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499,41638,6633224 MonthTweet
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103,997,179723,423103,3467 DayTweet
103,115,8161,604,786114,62814 DayTweet
101,102,3703,618,232120,60830 DayTweet
96,896,7087,823,894130,3982 MonthTweet
93,505,04711,215,555124,6173 MonthTweet
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Mathrubhumi Kappa TVMathrubhumi Kappa TV YouTube ChannelMathrubhumi Kappa TV Video Stats 538,8067275998798.7K255.8 M
VinhôVinhô YouTube ChannelVinhô Video Stats 538,75867921833871160.5 M
Видео от SoLiDaВидео от SoLiDa YouTube ChannelВидео от SoLiDa Video Stats 538,5364571,0161,42731787.4 M
YoczookYoczook YouTube ChannelYoczook Video Stats 538,504425333614053 M
LIVESTRONG.COMLIVESTRONG.COM YouTube ChannelLIVESTRONG.COM Video Stats 538,4473682023476.3K201.6 M
Guru RandhawaGuru Randhawa YouTube ChannelGuru Randhawa Video Stats 538,4453661,9133,7279769.6 M
Shaaanxo VlogsShaaanxo Vlogs YouTube ChannelShaaanxo Vlogs Video Stats 538,345266195656862.5 M
Sibongtv 시봉tvSibongtv 시봉tv YouTube ChannelSibongtv 시봉tv Video Stats 538,2311524521,05717720.1 M
Coco LiliCoco Lili YouTube ChannelCoco Lili Video Stats 538,1486911723621045.6 M
elena864elena864 YouTube Channelelena864 Video Stats 538,1214296518733110.9 M
WiederDudeWiederDude YouTube ChannelWiederDude Video Stats 538,079142497140104.7 M
La Huertina De ToniLa Huertina De Toni YouTube ChannelLa Huertina De Toni Video Stats 538,016-6331447025571.1 M
DjRegard OfficialDjRegard Official YouTube ChannelDjRegard Official Video Stats 537,957-122258453241272.8 M
The Daily ReminderThe Daily Reminder YouTube ChannelThe Daily Reminder Video Stats 537,800-27945658396251.2 M
KariJobeVEVOKariJobeVEVO YouTube ChannelKariJobeVEVO Video Stats 537,734-34513428081180.1 M
PACHI LIFE ~俺のパチライフ~PACHI LIFE ~俺のパチライフ~ YouTube ChannelPACHI LIFE ~俺のパチライフ~ Video Stats 537,638-4415659781K411.3 M
Fabio Torres - NewfagFabio Torres - Newfag YouTube ChannelFabio Torres - Newfag Video Stats 537,573-506287414564.1 M
Official FlavourOfficial Flavour YouTube ChannelOfficial Flavour Video Stats 537,555-524531761200307.5 M
NUCLEYANUCLEYA YouTube ChannelNUCLEYA Video Stats 537,542-5378521,3515155.9 M
РементосРементос YouTube ChannelРементос Video Stats 537,504-575-139-5200
iTwe4kziTwe4kz YouTube ChanneliTwe4kz Video Stats 537,502-5775510581199.1 M
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D100 Radio 一呼百應 還聲於民D100 Radio 一呼百應  還聲於民 YouTube ChannelD100 Radio 一呼百應  還聲於民 Video Stats 104,776,77856,1765.7K18,369109,432
DeataDeata YouTube ChannelDeata Video Stats 104,767,73347,131931112,532275,492
HIMVEVOHIMVEVO YouTube ChannelHIMVEVO Video Stats 104,755,85435,252254,190,234159,955
NEW TAS LYRICSNEW TAS LYRICS YouTube ChannelNEW TAS LYRICS Video Stats 104,752,17131,569215487,219128,215
Pepsi MaxPepsi Max YouTube ChannelPepsi Max Video Stats 104,749,06028,458731,434,919126,786
