05  2018Tweet
10,5001,16429 D6 M 10/20  2018Tweet
10,7501,41414 D8 M 12/05  2018Tweet
11,0001,66429 D9 M 1/19  2019Tweet
11,2501,91413 D11 M 3/05  2019Tweet
11,5002,16429 D 1 Y4/20  2019Tweet
11,7502,41413 D2 M1 Y6/04  2019Tweet
12,0002,66428 D3 M1 Y7/20  2019Tweet
12,2502,91412 D5 M1 Y9/03  2019Tweet
12,5003,16428 D6 M1 Y10/19  2019Tweet
12,7503,41412 D8 M1 Y12/03  2019Tweet
13,0003,66428 D9 M1 Y1/18  2020Tweet
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for an average of 9,286 added per day.
Start Views: 5,815,066     Current Views: 6,372,219
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Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
6,500,000127,78114 D  4/05  2018Tweet
6,750,000377,78110 D1 M 5/02  2018Tweet
7,000,000627,7817 D2 M 5/29  2018Tweet
7,250,000877,7813 D3 M 6/25  2018Tweet
7,500,0001,127,781 4 M 7/22  2018Tweet
7,750,0001,377,78127 D4 M 8/18  2018Tweet
8,000,0001,627,78123 D5 M 9/14  2018Tweet
8,250,0001,877,78120 D6 M 10/11  2018Tweet
8,500,0002,127,78117 D7 M 11/07  2018Tweet
8,750,0002,377,78113 D8 M 12/04  2018Tweet
9,000,0002,627,7819 D9 M 12/30  2018Tweet
9,250,0002,877,7815 D10 M 1/26  2019Tweet
9,500,0003,127,7812 D11 M 2/22  2019Tweet
9,750,0003,377,78129 D11 M 3/21  2019Tweet
10,000,0003,627,78126 D 1 Y4/17  2019Tweet