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38,028  Now
38,056-28-47 DayTweet
38,080-52-414 DayTweet
38,147-119-430 DayTweet
38,194-166-32 MonthTweet
38,249-221-23 MonthTweet
38,208-180-24 MonthTweet
38,264-236-25 MonthTweet
38,325-297-26 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
15,753,602  Now
15,749,3214,2816127 DayTweet
15,744,1459,45767614 DayTweet
15,731,73021,87272930 DayTweet
15,707,97245,6307612 MonthTweet
15,685,97567,6277513 MonthTweet
15,698,39255,2104604 MonthTweet
15,675,94477,6585185 MonthTweet
15,652,154101,4485646 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
QritikoLTDQritikoLTD YouTube ChannelQritikoLTD Video Stats 38,0357172479231.9 M
Tiger GameTiger Game YouTube ChannelTiger Game Video Stats 38,0346-5-1400
Mr200m_Mr200m_ YouTube ChannelMr200m_ Video Stats 38,03468131522.1 M
BradleeNotBradleyBradleeNotBradley YouTube ChannelBradleeNotBradley Video Stats 38,03240-101123 K
The BOW GirlsThe BOW Girls YouTube ChannelThe BOW Girls Video Stats 38,03243151767.9 M
SnagajobSnagajob YouTube ChannelSnagajob Video Stats 38,03026112466.4 M
Gigi YoungGigi Young YouTube ChannelGigi Young Video Stats 38,030218321992.8 M
FNCMUSICofficialFNCMUSICofficial YouTube ChannelFNCMUSICofficial Video Stats 38,03020-400
Official 2K UKOfficial 2K UK YouTube ChannelOfficial 2K UK Video Stats 38,02910-259923.1 M
Keaton KellerKeaton Keller YouTube ChannelKeaton Keller Video Stats 38,02910410303 K
WoopaGamingWoopaGaming YouTube ChannelWoopaGaming Video Stats 38,0280-437615.8 M
NOGAMEdoesPCNOGAMEdoesPC YouTube ChannelNOGAMEdoesPC Video Stats 38,026-2105359902 K
SpaceshipAwesomeSpaceshipAwesome YouTube ChannelSpaceshipAwesome Video Stats 38,025-30-6226 K
ZadrotInfoChannelZadrotInfoChannel YouTube ChannelZadrotInfoChannel Video Stats 38,024-40-31204.8 M
Fatima HajjiFatima Hajji YouTube ChannelFatima Hajji Video Stats 38,021-718335099.6 M
GSBoyzVEVOGSBoyzVEVO YouTube ChannelGSBoyzVEVO Video Stats 38,020-8316331.8 M
subedepesosubedepeso YouTube Channelsubedepeso Video Stats 38,020-81636815.8 M
KateBeautyBoxKateBeautyBox YouTube ChannelKateBeautyBox Video Stats 38,019-912202836.9 M
ThinkingAllowedTVThinkingAllowedTV YouTube ChannelThinkingAllowedTV Video Stats 38,019-97111805.4 M
MusicArabicHDMusicArabicHD YouTube ChannelMusicArabicHD Video Stats 38,019-9445216524.8 M
WoWChakraWoWChakra YouTube ChannelWoWChakra Video Stats 38,018-1011272.5K11.5 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Diario de BellezaDiario de Belleza YouTube ChannelDiario de Belleza Video Stats 15,755,9962,39419979,176111,455
J.A.JJ.A.J YouTube ChannelJ.A.J Video Stats 15,755,7742,17223367,62139,362
PaperliliesPaperlilies YouTube ChannelPaperlilies Video Stats 15,755,4961,89433477,43967,382
EveryonePianoEveryonePiano YouTube ChannelEveryonePiano Video Stats 15,755,4291,8272.5K6,18842,564
Ken Ring (Officiell)Ken Ring (Officiell) YouTube ChannelKen Ring (Officiell) Video Stats 15,755,1101,50837841,68013,900
Night Of The TrailersNight Of The Trailers YouTube ChannelNight Of The Trailers Video Stats 15,754,5779751.4K11,1817,604
EnigmahillsEnigmahills YouTube ChannelEnigmahills Video Stats 15,754,47287031450,1731,087
tovestyrkeVEVOtovestyrkeVEVO YouTube ChanneltovestyrkeVEVO Video Stats 15,753,77517346342,47377,016
GondolaSessionsGondolaSessions YouTube ChannelGondolaSessions Video Stats 15,753,6605822171,28452,371
Cement CityCement City YouTube ChannelCement City Video Stats 15,753,6343282192,11745,051
WoopaGamingWoopaGaming YouTube ChannelWoopaGaming Video Stats 15,753,60237641,89838,028
OtherViewBandOtherViewBand YouTube ChannelOtherViewBand Video Stats 15,753,021-58137425,75713,004
MarioluigiplushbrosMarioluigiplushbros YouTube ChannelMarioluigiplushbros Video Stats 15,752,964-63817789,00026,822
kok hong Cheakok hong Chea YouTube Channelkok hong Chea Video Stats 15,752,844-75822869,0916,192
La Gran RoyalLa Gran Royal YouTube ChannelLa Gran Royal Video Stats 15,752,759-84317926,63370,805
Nikkimae2003Nikkimae2003 YouTube ChannelNikkimae2003 Video Stats 15,752,216-1,38624963,262170,688
SHAZENSHAZEN YouTube ChannelSHAZEN Video Stats 15,751,861-1,74123267,896157,618
dirtydutchtvdirtydutchtv YouTube Channeldirtydutchtv Video Stats 15,751,292-2,31023965,90558,255
Slightly StoopidSlightly Stoopid YouTube ChannelSlightly Stoopid Video Stats 15,751,169-2,433149105,71336,799
José DuránJosé Durán YouTube ChannelJosé Durán Video Stats 15,751,142-2,46027,875,5712,112
Greg SkalakGreg Skalak YouTube ChannelGreg Skalak Video Stats 15,750,288-3,31476207,24157,905
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16,000,000246,39819 D10 M 2/11  2019Tweet
16,250,000496,39814 D9 M1 Y1/06  2020Tweet
16,500,000746,3988 D8 M2 Y11/30  2020Tweet