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2,921  Now
2,9021937 DayTweet
2,88833214 DayTweet
2,85467230 DayTweet
2,8596212 MonthTweet
2,8348713 MonthTweet
2,8507114 MonthTweet
2,8249715 MonthTweet
2,80411716 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
911,108  Now
907,4453,6635237 DayTweet
903,0728,03657414 DayTweet
893,38917,71959130 DayTweet
874,91536,1936032 MonthTweet
859,36551,7435753 MonthTweet
867,52343,5853634 MonthTweet
853,66357,4453835 MonthTweet
833,43077,6784326 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
malpen04malpen04 YouTube Channelmalpen04 Video Stats 2,9210038615.8 M
djgregstreetdjgregstreet YouTube Channeldjgregstreet Video Stats 2,9210003132.4 M
d3adly_gamingd3adly_gaming YouTube Channeld3adly_gaming Video Stats 2,921000594787 K
AlislamKhutbaArchiveAlislamKhutbaArchive YouTube ChannelAlislamKhutbaArchive Video Stats 2,9210023.6K1.2 M
TheAtheistHubTheAtheistHub YouTube ChannelTheAtheistHub Video Stats 2,921001296141 K
ESPN Front RowESPN Front Row YouTube ChannelESPN Front Row Video Stats 2,9210055603.4 M
Grand Canyon UniversityGrand Canyon University YouTube ChannelGrand Canyon University Video Stats 2,9210044871 M
صوت سماهيجصوت سماهيج YouTube Channelصوت سماهيج Video Stats 2,9210011.7K2 M
Meital De RazonMeital De Razon YouTube ChannelMeital De Razon Video Stats 2,921002541.3 M
Kev O\'SheaKev O\'Shea YouTube ChannelKev O\'Shea Video Stats 2,92100154130 K
TheMunneyShotTheMunneyShot YouTube ChannelTheMunneyShot Video Stats 2,92102142911 K
AirgunReviewAirgunReview YouTube ChannelAirgunReview Video Stats 2,9210016332 K
heavensfall53heavensfall53 YouTube Channelheavensfall53 Video Stats 2,9210001186
PhayzeGamingPhayzeGaming YouTube ChannelPhayzeGaming Video Stats 2,921000115194 K
Travel the World is a DreamTravel the World is a Dream YouTube ChannelTravel the World is a Dream Video Stats 2,92100-4139794 K
ChiaraMarandellasDEChiaraMarandellasDE YouTube ChannelChiaraMarandellasDE Video Stats 2,92100117876 K
NeffsteezyNeffsteezy YouTube ChannelNeffsteezy Video Stats 2,92100024110 K
kikki5183kikki5183 YouTube Channelkikki5183 Video Stats 2,9210012717.8 M
oGN EmpiresoGN Empires YouTube ChanneloGN Empires Video Stats 2,921003263380 K
skyzootvskyzootv YouTube Channelskyzootv Video Stats 2,92100037490 K
OsainteveOOsainteveO YouTube ChannelOsainteveO Video Stats 2,921002951.7 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
bekendenederlandsebekendenederlandse YouTube Channelbekendenederlandse Video Stats 911,2421341947,96076
alliinwonderlandxalliinwonderlandx YouTube Channelalliinwonderlandx Video Stats 911,2301225217,5244,086
LICXmyCODLICXmyCOD YouTube ChannelLICXmyCOD Video Stats 911,2191111187,7229,487
FluffyDucFluffyDuc YouTube ChannelFluffyDuc Video Stats 911,179713327,61124
Edgar NunezEdgar Nunez YouTube ChannelEdgar Nunez Video Stats 911,170621834,979117
KaldmigtueKaldmigtue YouTube ChannelKaldmigtue Video Stats 911,163551091,1161,720
FutureMoneyTrendsFutureMoneyTrends YouTube ChannelFutureMoneyTrends Video Stats 911,144368510,7193,619
Anthony HillAnthony Hill YouTube ChannelAnthony Hill Video Stats 911,143351058,6785,238
CorporateProfileCorporateProfile YouTube ChannelCorporateProfile Video Stats 911,11461.1K8582,069
Chris LiuChris Liu YouTube ChannelChris Liu Video Stats 911,10914420,707234
TheMunneyShotTheMunneyShot YouTube ChannelTheMunneyShot Video Stats 911,1081426,4162,921
crap1453crap1453 YouTube Channelcrap1453 Video Stats 911,10802733,745349
BlacrafterBlacrafter YouTube ChannelBlacrafter Video Stats 911,107-11370,0853,269
MrLordpsMrLordps YouTube ChannelMrLordps Video Stats 911,094-142104,33931,330
TurkishRNBLadyTurkishRNBLady YouTube ChannelTurkishRNBLady Video Stats 911,090-181947,952124
laurluvs2bowllaurluvs2bowl YouTube Channellaurluvs2bowl Video Stats 911,084-247601,199192
Patrick KarnahanPatrick Karnahan YouTube ChannelPatrick Karnahan Video Stats 911,051-571456,283390
קליפ נולדקליפ נולד YouTube Channelקליפ נולד Video Stats 911,035-731.1K814428
sukdalsonosukdalsono YouTube Channelsukdalsono Video Stats 911,026-829101,225895
TanukiLadyTanukiLady YouTube ChannelTanukiLady Video Stats 911,026-826613,803655
LegendarySpartan117LegendarySpartan117 YouTube ChannelLegendarySpartan117 Video Stats 910,978-130929,9021,580
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Based on 62 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 1 added per day.
Start Subs: 2,859     Current Subs: 2,921
Subs Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
3,0007916 D2 M 12/16  2014Tweet
3,25032914 D10 M 8/15  2015Tweet
3,50057913 D6 M1 Y4/13  2016Tweet
3,75082912 D2 M2 Y12/11  2016Tweet
4,0001,07910 D10 M2 Y8/10  2017Tweet
Expand/MinimizeVideo View Projections
Based on 36,193 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 603 added per day.
Start Views: 874,915     Current Views: 911,108
Video View
Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
912,5001,3923 D  10/03  2014Tweet
915,0003,8927 D  10/07  2014Tweet
917,5006,39211 D  10/11  2014Tweet
920,0008,89215 D  10/15  2014Tweet
922,50011,39219 D  10/19  2014Tweet
925,00013,89224 D  10/24  2014Tweet
927,50016,39228 D  10/28  2014Tweet
930,00018,8921 D1 M 11/01  2014Tweet
932,50021,3925 D1 M 11/05  2014Tweet
935,00023,8929 D1 M 11/09  2014Tweet
937,50026,39213 D1 M 11/13  2014Tweet
940,00028,89217 D1 M 11/17  2014Tweet
942,50031,39222 D1 M 11/22  2014Tweet
945,00033,89226 D1 M 11/26  2014Tweet
947,50036,392 2 M 11/30  2014Tweet