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94,159  Now
83,27010,8891,5567 DayTweet
79,64914,5101,03614 DayTweet
76,19817,96159930 DayTweet
73,50120,6583442 MonthTweet
71,78522,3742493 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
13,099,618  Now
34,973,407-21,873,789-3,124,8277 DayTweet
46,861,484-33,761,866-2,411,56214 DayTweet
45,501,206-32,401,588-1,080,05330 DayTweet
44,270,637-31,171,019-519,5172 MonthTweet
43,184,103-30,084,485-334,2723 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
ROLLIN' WILDROLLIN' WILD YouTube ChannelROLLIN' WILD Video Stats 94,236777253917.6 M
Na GałęziNa Gałęzi YouTube ChannelNa Gałęzi Video Stats 94,2297075268867.9 M
AllGoodThingsNetworkAllGoodThingsNetwork YouTube ChannelAllGoodThingsNetwork Video Stats 94,2165711516131.7 M
HouseMusicPlaylistsHouseMusicPlaylists YouTube ChannelHouseMusicPlaylists Video Stats 94,2074844431455.1 M
ANSON8955ANSON8955 YouTube ChannelANSON8955 Video Stats 94,20647281535913.4 M
Leonardo7iLeonardo7i YouTube ChannelLeonardo7i Video Stats 94,1933453659135.2 M
itsjulianmennenitsjulianmennen YouTube Channelitsjulianmennen Video Stats 94,178199405751197.7 M
THINKAboutTheINKTHINKAboutTheINK YouTube ChannelTHINKAboutTheINK Video Stats 94,177180-220519.8 M
DoggieoProductionsDoggieoProductions YouTube ChannelDoggieoProductions Video Stats 94,176170-12225.5 M
★ Georg Norberg ► Der Gitarrenlehrer★ Georg Norberg ► Der Gitarrenlehrer YouTube Channel★ Georg Norberg ► Der Gitarrenlehrer Video Stats 94,16910253125418.3 M
TorbemaniaTorbemania YouTube ChannelTorbemania Video Stats 94,1591,136599013.1 M
SaritHadadOfficialSaritHadadOfficial YouTube ChannelSaritHadadOfficial Video Stats 94,152-716184578122 M
AllAboutAleAllAboutAle YouTube ChannelAllAboutAle Video Stats 94,141-18-1051,87534511 K
US CobraUS Cobra YouTube ChannelUS Cobra Video Stats 94,129-3025525116820.5 M
mallow610mallow610 YouTube Channelmallow610 Video Stats 94,127-32413509.9 M
SlimKirbySlimKirby YouTube ChannelSlimKirby Video Stats 94,122-371093.7K79.4 M
KyleBlanchardKyleBlanchard YouTube ChannelKyleBlanchard Video Stats 94,120-390-114856 M
Exitos 80s 90s 2000Exitos 80s 90s 2000 YouTube ChannelExitos 80s 90s 2000 Video Stats 94,098-619005186125.4 M
TV3MALAYSIA OfficialTV3MALAYSIA Official YouTube ChannelTV3MALAYSIA Official Video Stats 94,098-611451002.3K56.8 M
Mama TadMama Tad YouTube ChannelMama Tad Video Stats 94,094-654292319.5 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Mini MarleyMini Marley YouTube ChannelMini Marley Video Stats 13,104,3064,688112117,003251,549
MeinerezepteMeinerezepte YouTube ChannelMeinerezepte Video Stats 13,103,2173,59954923,86767,319
dZ CinemadZ Cinema YouTube ChanneldZ Cinema Video Stats 13,102,9293,3117.2K1,81586,452
MichaelAverageMichaelAverage YouTube ChannelMichaelAverage Video Stats 13,102,5692,95189114,70565,888
customspraymodscustomspraymods YouTube Channelcustomspraymods Video Stats 13,102,5612,94376172,40290,180
夢想街57號夢想街57號 YouTube Channel夢想街57號 Video Stats 13,100,9711,3532.2K6,06839,447
Kendall RaeKendall Rae YouTube ChannelKendall Rae Video Stats 13,100,8071,18941231,798215,935
captivatingcebucaptivatingcebu YouTube Channelcaptivatingcebu Video Stats 13,100,33171340432,4278,831
Punjab MusicPunjab Music YouTube ChannelPunjab Music Video Stats 13,100,1144961.6K8,3280
Milena PopovicMilena Popovic YouTube ChannelMilena Popovic Video Stats 13,099,6755730043,666433
TorbemaniaTorbemania YouTube ChannelTorbemania Video Stats 13,099,6180094,159
CHKilroyCHKilroy YouTube ChannelCHKilroy Video Stats 13,099,273-34538733,84868,997
Gabrielle MarieGabrielle Marie YouTube ChannelGabrielle Marie Video Stats 13,099,263-35556233,91527,125
Omrop FryslânOmrop Fryslân YouTube ChannelOmrop Fryslân Video Stats 13,099,230-38821.5K6105,092
PAPO ASTRALPAPO ASTRAL YouTube ChannelPAPO ASTRAL Video Stats 13,098,642-97622657,959245,271
Megumi GamesMegumi Games YouTube ChannelMegumi Games Video Stats 13,098,240-1,37895613,70156,003
AirgunGearShowAirgunGearShow YouTube ChannelAirgunGearShow Video Stats 13,096,916-2,70224753,02458,638
Alberth A. CamachoAlberth A. Camacho YouTube ChannelAlberth A. Camacho Video Stats 13,096,731-2,88730443,0812,691
Felipe CalistroFelipe Calistro YouTube ChannelFelipe Calistro Video Stats 13,096,381-3,23715873,0921,684
Jeff KeyserJeff Keyser YouTube ChannelJeff Keyser Video Stats 13,096,288-3,33036363,786661
Kayla HangKayla Hang YouTube ChannelKayla Hang Video Stats 13,095,673-3,94515982,36365,525
Expand/MinimizeSubscriber Projections
Based on 20,658 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 344 added per day.
Start Subs: 73,501     Current Subs: 94,159
Subs Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
95,0008413 D  8/31  2016Tweet
96,0001,8416 D  9/03  2016Tweet
97,0002,8419 D  9/06  2016Tweet
98,0003,84112 D  9/09  2016Tweet
99,0004,84115 D  9/12  2016Tweet
100,0005,84117 D  9/14  2016Tweet
102,5008,34125 D  9/22  2016Tweet
105,00010,8411 D1 M 9/29  2016Tweet
107,50013,3418 D1 M 10/06  2016Tweet
110,00015,84116 D1 M 10/14  2016Tweet
112,50018,34123 D1 M 10/21  2016Tweet
115,00020,841 2 M 10/28  2016Tweet
117,50023,3417 D2 M 11/04  2016Tweet
120,00025,84115 D2 M 11/12  2016Tweet
122,50028,34122 D2 M 11/19  2016Tweet
Expand/MinimizeVideo View Projections
Based on -31,171,019 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of -519,517 added per day.
Start Views: 44,270,637     Current Views: 13,099,618
Video View
Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached

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