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94,159  Now
83,27010,8891,5567 DayTweet
79,64914,5101,03614 DayTweet
76,19817,96159930 DayTweet
73,50120,6583442 MonthTweet
71,78522,3742493 MonthTweet
73,70320,4561704 MonthTweet
71,95122,2081485 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
13,099,618  Now
34,973,407-21,873,789-3,124,8277 DayTweet
46,861,484-33,761,866-2,411,56214 DayTweet
45,501,206-32,401,588-1,080,05330 DayTweet
44,270,637-31,171,019-519,5172 MonthTweet
43,184,103-30,084,485-334,2723 MonthTweet
44,338,329-31,238,711-260,3234 MonthTweet
43,305,812-30,206,194-201,3755 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
MooshMooshVlogsMooshMooshVlogs YouTube ChannelMooshMooshVlogs Video Stats 94,222638661365.4 M
Spice DigitalSpice Digital YouTube ChannelSpice Digital Video Stats 94,2206147463.2K28 M
The PlaymakersThe Playmakers YouTube ChannelThe Playmakers Video Stats 94,21556151917517.6 M
pollypocketpollypocket YouTube Channelpollypocket Video Stats 94,21556121766190.4 M
Thought CaféThought Café YouTube ChannelThought Café Video Stats 94,21455831191712.3 M
Mônica PateisMônica Pateis YouTube ChannelMônica Pateis Video Stats 94,201422541301278.2 M
yeti dynamicsyeti dynamics YouTube Channelyeti dynamics Video Stats 94,2004119451419 M
TheSnapChickTheSnapChick YouTube ChannelTheSnapChick Video Stats 94,19940253477915.6 M
marcello ascanimarcello ascani YouTube Channelmarcello ascani Video Stats 94,173141551781628.4 M
MissaSinfoniaMissaSinfonia YouTube ChannelMissaSinfonia Video Stats 94,16349612013811.8 M
TorbemaniaTorbemania YouTube ChannelTorbemania Video Stats 94,1591,136599013.1 M
NastyaVip01NastyaVip01 YouTube ChannelNastyaVip01 Video Stats 94,158-1-18-16705.3 M
BACOUPLEBACOUPLE YouTube ChannelBACOUPLE Video Stats 94,155-48023424.7 M
Audi USAAudi USA YouTube ChannelAudi USA Video Stats 94,149-10404035361.3 M
Apn9aApn9a YouTube ChannelApn9a Video Stats 94,148-11755661510.7 M
Rockst4rRockst4r YouTube ChannelRockst4r Video Stats 94,145-14-12-132411.9 M
TaylorAlIderdiceTaylorAlIderdice YouTube ChannelTaylorAlIderdice Video Stats 94,143-1621262978.2 M
Rocco HuntRocco Hunt YouTube ChannelRocco Hunt Video Stats 94,142-1717142636.5 M
Alejandro. AAlejandro. A YouTube ChannelAlejandro. A Video Stats 94,133-268012419532.2 M
WaltDisneyStudiosVODWaltDisneyStudiosVOD YouTube ChannelWaltDisneyStudiosVOD Video Stats 94,124-35-52451.2K28.8 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
xExpertHDxExpertHD YouTube ChannelxExpertHD Video Stats 13,102,5482,93075417,37758,937
TheShadowCaveTheShadowCave YouTube ChannelTheShadowCave Video Stats 13,102,0142,396114114,93043,704
Florian LingnerFlorian Lingner YouTube ChannelFlorian Lingner Video Stats 13,101,1641,546102128,4436,316
Partner LifePartner Life YouTube ChannelPartner Life Video Stats 13,101,0891,47160021,835131,587
DistortDistort YouTube ChannelDistort Video Stats 13,100,9931,37525524,040133,373
Maliatsis TubeMaliatsis Tube YouTube ChannelMaliatsis Tube Video Stats 13,100,6391,02169189,864142,181
PokemonRangerBoy12PokemonRangerBoy12 YouTube ChannelPokemonRangerBoy12 Video Stats 13,100,6291,01127347,98828,139
WayOutWest BlowinblogWayOutWest Blowinblog YouTube ChannelWayOutWest Blowinblog Video Stats 13,100,21860020563,90437,952
Punjab MusicPunjab Music YouTube ChannelPunjab Music Video Stats 13,100,1144961.6K8,3280
Giovanny GutierrezGiovanny Gutierrez YouTube ChannelGiovanny Gutierrez Video Stats 13,099,926308131,007,687893
TorbemaniaTorbemania YouTube ChannelTorbemania Video Stats 13,099,6180094,159
CHKilroyCHKilroy YouTube ChannelCHKilroy Video Stats 13,099,273-34538733,84868,997
Milena PopovicMilena Popovic YouTube ChannelMilena Popovic Video Stats 13,099,026-59230043,663436
dm-drogerie markt Deutschlanddm-drogerie markt Deutschland YouTube Channeldm-drogerie markt Deutschland Video Stats 13,098,295-1,32326848,87451,496
Uru19861Uru19861 YouTube ChannelUru19861 Video Stats 13,097,891-1,72777916,8144,476
WatchMeBeibehWatchMeBeibeh YouTube ChannelWatchMeBeibeh Video Stats 13,097,740-1,87891014,39321,215
elderluelderlu YouTube Channelelderlu Video Stats 13,097,713-1,905121,091,4767,246
MaximumandroidMaximumandroid YouTube ChannelMaximumandroid Video Stats 13,097,701-1,9176.1K2,15617,124
BorderHammerBorderHammer YouTube ChannelBorderHammer Video Stats 13,097,281-2,33724653,241209,543
Grand Hotel van CleefGrand Hotel van Cleef YouTube ChannelGrand Hotel van Cleef Video Stats 13,097,153-2,46523555,73311,289
Kingpin326Kingpin326 YouTube ChannelKingpin326 Video Stats 13,096,096-3,52267019,5465,062
Expand/MinimizeSubscriber Projections
Based on 20,658 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 344 added per day.
Start Subs: 73,501     Current Subs: 94,159
Subs Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
95,0008413 D  7/03  2016Tweet
96,0001,8416 D  7/06  2016Tweet
97,0002,8419 D  7/09  2016Tweet
98,0003,84112 D  7/12  2016Tweet
99,0004,84115 D  7/15  2016Tweet
100,0005,84117 D  7/17  2016Tweet
102,5008,34125 D  7/25  2016Tweet
105,00010,8411 D1 M 8/01  2016Tweet
107,50013,3418 D1 M 8/08  2016Tweet
110,00015,84116 D1 M 8/16  2016Tweet
112,50018,34123 D1 M 8/23  2016Tweet
115,00020,841 2 M 8/30  2016Tweet
117,50023,3417 D2 M 9/06  2016Tweet
120,00025,84115 D2 M 9/14  2016Tweet
122,50028,34122 D2 M 9/21  2016Tweet
Expand/MinimizeVideo View Projections
Based on -31,171,019 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of -519,517 added per day.
Start Views: 44,270,637     Current Views: 13,099,618
Video View
Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached

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