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186,448  Now
186,451-307 DayTweet
186,479-31-214 DayTweet
186,553-105-430 DayTweet
186,531-83-12 MonthTweet
186,654-206-23 MonthTweet
186,560-112-14 MonthTweet
186,732-284-25 MonthTweet
186,794-346-26 MonthTweet
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14,662,564  Now
14,648,36314,2012,0297 DayTweet
14,632,42430,1402,15314 DayTweet
14,593,97268,5922,28630 DayTweet
14,507,347155,2172,5872 MonthTweet
14,432,941229,6232,5513 MonthTweet
14,473,513189,0511,5754 MonthTweet
14,401,121261,4431,7435 MonthTweet
14,305,144357,4201,9866 MonthTweet
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30 Day
After Effects Tutorials w/ MikeyAfter Effects Tutorials w/ Mikey YouTube ChannelAfter Effects Tutorials w/ Mikey Video Stats 186,52476394034510.1 M
Torlk et MarmotteTorlk et Marmotte YouTube ChannelTorlk et Marmotte Video Stats 186,494460211.9K112.3 M
Fitness Flexível - Gabriel AronesFitness Flexível - Gabriel Arones YouTube ChannelFitness Flexível - Gabriel Arones Video Stats 186,494463417833139.3 M
steveo1kinevosteveo1kinevo YouTube Channelsteveo1kinevo Video Stats 186,492446422313218.2 M
profesor10dematesprofesor10demates YouTube Channelprofesor10demates Video Stats 186,472241141803K57.6 M
AlabasterSlimAlabasterSlim YouTube ChannelAlabasterSlim Video Stats 186,471230-134119.5 M
4AD4AD YouTube Channel4AD Video Stats 186,4651753107333202.9 M
Anna MakeithappenAnna Makeithappen YouTube ChannelAnna Makeithappen Video Stats 186,46214164187648.4 M
NERDVEVONERDVEVO YouTube ChannelNERDVEVO Video Stats 186,4611334171236132.6 M
KidsToysChannelKidsToysChannel YouTube ChannelKidsToysChannel Video Stats 186,4535-14-2133176.8 M
WUARVIDEOWUARVIDEO YouTube ChannelWUARVIDEO Video Stats 186,4480-42814.7 M
maudriciomaudricio YouTube Channelmaudricio Video Stats 186,446-26312351945.9 M
gominukegominuke YouTube Channelgominuke Video Stats 186,436-12-4121569.4 M
BroodsVEVOBroodsVEVO YouTube ChannelBroodsVEVO Video Stats 186,430-1817143968 M
TheRealRedTheRealRed YouTube ChannelTheRealRed Video Stats 186,428-2019824125018.7 M
zejiMzejiM YouTube ChannelzejiM Video Stats 186,428-200-91176.3 M
ilhan yilmamilhan yilmam YouTube Channelilhan yilmam Video Stats 186,412-366813923339.7 M
هل تعرف؟هل تعرف؟ YouTube Channelهل تعرف؟ Video Stats 186,410-3854850737246.9 M
BeyondSlowMotionBeyondSlowMotion YouTube ChannelBeyondSlowMotion Video Stats 186,398-50-686712.8 M
EmCoreEmCore YouTube ChannelEmCore Video Stats 186,390-58-16-1550719.1 M
The Stauffer LifeThe Stauffer Life YouTube ChannelThe Stauffer Life Video Stats 186,388-6035081599012.9 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
AlongCameJoshAlongCameJosh YouTube ChannelAlongCameJosh Video Stats 14,669,5296,96571020,66153,063
stinkheadstinkhead YouTube Channelstinkhead Video Stats 14,669,0486,48423462,6883,027
Cristina Kovacs OfficialCristina Kovacs Official YouTube ChannelCristina Kovacs Official Video Stats 14,665,3302,76616986,777190,484
Ofrachai (Ofra Alive) עפרהחיOfrachai (Ofra Alive) עפרהחי YouTube ChannelOfrachai (Ofra Alive) עפרהחי Video Stats 14,664,9372,37340736,03217,595
Sashko SlolyarovSashko Slolyarov YouTube ChannelSashko Slolyarov Video Stats 14,664,9012,33751287,5478,335
L'Oréal ParisL'Oréal Paris YouTube ChannelL'Oréal Paris Video Stats 14,664,2981,73440436,2987,626
foxpinefoxpine YouTube Channelfoxpine Video Stats 14,664,2381,67422465,4653,954
JudexGamingJudexGaming YouTube ChannelJudexGaming Video Stats 14,662,88231874019,81554,464
CreativityZoneCreativityZone YouTube ChannelCreativityZone Video Stats 14,662,75218845325,83942,618
isga60isga60 YouTube Channelisga60 Video Stats 14,662,5811743,665,64517,917
WUARVIDEOWUARVIDEO YouTube ChannelWUARVIDEO Video Stats 14,662,56428523,663186,448
YourMomsHousePodcastYourMomsHousePodcast YouTube ChannelYourMomsHousePodcast Video Stats 14,662,083-48136140,615118,936
Yanes VlogsYanes Vlogs YouTube ChannelYanes Vlogs Video Stats 14,661,707-85751828,30466,861
CorporalReyesCorporalReyes YouTube ChannelCorporalReyes Video Stats 14,661,338-1,22625557,4955,234
niebieskigolab1niebieskigolab1 YouTube Channelniebieskigolab1 Video Stats 14,660,960-1,60499148,0915,889
DLTLLYDLTLLY YouTube ChannelDLTLLY Video Stats 14,660,958-1,60665022,55543,531
Dario CGarDario CGar YouTube ChannelDario CGar Video Stats 14,660,756-1,80831472,9284,388
NikonImagingJapanNikonImagingJapan YouTube ChannelNikonImagingJapan Video Stats 14,659,505-3,05923861,59519,970
coco3viki3kerorococo3viki3keroro YouTube Channelcoco3viki3keroro Video Stats 14,659,133-3,43141357,5402,024
kingandgiggleskingandgiggles YouTube Channelkingandgiggles Video Stats 14,659,001-3,56343,664,7501,317
minimumwageminimumwage YouTube Channelminimumwage Video Stats 14,658,679-3,88534,886,2262,256
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Start Subs: 186,531     Current Subs: 186,448
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14,750,00087,4363 D1 M 4/27  2018Tweet
15,000,000337,4369 D4 M 8/02  2018Tweet
15,250,000587,43615 D7 M 11/07  2018Tweet
15,500,000837,43619 D10 M 2/11  2019Tweet
15,750,0001,087,43625 D1 M1 Y5/19  2019Tweet
16,000,0001,337,43630 D4 M1 Y8/23  2019Tweet
16,250,0001,587,4365 D8 M1 Y11/28  2019Tweet
16,500,0001,837,43611 D11 M1 Y3/04  2020Tweet
16,750,0002,087,43616 D2 M2 Y6/08  2020Tweet
17,000,0002,337,43621 D5 M2 Y9/13  2020Tweet
17,250,0002,587,43627 D8 M2 Y12/19  2020Tweet