Hoa hậu hài Thu TrangHoa hậu hài Thu Trang YouTube ChannelHoa hậu hài Thu Trang Video Stats 104,742,00921,407313,378,774344,213
Lidija BačićLidija Bačić YouTube ChannelLidija Bačić Video Stats 104,739,69319,091278376,76179,455
CigarettesAfterSexCigarettesAfterSex YouTube ChannelCigarettesAfterSex Video Stats 104,735,06814,466166,545,942283,092
Brandon CarterBrandon Carter YouTube ChannelBrandon Carter Video Stats 104,726,1865,584882118,737713,744
BellularGamingBellularGaming YouTube ChannelBellularGaming Video Stats 104,724,4973,8951.9K55,972351,261
WiederDudeWiederDude YouTube ChannelWiederDude Video Stats 104,720,602140748,004538,079
lovelyluzlovelyluz YouTube Channellovelyluz Video Stats 104,703,161-17,4411001,047,03286,030
ChhidoriChhidori YouTube ChannelChhidori Video Stats 104,689,546-31,056298351,30729,405
PROF27GROPROF27GRO YouTube ChannelPROF27GRO Video Stats 104,681,385-39,217382,754,773105,911
Алексей Земсков (zems.pro)Алексей Земсков (zems.pro) YouTube ChannelАлексей Земсков (zems.pro) Video Stats 104,667,223-53,379218480,125641,219
Fero Music ProductionFero Music Production YouTube ChannelFero Music Production Video Stats 104,661,787-58,815181578,242175,494
PrilivPriliv YouTube ChannelPriliv Video Stats 104,653,495-67,107490213,579681,583
SamSam YouTube ChannelSam Video Stats 104,631,831-88,771122857,638361,931
RichKidsTVRichKidsTV YouTube ChannelRichKidsTV Video Stats 104,626,267-94,335158662,192903,232
baastiZocktbaastiZockt YouTube ChannelbaastiZockt Video Stats 104,622,518-98,0845.3K19,721352,070
Claw CrazinessClaw Craziness YouTube ChannelClaw Craziness Video Stats 104,607,980-112,622563185,805460,473
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540,0001,9214 D  3/29  2018Tweet
542,5004,4219 D  4/03  2018Tweet
545,0006,92113 D  4/07  2018Tweet
547,5009,42118 D  4/12  2018Tweet
550,00011,92122 D  4/16  2018Tweet
552,50014,42127 D  4/21  2018Tweet
555,00016,9211 D1 M 4/26  2018Tweet
557,50019,4215 D1 M 4/30  2018Tweet
560,00021,92110 D1 M 5/05  2018Tweet
562,50024,42114 D1 M 5/09  2018Tweet
565,00026,92119 D1 M 5/14  2018Tweet
567,50029,42124 D1 M 5/19  2018Tweet
570,00031,92128 D1 M 5/23  2018Tweet
572,50034,4213 D2 M 5/28  2018Tweet
575,00036,9217 D2 M 6/01  2018Tweet
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105,000,000279,3983 D  3/28  2018Tweet
107,500,0002,779,39822 D  4/16  2018Tweet
110,000,0005,279,39810 D1 M 5/05  2018Tweet
112,500,0007,779,39829 D1 M 5/24  2018Tweet
115,000,00010,279,39818 D2 M 6/12  2018Tweet
117,500,00012,779,3987 D3 M 7/02  2018Tweet
120,000,00015,279,39826 D3 M 7/21  2018Tweet
122,500,00017,779,39815 D4 M 8/09  2018Tweet
125,000,00020,279,3983 D5 M 8/28  2018Tweet
127,500,00022,779,39822 D5 M 9/16  2018Tweet
130,000,00025,279,39811 D6 M 10/05  2018Tweet
132,500,00027,779,3981 D7 M 10/25  2018Tweet
135,000,00030,279,39820 D7 M 11/13  2018Tweet
137,500,00032,779,3988 D8 M 12/02  2018Tweet
140,000,00035,279,39827 D8 M 12/21  2018Tweet